5 Incredible Health Benefits of Squats with Weights

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In addition to push-ups and sit-ups, squads are a relatively easy type of exercise to do anywhere, including at home. Basic techniques of squat movement also do not require supporting tools such as mattresses and pillows. With only small and light activities, you can still get the full benefits of squats.

Squats are muscle strength exercises in the upper and lower body simultaneously. The muscles that are the target of this exercise are those around the buttocks, quads and back, groin, hips, and calves.

As mentioned above, squats are considered a simple sport, you can do it anywhere and anytime without the need for additional equipment. Doing it is quite easy, you just have to open your legs shoulder-width wide, then position your body as if you were sitting in a chair forming a 90 degree angle. Just hold this position for just a few seconds and repeat.

In addition to the basic techniques above, there are several variations that you can do to get a specific goal, namely Jump Squats, Overheat Squats, and Back Squats.

In order to do Jump squats, after returning from a half-squat position, you’ll need to jump first before lowering your hips back parallel to your knees. This technique serves to maintain heart health characterized by a faster beat.

However, the Overheat squats is a variation that requires you to do squats by lifting gym balls. The goal is to train muscle strength at the top such as arms, shoulders, and back.

The last one, Back squat, is a technique that uses barbells held and lifted by both hands when performing squats. This variation of squat movement has the main function of strengthening the muscles around the shoulders and arms.

No matter which of the methods you’re using, you can gain many health benefits of squats exercise.

Health Benefits of Squats with Weights

1. Effectively Burning Calories and GFat

Well, burning fat and calories actually have different results in real life.. They both work in two different ways. Then if you have to choose, which one is best?  

Calories from the foods and drinks you consume will be directly used or stored as energy reserves. Well, the calories stored will change shape into triglycerides and stored in fat cells.

When you decide to exercise, your body will also take energy from the calories you’ve just consumed as well as the energy stored. 

So in other words, when you consume calorie intake and do physical activity afterwards, not only the energy you just ate is wasted, but the portion of energy stored as fat as well. However, this will also be customized.

Doing a squat with weights can be enjoyable, since its ability to burn calories and fat in the body is pretty effective. This exercise is highly recommended especially to those who want to lose weight a bit faster. 

Squat jumps make calories and fat accumulate in the stomach and waist down quickly. The more routinely you do it, the sooner the benefits can be felt. However, you can also find the similar benefit in the benefits of zumba, which is also pretty popular nowadays.

2. Tighten Gluteal Muscles and Improves Sexual Performance

Many women want to get beautifully tight buttocks and thighs. Well, just by doing squat routines, then you can also get it. The reason is that the fat accumulated there will be eroded when doing squats with weights and make it tighter.

If you want to improve performance in sexual intercourse, one way that can be done is to get the benefits of squat jump. Especially for men, squatting can improve his ability to make love because his movements are believed to increase testosterone hormone and sperm production for the better.

3. Strengthens the Core Muscles

Similar to the benefits of jumping jacks, the main function of squat movement in sports is to strengthen the core muscles. The core muscles play an important role in maintaining the balance of the body, stretching from the bottom of the chest, abdomen, to the pelvis.

Core muscle strength is indispensable for activities that require you to rotate and bend. Decreased strength can aggravate pain in the lower back and worsen posture.

Also, squat with weights exercises actually have many variations, one of which is squat thrust. The benefit of squat thrust is that it helps to build leg muscles effectively and quickly. 

In addition to leg muscles, squats rely on a variety of muscles, such as abdominal muscles, hands, and waist. If you do this regularly, then you can do daily activities without any constraints.

4. Increases Muscle Strength and Flexibility

If you do squat movements regularly, then the muscles of the legs, waist, and abdomen can also be trained so that it becomes stronger and more flexible. This strong and flexible muscle makes you able to do various activities well and lowers the risk of injury when doing other heavier sports. 

Therefore, squat movements are also often used as one of the movements in heating, before doing various types of exercise. This exercise is also possible to improve your body balance.

The focus of movement during squats is to train the lower body muscles. If you diligently perform this movement, the balance of the body also increases.

Especially when you are in a half squat position, if you often do squats, the lower muscles of the body are trained to support your body weight to be more balanced.

5. Reduces Injury Risks

The benefits of squat jump and the benefits of squat thrust are equally useful to reduce the occurrence of injuries. Squat exercise itself is usually done as a basic movement or warm-up in exercising. 

When the muscles are strong or prepared, the risk of injury will be reduced so that sports activities can run smoothly without fear of injury. You might think plyometric exercises like squat jumps are bad for the knees. 

In fact, plyometric exercises such as squats can be incorporated into training programs to help prevent knee injuries. The benefits of squat jump can ultimately strengthen the muscles that support the knee and improve communication between the nerves and the muscles that control the knee.

See, even with the simple techniques of squats, you can get all the benefits of doing simple exercises.