Unforgettable Health Benefits of Basil Essential Oil for Skin

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Basil is a herbal plant. The part of the plant that grows on the ground is used as a medicine. Some people use it as a mouthwash, like benefits of cedarwood essential oil.

Basil is also used for stomach spasms, loss of appetite, flatulence, kidney condition, fluid retention, headaches, warts, and radiating infections. This herb is also used to treat snake bites and insects. Women sometimes use basil before and after childbirth to smooth blood circulation and breast milk production.

Since there’s no solid research about how basil works as supplement, you need to always consult your doctor or herbalist in order to grasp an understanding. But, there are actual studies stating that basil contains a lot of good substances for supporting people with normal health and diabetes.

Chemicals in basil are thought to reduce pain and swelling (inflammation). Some substances found within the basil can actually lower blood sugar level that’s certainly useful for diabetics.

A study shows an increase in antibodies and this indicates that basil could be used as an immune enhancer, as similar with the benefits of kumquat essential oil.

In clinical trials to overcome the condition of hypoglycemia, you can use 2.5 grams of dried basil leaves as a powder mixed on 200 ml of water daily for 2 months.

Dosages of herbal supplements may vary by patient. The dosage you need depends on age, health, and some other conditions. However, as you might know already, consuming herbal supplements on a regular basis is not always a safe routine. Discuss with a herbalist or doctor for a dose that suits you.

However, in addition to being used as a cooking seasoning, basil leaves can also be extracted into oil. Basil leaf oil has long been used by the Asian and Indian communities to limit and address various health problems. In order to fully understand what can it offer to our health, here’s the explanations:

Health Benefits of Basil Essential Oil for Skin

1. Fighting Bacteria on Your Skin

Oil from basil leaves is proven to contain antimicrobial substances that are effective against various bacteria, yeast, and fungi from contaminated food. The results of research from India showed that basil leaf oil is effective against E. coli, the most common bacteria that causes food poisoning.

In addition to fighting bacterial infections in the body, basil leaf oil can also be used to eliminate bacteria in dishes, cooking utensils, and bathroom utensils.

To do this, mix a few drops of basil oil into a spray water bottle. Wipe the surface of the table or plate with the oil mixture water to be free from bacteria and fungi. You can also find similar results in  benefits of blue cypress essential oil.

2. Fighting Acne

Since acne is mainly caused by a buildup of bacteria, excess oil and infections, basil oil can act as a natural remedy for acne. Using a clean cotton ball, mix 1-2 drops of basil oil with coconut oil or jojoba oil.

Apply the affected area once or twice a day, and do this regularly to achieve the optimal results.

3. Overcome Oily Hair

Other than dandruff, one most common problem that could happen in your hair is the oily texture. Everyone hates it since it can somehow ruin the look of your hair. 

To remove excess hair oil or dandruff, try drip basil leaf oil into your shampoo. You can also mix basil oil with baking soda and apple cider vinegar to balance the pH of the scalp so that the oil and dirt in the hair is lifted clean.

Other Benefits

4. Natural Flu Medicine

Even though not as harmful as other serious illnesses, flu or influenza are still determined to be annoying health problems that affect the throat, lungs, and nose. People with flu will experience fever, headache, runny nose, nasal congestion, and cough.

Many people think the flu is the same as a common cold cough. Sure the symptoms are indeed similar, but on the actual fact, the viruses that caused these illnesses are different. Flu symptoms are more severe and attack suddenly, while the symptoms of a common cold cough tend to be mild and appear gradually.

Flu is a disease that is easily transmitted to others, especially in the first 3-4 days after the sufferer is infected. Even before the symptoms appearing, the flu can be easily transmitted to others without us noticing.

Your nose is clogged because your flu symptoms don’t heal? Try to provide hot water in a basin then drip a mixture of eucalyptus oil, or benefits of ledum essential oil and basil oil.

Position your head on top of the basin and inhale its warm steam. In order to make sure that the steam does not go everywhere, cover your head with a thin towel until it covers the surface of the basin as well.

Research from Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan reports basil leaves are antiviral that can help fight influenza viruses. 

5. Mouth and Teeth Cleaner

Sometimes, bad breath can still be annoying even if you already diligently brush your teeth. To end this problem, try adding a few drops of basil leaf oil to a glass of water and use it to gargle for 30 seconds. Another way, drip basil oil into your toothpaste and brush your teeth as usual.

Basil leaves contain antioxidants and good natural antibacterial properties to maintain overall oral and dental health. Plus, the aroma is so fresh that it could overcome other mouth washers. With all cleaned, you get more confidence to go for the day.

6. Air Freshener

Basil is able to remove odor-causing bacteria and fungi from homes, cars, utensils and furniture. In fact in Indonesia, they use basil in order to clean the kitchen utensils, eliminating the bad odor that could give their kitchen a bad image.

Take a few drops of basil oil, add it with baking soda, and use it to remove stains and bacteria from the pan or pan; or spray into toilets, bathrooms and trash cans. You can also try to add some essential oils as well, including the benefits of young living essential oils.

7. Natural Taste Enhancer

When the terms “taste enhancer” comes out, most people would like to think about MSG. That ingredient is not that alien to most of us, since we’ve been using it for God knows how long. Asian people tend to use this material to enhance the taste of their dishes, so they can become more savory.

However, what most people didn’t know is that there’s actually a natural ingredient that can fit this purpose. Basil Oil. Add some of the basil oil to your meals, even appetizers or desserts. It will make the flavor comes out naturally without destroying the overall taste.