11 Scientific Health Benefits of American Ginseng Extract

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Ginseng is one of plant tuber credited with various tonic and medicinal properties, especially in East Asia like Korea and North America. There are two kinds of ginseng that commonly used, which are American ginseng (Paax quinquefolius) and Korean ginseng or Asia (Panax ginseng).

Even if every kind of ginseng has its own special health benefit, but generally ginseng has an active substance that predicted has essential health benefit inside this plan tuber, those active substance called as ginsenoside.

Fact about American ginseng:

American ginseng commonly used in order to increase immunity system inside human body, to cure cough and common cold, and some people believe ginseng can get rid of stress. Ginseng also well know as one of plants that can increase human’s appetite and improve gastro-intestinal system (one of the most excited fact to know about the product that enhance human’s digestive system is the health benefits black hawaiian sea salt).

Besides, American ginseng also well claimed can cure many diseases like diabetes, anemia, insomnia, fever, erection dysfunction, cancer, joint pain, head ache, loss of memory, and even Human Immuno Deficiency Virus or AIDS.

But, based on many research, so far there are two conditions that show positive response toward ginseng which are respiratory tract infection (common symptoms like common cold, cough, and sneezing), and diabetes as metabolic disease.

Health Benefits of American Ginseng Extract

People can use ginseng or ginseng extract in order to get some health benefits, below are the list of health benefits that people may get by involving ginseng as a beneficial plant people may never know:

  1. cognitive function

The first health benefit of ginseng is it can enhance the ability in learning process and cognitive function. A study published by The Cochrane Library show that ginseng have so much health benefits for cognitive, behavior, and quality of live. If ginseng given for kids, it well proven that ginseng can increase the ability of children to pay attention and focus that will be beneficial for their learning process during their school ages.

The other benefit is that ginseng can act as anti oxidant that can fight against free radical that can destroy some cells inside the brain. So, it can prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive disorders. You may also read about  Health Benefits of Siberian Ginseng Root

  1. anti inflammation

Beside ginseng can act as anti oxidant, it also has special effect as anti inflammation. Inflammation effects on ginseng maybe exist because there is ginsenosida substance inside this kind of plant. The substance has an effect to enhance human’s immunity system based on a research reported by Journal of Translation Medicine

  1. it can decrease human’s level of stress

Ginseng can influence human nervous system in so many ways, one of them is stimulate metabolism and enhance the level of energy. Both of them can contribute in order to lowering the level of stress and anxiety inside human’s body. Adaptogene substance inside ginseng can disturb the level of hormone that produced by body while someone get stress. As ginseng can decrease stress hormone, it will help to contribute to create a better feeling inside our heart.You may also read Benefits of Ginseng for Males Reproductive Health

  1. help controlling diabetic

Ginseng has well proven can lowering the number of blood glucose. This is a natural way to control extra absorption of glucose and it make body going to be well protected from immediate raising of blood glucose

On 2005, a research that published through American Journal of Chinese Medicine show that ginseng (America and Asia) can cure diabetic. But, please try to discuss this decision with professional doctor as this ginseng is not highly recommended for people who consume anti diabetic drug. That’s the health benefits of American ginseng extract. You may also read Health Benefits of Ginseng Coffee

  1. prevent cancer

Ginseng contains anti oxidant that can fight against free radical inside human’s body, so it possibly can protect human can the risk o get cancer. Ginsenosida also can act as anti tumor . consuming ginseng can decrease the level of  colon rectal cancer metastasis. You may also read about Health Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng

  1. prevent early anti aging

Nowadays ginseng also be one of the most common substance that people can found in many beauty product. Ginseng has health benefit as it can decrease the sign of wrinkles, increase immunity system and prevent any heart disease. Ginseng also stimulates blood flow to every part of human body, especially skin’s cell. Therefore, ginseng also can help human’s skin to be brighter, moist, and looks younger. You may also read about Health Benefits of Drinking Jagermeister

There are some conditions that people need to consider more before decided to consume American ginseng extract. Even if there are so many benefits that people may get after consuming ginseng extract, there also side effects that people need to be considered. This is because ginseng is a kind of strong spices, so it can create bad effects like stomachache, headache, sleep disorder, and allergic reaction. That’s the reason why it’s so much better to not consume ginseng extract too much, just consume it as necessary as possible.

Recommendation Intake

If you have the following conditions, be careful before decided to consume ginseng extract:

  1. be careful for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

Based on some research, American ginseng can influences the health of baby inside the womb and can cause congenital defects. Even if there’s no proof that ginseng can contribute to bad effects for breastfeeding mothers, but it’s better to avoid this american ginseng while breast feeding. 

  1. People who got too sensitive with hormone

American ginseng, known as a product which has an active substance called ginsenosides. This substance can act as same as estrogen hormone. If people have a sensitive response toward hormone (especially estrogen), it’s better to avoid it. Some example of sensitive conditions are womb cancer, ovary cancer, breast cancer, and endometriosis.

  1. People with insomnia

Consuming american ginseng in a high dose related to the risk of people to get insomnia. People who suffer from their capability to sleep easier, it’s not really recommended to consume it

  1. Diabetes mellitus

One of health benefits that provided by American ginseng is it can help to decrease blood glucose on diabetic patient. But, the level of blood glucose can dramatically low and it’s possible to face hypoglicemia if people consume a certain drugs that can stimulate to decrease the number of glucose in human’s blood. Be careful to consume it, and keep control the number of glucose inside the blood.