Benefits of Mouthguard for Teeth Grinding – Good or Bad?

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In general, mouth guard is defined as a frequent tool often used during sports and other activities that are heavy with high impact potential that serves to prevent the occurrence of injury to the lips, face, tongue, or jaw, This tool also prevents tooth decay.

Mouth guards are installed to cover the upper teeth in an effort to prevent the tongue, lips, and the inside of the cheek injured during injury or trauma to the face and mouth. In addition, mouthguard is useful to reduce teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding (bruksism) is a condition in which you grit or clench your teeth. If you suffer from bruxism then you may not be aware of clenching your teeth all day, or grinding it at night (sleep bruxism). Therefore, one way to reduce the habit should you use a mouthguard to protect your teeth. This article will discuss about the benefits of mouthguard for teeth grinding.

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Before discussing the benefits of mouthguard for teeth grinding, you should first understand the symptoms, causes and effects of dental grinding. Let’s take a look at the symptoms, causes and effects of the grinding teeth below.

Symptoms of teeth grinding

A mild-scale bruxism (teeth grinding) may not require treatment. However, for some people, bruksism can cause jaw problems, headaches, damaged teeth and other problems. Therefore, it is important for you to know the signs or symptoms of bruxism to be able to look for dental care on a regular basis. Here are the symptoms experienced when suffering from teeth grinding as below.

  • Teeth grinding or clenching teeth, which may be loud enough to wake your sleeping partner
  • Conditions of teeth that are cracked, peeling or loose
  • Enamel teeth obsolete, this condition is seen in the deeper layers of your teeth
  • Tooth sensitivity increases
  • The condition of the jaw and face is painful or painful
  • Jaw muscle tense
  • The incidence of pain is like earache, although your ears are not really problematic
  • Headache center that comes from the crown
  • Bite cheeks inside while chewing
  • There is a curve on your tongue

Causes of teeth grinding

Bad habits can cause various diseases. One of these habits is excessive eating habits, and consume foods that are less healthy for the body, especially cause teeth grinding. Here are some causes of the emergence of teeth grinding, as below.

  • Emotional conditions, such as anxiety, stress, anger, frustration or tension
  • Aggressive, competitive or hyperactive personality types
  • Unequal upper and lower teeth (malocclusions)
  • Other sleep problems, such as sleep apnea
  • Response of pain in the ear or teeth (in children)
  • Reflux acid from the stomach down to the esophagus
  • Side effects from the use of some psychiatric drugs, such as phenothiazines or certain antidepressants
  • Complications resulting from Huntington’s disease or Parkinson’s disease 

Impacts of teeth grinding

Here are some of the effects of teeth grinding habits such as:

  • Tooth decay, restoration, molars or jaw
  • Emergence of headache
  • There is facial pain
  • Disturbance that occurs in the temporomandibular joint, which lies directly in front of the ear, which may be heard clicking sound when you open and close your mouth

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Benefits of mouthguard for teeth grinding

After discussing the symptoms, the causes and effects of teeth grinding, then below will explain some benefits of mouthguard to teeth grinding.

  • As a tooth protector

Mouthguard is designed to keep the teeth apart to avoid damage caused by clenching and grinding. This tool can be composed of acrylic hard or soft material that is comfortable in the upper teeth of lower.

  • To tidy the teeth

One of the benefits of mouthguard is tooth merapika. By using mouthguard then the condition of the tooth will be stable and will not change fixed in position so that this tool has function to spruce teeth. 

  • Avoid teeth from friction

At the time of friction when teeth grinding the teeth will be easily broken or easily cracked. This condition will have a fatal impact on your dental health. One way to avoid that is by using mouthguard during sleep. Because at bedtime the habit of teeth grinding is emerging. Using a soft-headed mouthguard will reduce the potential friction between the teeth directly. Read more causes of sleepy in the morning.

  • Reduce the symptoms of teeth grinding

In addition to avoiding teeth from friction, mouthguard is also able to reduce the symptoms of teeth guard that reduces the incidence of sound when teeth grinding. The mouthguard conditions are soft-spoken will not cause a loud sound when teeth grinding.

  • Heals teeth grinding

By getting used to mouthguard while sleeping will have a positive impact that is treating teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is a habit during sleep that affects both medical and psychological diseases. Healing of teeth grinding can be done by reducing habits during sleep. One way to use the mouthguard so the teeth do not grind.

  • Keep your teeth exposed from the outside

Besides beneficial for dental health of teeth grinding, mouth guard is also useful to protect teeth from exposure from the outside. This condition is very useful in the process of teeth whitening process. The teeth whitening process is required to avoid external substances that can damage teeth and cause tooth whitening to fail. Therefore, using the guard will reduce the potential of teeth exposed to substances from outside. Read more Banana Peel Benefits for Teeth Whitening

Thus a brief explanation of the benefits of mouthguard for teeth grinding. For those of you who are now experiencing conditions or habits menggemeretakan teeth then you should use the mouth guard before bed. Mouth guard is very powerful in reducing teeth grinding because tekturnya soft will make the teeth hard to grind.