The Powerful Benefits of Manuka Honey for Stomach

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Manuka Honey is originated from Australia and New Zealand. Despite its higher price compared to ordinary honey, Manuka has a lot of benefits thanks to its nutrient values that could heal and keep your stomach healthy. Stomach, in the other hand, is pretty vulnerable organs in our body because its role to process everything that we eat.

It’s also the center of our digestion system where it separates minerals, vitamins, nutrient, form food that we eat and we may left some dangerous ingredient to our body. That’s why we could suffer from stomach ulcer, constipation, and other disease that makes your stomach uncomfortable. But do you know why it has such remarkable effect on your stomach? Manuka Honey has proven to have better benefits to our stomach health, thanks to its nutrient values. Here are the reasons.

It has antimicrobial/bacterial effect that can cure stomach ulcer

There are benefits of Manuka Honey for stomach. Two dominant nutrients value that makes Manuka honey special are Hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal. They are believed to have antimicrobial that can fight your ulcer then makes your stomach to be more comfortable.

It is also believed that Manuka honey has antibacterial effect to H. Pilory, a bacteria that also contributes to stomach ulcer. A study from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, suggests that a 12,5% v/v Manuka honey is effective enough to fight bacteria that causes stomach ulcer, although there’s more efficient honey comes from Chile, Ulmo honey.

This means that the antibacterial effects in Manuka Honey has better and more significant effect to cure stomach complaint and to keep your stomach’s metabolism healthy.

Here are more about:

Manuka honey can prevent gastritis from happening

Stomach could also be affected by inflammation that is called Gastritis, due to number of stress, food choice, and long-term effect of medical drugs.

But don’t worry, because the Hydrogen peroxide of Manuka Honey can ease the pain and make it gone completely. Actually, every honey has its Hydrogen peroxide. What makes Manuka better is its metylglyoxal that is produced by its tree. It also dues to higher amount of Hydrogen peroxide that makes Manuka is more recommended by doctors.

It contains many important nutrition your body might need

One tablespoon of Manuka honey consists of 60 calories, 17g of carbohydrates, and 16g of sugar. It also could contain vitamins, irons, and minerals that can be beneficial to your body.

Those nutrition added with Hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal can make your body healthier and prevent wicked bacteria to take over your stomach after having eaten junk foods and fast foods in one day.

Not all people can consume this, unfortunately

Basically, honey is good for all people because it has positive effect to the body. But some people might not be able to consume Manuka.

First, it’s baby under 12 month years old. Baby cannot take Manuka honey due to its potential to poisoning. Baby under 12 month years old still needs to be breastfeed anyway so it doesn’t need to take any type of honey yet.

Second, it’s people with pollen allergies. Since honey is made from pollen, some people with such allergies will experience its side effects, like itchy and reddened skin. Here are more about: Wonderful Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Upset Stomach

How to consume Manuka honey?

First step is don’t directly consume it regularly. Try two or three days, if there’s not side effects or allergies, you can take it regularly.

Then, The doctor suggests that for adult you can take one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of coffee/tea to be blend in 200mL of warm water for every 8 hours.

For children, 0,5-2 teaspoon before going to bed every day. Here are more about: Health Benefits of Thai Soups to Soothe Upset Stomach

Those are main information about Manuka honey that can help you if you have stomach complaint. If this method can’t cure your stomach problem, you should go to the doctor to have detailed examination and consultation regarding your complaint. That’s the benefits of Manuka Honey for stomach.


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