The Powerful Benefits of Manuka Honey for Stomach

Manuka Honey is originated from Australia and New Zealand. Despite its higher price compared to ordinary honey, Manuka has a lot of benefits thanks to its nutrient values that could heal and keep your stomach healthy. Stomach, in the other hand, is pretty vulnerable organs in our body because its role to process everything that […]

10 Simple Benefits of Coconut Water for Stomach During Poisonous

The benefits of coconut water for stomach has been a common thing. Therefore, people with stomach problems usually will drink this water to reduce the symptoms. Furthermore, it is believe able to cure some stomach diseases. Mainly caused by poisonous or bacteria. The content inside the coconut water which rich in some minerals and ion […]

Pomegranate Peel Benefits for Stomach Health – You Never Knew!

In carrying out daily activities – a day of body health is required for all activities are running smoothly and maximally. The key to body health is in our habits in keeping the habit, especially the habit of consuming something. Habits in consuming fatty foods will lead to various diseases one of which is abdominal […]