10 Spiritual Benefits of Keeping a Cat in Islam for Mental Wellness

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Today many moslem find the benefits of keeping a cat in Islam. This religion suggest to taking care of the cat as the same way as their prophet of Muhammad done in the past. Therefore, moslem people believe that this habit will bring them to a better feeling and bring a healthier mental nor spiritual.

The cat was believe for their cleanliness. This lead people prefer to keep the pet in the house. Furthermore, this become a tradition in Islam since years ago. Mainly after the legend on how Muhammad taking care of this animal become a good example for Islamic people. Moslem people believe that by doing the same habit as their prophet, they have done a good things according to their believe. Which this will lead to a good kindness and rewards. Hence, keeping a cat and treat them nicely might be one of the way to get rewards from Allah.

Benefits of Keeping a Cat

Not only for moslem, keeping a cat and the other similar pet actually bring some mental and spiritual benefits. Therefore, no wonder if some people decide to keep this habit as a hobby. Furthermore, this habit also not dealing with any mistakes. Hence, there quite many pet grooming today to accommodate this hobby. However, if feeling curious on the benefits of keeping a cat in Islam, see below lists of points.

1. Make a Great Friends

Cat or any other pets are a good way to make a great friends. That is why many lonely people prefer to keep the cat as their daily close friend at home. This is because cat is easily to make friends with anyone who treat them nicely. This is actually a good thing for mental. This is the same benefits bringing your pet to work that also works to make a good friends and keep the mood happy.

2. Avoid Stresses

By having a good quality time with the cat, it can also a good way to avoid further stresses. Seeing them playing or acting will make the feeling gets better. Therefore, keeping a cat is a good alternative to avoid stresses and to keep a happy feeling.

3. Reduce anxiety

Benefits of keeping a cat in Islam including to help reduce the anxiety. Most people who gets stresses will feel worry on many things. Therefore, through keeping this pet, it will help to keep away their worry and manage a better thinking. This is the same benefits of sage tea for anxiety treatments that also help to reduce anxiety too.

4. Better Sleep

Through a good feeling and no stresses, it can help to improve the quality of the sleep. Therefore, keeping a cat also believe can deal with avoid insomnia. Furthermore, this can lead to a good health and avoid several diseases symptoms that happens due to lack of sleep.

5. Bring a Good Mood

The habit also good to bring a good mood. Specially for woman during their periods. Therefore, playing with pets always a cheerful alternative to bring a good mood to come. This is the same benefits dog sleeping with you that also can help to bring a good mood too.

6. Educational Benefits

Keeping pets also a good educational benefits mainly to help understanding on how to treat them wisely and taking care in intense. Therefore, it also a good way to educate our selves, mainly to teach children on how to get their responsibility by keeping the cat.

7. Support Wellness

It is also surprising fact that keeping a cat will help to support wellness. By the time we play and have some little run with the cat, it will ask our body to maintain the wellness by regularly maintain the heart beat. This is the same health benefits of thai soup that also good to support wellness.

8. Maintain Exercise

Keeping a cat also will ask us to have a reguler exercise. Mainly during the weekend or in the morning. Through having our pets walking outside the house or turn around the park, it will help us to have a small exercise. Therefore, it will lead us to maintain exercise along with maintain body health too.

9. Avoid Hypertension

Through a good mood and emotion, it can help to avoid anger. Therefore, it will be good to avoid high blood pressure that usually lead to hypertension. This is the same health benefits of eating jerusalem artichokes that also can help to avoid hypertension too.

10. Prevents Strokes

Another benefits of keeping a cat including to maintain the cardiovascular health. Through a lower blood pressure and a good happy mood, it will help to manage a better blood circulation. Therefore, it can be one of the way to prevent cardiovascular diseases, including to avoid any strokes symptoms.

Cautions and Recommendations

Even though the habit bring many spiritual and mental benefits, there still some cautions to be aware when keeping a pet. Therefore, it is better to check below recommendations before decide to keep the cat as a pet.

  • People with allergically symptoms shall avoid taking care of the pet. Many people have allergies to the cat fur. Therefore, avoid keeping a cat if experience itchiness, swollen parts of the body or redness skin every time have a physical contact with the cat.
  • Cat’s fur also possible to deliver breath difficulties or asthma. Therefore, people with this symptoms shall avoid from keeping cat or any other pets.
  • Pregnant woman shall make sure to avoid this pet or make sure to deal with clean cat only. Since cat usually bring viruses called toxoplasma that can lead to fatal miscarriage or fatal defect on fetus. Therefore, the best way to avoid the diseases is to keep away from cat or other similar pets during the pregnancy.

Those all the benefits of keeping a cat in Islam. Apparently not only for moslem people, but keeping a cat mostly bring a good spiritual and mental advantages. Therefore, it can be a good hobby to be an alternative in filling the time and to spent the spare time. As long as to make sure that there is no specific allergies to this kind of animal, then keeping a pet should be not a matter.