Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Doing Japji Sahib for Mental Health

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Japji sahib is the composition of morning prayer done by Sikhs. As we know, Sikhism is a pantheistical religion in Punjab area of India.

Japji sahib is done based on the main Sikh holy scripture, Guru Granth Sahib. There are some parts in japji sahib.

The first is Mool Mantar or the opening, a set of 38 Pauris or hymns, and Salok or the closing. Every part of japji sahib, especially the pauris has its own benefits. Therefore, people can get the benefits of doing japji sahib by completing all the parts properly.

The Benefits of Doing Japji Sahib

As mentioned above, there are many benefits people can get from doing japji sahib including Health Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercise as it involves deep breathing exercise, not only the recital of pauri. It might by spiritual activities for Sikhs. However, it can also give physical  benefits to those who done it properly.

So, here are some of the benefits of doing japji sahib, especially the pauris.

  1. Lift from depression

There is no wonder that any spiritual help a lot in lifting depression. Just like the well-known yoga and its Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga, japji sahib is a potential depression antidote. Doing the pauri, especially the first and fourth  pauris can help people to lift from depression and break free from the feeling of poor without any means.

  1. Improve patience

Sometimes, it is difficult to control emotion  amid of the hectic activity and tough condition. However, you may need to take some time to do japji sahib as this activity can help you control your emotion and improve patience.

Especially when you do the second and eighteenth pauri which responsible to improve your patience once you do it properly.

  1. Improve self confidence

Some people take work or job as the first priority in life. As the result, there are numbers of cases where people got stress because of their work load. One of the factors of the case is the low self confidence and the thought that you are unable to complete the given duty.

By doing the set 38 pauris of japji sahib, especially the third, fourth, fifth, and twenty fifth pauri you can improve self-confidence especially in the work circumstances.

  1. Deepen intuition

You might have known about Amethyst Gemstone Benefits to deepen intuition. Well, intuition is somewhat important, but not all people can achieve it. We can say that all people may have it, but not everyone could optimize it.

And you should know that by doing japji sahib, you can train your intuition to be deeper by bringing the universal knowledge, inspiration, and revelation to you.

  1. Give guidance

Feeling lost and don’t know what to do? Maybe you need a guidance. One of the ways of finding guidance is by doing japji sahib. For instance, the fourteenth pauri can show you the way when you can’t find any path in life. It can also help you to find any opportunity when you feel stuck in the middle.

  1. Gives you power

The most difficult in life is defeating our own ego. Doing japji sahib as a prayer for Sikhs or as spiritual activity for common people can help to regain power. The power is needed to fight hardship in life, including our own self.

One of the benefits of doing japji sahib is removing negativity and neutralizes your destructive nature. This way you can gain power and able to control the power you get. The power will also help you complete your duty and responsibility, also to rewrite the destiny.

  1. Heal your pain

Japji sahib is not only deal with spiritual matter. It also helps people to deal with physical problems. It is possible as doing japji sahib regularly can improve overall health and help in healing pain. As we know, pain is strongly related to the spiritual condition.

Japji sahib help you to release all the burden and negativity, including the suggestive feeling of pain. In addition, japji sahib is done in the morning, when we can take abundant of advantages including the Benefits of Drinking Cold Water in Morning Empty Stomach.

Recommendation on How to Memorize the Pauris

Japji sahib includes 38 pauris or hymns. It means that people should recite the 38 verses confidently without reading it from the holy script. So how do people memorize them?

The only way to memorize the verses is by going through practices. Sikhs commonly read the verses from gutka sahib every day. You can start with only reading one pauri, memorize, and recite it over and over. Do it every day within a week until you can memorize it.

When you have master one pauri, you can move to the next pauri. you can also listen to the audio in the meantime, so that you can be more familiar with the verses. To make you easier in recalling what you have memorized, you can write the pauris and make your own gutka sahib. Read it, recite it every time you want it.

You can recite the pauris while you are walking, driving, travelling, and do any other thing. And oh, don’t forget to get closer with Aromatic Herbs in India and Health Benefits as it might give you extra benefits.