9 Best Health Benefits of Choy Sum (#1 Vitamin C Source)

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choy sumDo you know what choy sum is? It is one of the popular vegetables among the Chinese and mostly be consumed in Hongkong. It has green leaves and can be cooked, boiled or steamed. It is likely to be added to meat and salad as well.

Moreover, it has the high level of vitamins and minerals. In this case, it has B-complex vitamins such as vitamin B6, B5, B1. Not only for that, it contains calcium, potassium, and dietary fiber as well.

Thus, if you want to know more information about choy sum, let’s check the health benefits of choy sum.

1. Source of Vitamin A

It turns out that choy sum has the content of vitamin A and carotenoid. As the consequence, it is a form that converted into retinaldehyde. It is also based on a study published in the November 1994 edition of The Journal of the American Medical Association pointed that the intake of carotenoid can reduce the macular degeneration of the eye. By this means, vitamin A will affect the healthy eyes and prevent cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Not only for that, vitamin A take parts to promote the respiratory, urinary, and intestinal tracts health. Then, consuming choy sum is something that should be taken into account as it offers you best health benefits. You can also check on Vitamin A Benefits Apart For Eyes Vision

2. Source of Vitamin C

It is known that choy sum has the high level of Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. If you consume 100g of Choy sum, then you will get 45 mg of vitamin C or get 75% of daily requirements of Vitamin C. Great, isn’t it?
As the consequence, vitamin C in choy sum will help to protect the body against diseases. In this case, vitamin C will prevent body infection and body inflammation.

Moreover, it can prevent free radicals damage as well. Thus, if you want to fulfill the needs of vitamin C in the body, then adding choy sum as your daily meal is such the good option. You can also check on Health Benefits of Korean Melon

3. Source of Dietary Fiber

In fact, one of the health benefits of choy sum is to provide the source of dietary fiber. Consequently, fiber in choy sum will be beneficial to protect digestive health. At this point, fiber is the one that plays a role in maintaining the gut health. It prevents constipation and bloating. Moreover, fiber is known to have an ability to protect cardiovascular health. Such an amazing benefit, right?

4. Helps to Lose Weight

If you want to control the body weight, then adding the choy sum to your diet meal is the great option. In this case, you can add it for your favorite salad. It is linked to the fiber content in choy sum which makes us feel full longer. As a result, it will control the appetite. Therefore, as you know that choy sum has good nutritional value, then you can start having it as your healthy diet food. You can also check on Health Benefits of Meatless Diet

5. Promotes Healthy Bones

Another health benefit provided by choy sum is the ability of it to promote the healthy bones. Vitamin K takes part in promoting the strong bones structure and bones density. Hence, if you want to promote the healthy bones, then it is recommended to consume choy sum together with dairy foods as well.

Not only for that, calcium contained in choy sum can help to promote the bones and teeth health. You can also check on Benefits of Calcium

6. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

One of the health benefits of choy sum is to promote cardiovascular health. At this point, potassium in choy sum can help to regulate the fluid level and promote the cardiovascular health as for sure. Indeed, you can eat choy sum regularly as it can reduce the risks of stroke as well as promoting the bone health.

7. Prevents Anemia

Not only for containing the potassium, but choy sum can be valuable to promote the iron level in the body. As the consequence, iron in choy sum will help to promote the red blood cells in the body. Moreover, it can prevent certain health problems including anemia. For the tips, you can eat another iron food such as red meat to prevent anemia for sure. You can also check on Health Benefits of Drink Milk with Turmeric Powder

8. Treats Asthma

Surprisingly, choy sum may be beneficial to treat asthma. It is due to the content of folate in choy sum. This is also based a study published in the June 2009 edition of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology pointed that people with the lowest plasma levels of folate were 40% more likely to suffer from wheezing than people who had the highest serum folate levels. Hence, you can conclude that choy sum takes part as the treatment for asthma. 

9. Boosts Immune System

Another health benefit provided by choy sum is to boost immune system. It is linked with the presence of vitamin B6. At this point, vitamin B6 in choy sum will help to keep the strong immune system and regulate blood glucose levels.

Moreover, the content of antioxidant in choy sum will protect the body against infection and free radicals damage. Then, are you interested to consume choy sum as your healthy food?

After knowing that information above, now you can also check for the tips of consuming choy sum below.

Tips for Consuming Choy Sum

  • Before buying choy sum, then you need to make sure you pick choy sum leaves which do not have any yellow leaves or damaged ones.
  • After that, keep them in a refrigerator for no more than five days. Then, if you want to cook it, ensure that you wash it under cold water to remove dirt, debris, and pests.
  • For the recipe tips, you can add it to your salad and soup as well.

To conclude, choy sum is the great vegetable that can contribute to a healthy body. It can promote the cardiovascular health and prevent anemia. Thus, start to consume choy sum as it provides the best health benefits just for you!