12 Interesting Health Benefits of Savoiardi Lady Finger During Pregnancy

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Many pregnant woman might not know the health benefits of lady finger for pregnancy. This kind of cookies usually are favorit among the children. But it is find out that the snack also good for pregnant mother too. Therefore, there is no wrong to try having this snack for daily afternoon meal only during the pregnancy. Otherwise, any similar snack should have the same benefit too.

Lady finger is actually a small delicious sponge cakes but with a unique shaped like fat fingers. This snack is actually comes from Italy, therefore, also famous with called of savoiardi. Although the snack can be eaten on their own, they are usually used as a recipe component. Furthermore, this snack can be soaked in syrup, layered with cream, or decorated with piped frostings and fresh fruit.

To make the snack also not difficult. There are various easy recipe to make a homemade lady finger. Otherwise, it might available in some supermarket. Therefore, it is also can easily find anywhere. Whether in Europe, Asian and also America.

Nutrient Content of Savoiardi Lady Finger

Of course there are many people not familiar with the nutrient content of this snack. However, if consuming about 100gr of this snack, there are many nutrient that the body can receive. Specially for pregnant woman. A portion of the lady finger will bring following nutrient:

  • 103cal of calories
  • 2.6gr of fat
  • 63mg of cholesterol
  • 42mg of sodium
  • 32mg of potassium
  • 17gr of carbohydrates
  • 0.3gr of dietary fiber
  • 7gr of sugar
  • 3gr of protein
  • 2gr of vitamin C
  • 2gr of vitamin D
  • 1gr of calcium
  • 6gr of iron
  • 1gr of magnesium

For further health benefits of Savoiardi lady finger during pregnancy, see below lists of points that quite interesting and amazing too:

1. Extra Calories

The biscuits are rich with calories that can help to support the needed calories during pregnancy. Mainly on third semester where the baby grow quite fast and absorb a lot of energy from the mother. Therefore, consume the biscuit in the afternoon can be another way to increase the calories content in the body to support with the needs. This is the same health benefits of chicken lollipop that can help to put on some extra calories too.

2. Add Energy

As the biscuit rich in calories, therefore, it can be a good substituent for energy replacement during pregnancy. Mainly due to supporting the baby inside the womb, it will requires more energy to perform daily activities. Furthermore, it can help the pregnant woman still active and not easily get weak.

3. Improve Power

The lady finger also good to perform more power in the last semester of pregnancy. As this semester the pregnant mother requires more power to carry on the fetus that getting bigger each day. Therefore, add some snacks and calories will bring more energy and extra power to hold the weight of the baby. This is the same health benefits of green banana that can help to improve body power too.

4. Avoid Anemia

This biscuit also contain iron that good to avoid anemia for pregnant mother. Therefore, it can benefit to avoid dizziness and black out that normally happens during the third semester of pregnancy. This will stimulate the red blood cell to perform a healthy blood flow.

5. Increase Appetite

Pregnant woman always feel sickness. Therefore, consume the snack might be a good way to increase the appetite. As the baby getting bigger, the needs of food also increase and the appetite needs to bring back. This is the same health benefits of honey vanilla chamomile tea that able to increase appetite too.

6. Increase Metabolic Rate

Another health benefits of Savoiardi lady finger during pregnancy also to increase the metabolic rate. Therefore, it can optimize energy converting from food as necessary.

7. Fetus Development

The vitamins and minerals inside the snack also good to support fetus development. Therefore, it can stimulate a healthy baby’s growth. This is the same benefits of massage during pregnancy third semester that can support fetus development too.

8. Avoid Hunger

Consume the snack is one effective way to avoid hunger. This is normal during pregnancy as the body needs extra calories. Therefore, eating the snack can avoid an empty stomach too.

9. Healthy Digest

The biscuit also contain some fiber that support digestion. Therefore, it can be a way to avoid digestive problems. This is the same health benefits of purple hull peas that also perform healthy digest too.

10. Avoid Hypoglycemia

As the biscuit contain some sugar, therefore, it can help to avoid hypoglycemia. Mainly for those who experience this symptoms in last semester of pregnancy. 

11. Healthy Lung

Lady finger also contain magnesium and calcium to perform a healthy lung condition. Furthermore, it will help to optimize the respiratory system. This is important as during pregnant the lung capacity might be decrease. Therefore consume the snack will help to balance it back.

12. More Vitamins

The biscuit can help to add extra vitamins needed on pregnancy. Therefore, enough portion of this lady finger will help to supply the vitamin C and D content for the pregnant mother.

Cautions And Recommendation

Even this delicious snack is good during pregnancy, still there are some side effects that needs to be concern. Therefore, if frequently consume the snack, it is better to see below recommendations:

  • Stop consuming the snack if experience allergically condition such as itchiness, redness skin or even swollen ankle or face. This might be the person is not able to consume the dairy products inside this snack. As the snack contain milk and also including some eggs. Therefore, quickly change the snack with other non dairy snacks.
  • Consume the portion properly and not too much as it contain sugars. Therefore, too many consume can lead into gestational diabetic that frequently happen in pregnancy.
  • It is suggested to keep doing light exercise after having this snack to avoid unwanted fat that might dangerous during pregnancy.
  • Stop eating the snack if feel nausea or dizzy as the product might have been expired.

Those all the health benefits of Savoiardi lady finger during pregnancy mainly to add another energy and power. This snack also a good biscuit to avoid hunger mainly in the third semester. As the baby grow quite fast in last semester, a pregnant mother will needs extra food and calories too. Therefore, this snack might be the perfect meal in the afternoon. Happy pregnancy with the biscuit!