10 Extraordinary Benefits of Shiling Oil – Quick Pain Relief

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Essential oil or medicated oil has been used in various health treatment. For example, cajuput oil, or known as “minyak kayu putih” in Indonesia, is useful in many health condition, e.g. vomiting, fever, swollen skin caused by bug bite, and to relieve diarrhea. There are also other variants of medicated oil for health purposes. One of them is a popular herbal oil from China, shiling oil.

In comparison, shiling oil ingredients is more advanced than cajuput oil. Whereas cajuput oil made from only one type of plant, shiling oil is a mixture of lavender oil, mineral oil, eucalyptus oil, and dilli oil. It is no wonder shiling oil provides many benefits of ginger for asthma. Shiling oil has been used in many therapy methods. This writing will provide you with benefits of shiling oil, as well as its composition, instruction to use, and recommendation intake.

Composition of Shiling Oil

According to the product description, ingredients of shiling oil are :

  • Camphor 10%
  • Menthol 16%
  • Methyl Salicylate 47%
  • Mineral oil
  • Dilli oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Lavender oil

Instruction in Using Shiling oil

Apply on area with ache and pain. This oil can be used to temporary relieve pain in muscle tissue and skin caused by bruise (internal injury). Shiling oil also relieve temporary less serious pain due to cold and flu health benefits of cherry blossom tea. Do not apply on a wound, shiling oil is for bruises and internal injury only.

Now let us see more benefits of shiling oil :

1. It helps relieve muscle pains

First benefits of shiling oil is to relieve temporary muscle pains. Shiling oil helps relieve pain caused by internal damages on muscle. If you put heavy strain on your body, you may get muscle pains. Therefore, always prepare shiling oil after heavy and laborious activity health benefits of crookneck pumpkin.

2. Shiling oil can be used to relieve joint pain

Pain of joint usually caused by arthritis and damages on cartilage. It is proven that shiling oil can help relieve temporary pain caused by joint damages and dislocation.

3. Shiling oil helps treat back pain

Another amazing benefits of shiling oil. Shiling oil has the same benefits as ointment or balm for back pain. It can relieve back pain caused by heavy strain and fatigue on body. Simply rub shiling oil on your back, and temporary back pain will relieved. Thus, you will feel much better health benefits of fish roe.

4. It helps treat arthritis

Arthritis is one of disease caused by damages on cartilage joint. If treatment is not immediately given, arthritis may cause pain in muscle and joint. To help treat arthritis, you can apply shiling oil on muscle and joint area health benefits of dory fish.

5. Shiling oil relieves pain of bruises

One of great benefits of shiling oil. Bruises is a condition which the skin appears discolored due to physical injury. It does not involve bleeding, as it is classified as internal injury. Bruises may gives the skin blue-ish or purple-ish colour, and sometimes it feels painful.

To relieve temporary pain of bruises, rub shiling oil on bruised area. It will help relieve the pain, and makes you feel better.

6. Shiling oil helps relieve pain caused by sprained ligaments

In medical language, sprain is a result of twisted ligaments of joint. The person may feel pain for a moment, thus a quick treatment is recommended. You can quickly relieve sprained ankle or joint with shiling oil. Simply apply it on area you feel is sprained, then let it works effectively.

7. Shiling oil helps relieve ache caused by cold and flu

Another excellent benefits of shiling oil. This herbal oil from China is believed to relieve ache caused by cold and flu. It also helps keep your body warmth. It may also helps treat congestion that typically occurs in people with flu or cold. This is a proof that shiling oil has benefits outside relieving pain of muscle and joint.

8. Shiling oil helps relieve asthma

It is true that some medicated or essential oil has been used in asthma treatment, usually by inhaling the theurapetic and aromatic scent of the oil, e.g. lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, and cajuput oil. Based on some researches conducted by scientists, shiling oil’s aroma may help in asthma treatment.

It can helps relieve airways and ease inhalation. It also helps liquidify phlegm, thus it can wasted from the body easily. All of these effects on asthma may be due to shiling oil has substances that can treat the asthma symptoms. 

9. Shiling oil helps treat cough, flu, and bronchitis

Inhaling the scent of shiling will give decongestan effect which can help in relieving respiratory problems, such as cough, flu, and bronchitis. Other way shilling oil can help treat cough, flu, and bronchitis is by applying it externally on area around neck and chest.

According to some studies, the combination of shiling oil and other herbal oil e.g. lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, dilli oil, cajuput oil etc and a bit extract of lime fruit, and pine leaves can strengthen its effect on flu, cough, and bronchitis. Overall, shiling oil can be a quick solution when you feel ache caused by flu, cough, or bronchitis.

10. Shiling oil can help solve bad breath and remove plague on teeth

Based on experts’ report, eucalyptus oil (which is a part of shiling oil) possesses anti bacterial properties. This property is said to be effective killing all bacteria inside mouth which can cause discomfort, such as bad breath, mouth ulcer or mouth sore, etc.

Other than that, eucalyptus oil can also prevent the formation of plague on teeth and damaged gum, which in turn will prevent tooth decay.

Cautions in Using Shiling Oil

The user of shiling must follow these precautions :

  • Shiling oil can only be used externally. Otherwise, it will be dangerous for the body.
  • User must not use shiling oil on external wound or damaged skin. Otherwise it may be dangerous.
  • Avoid area around the eyes and mucous membrane.