10 Incredible Health Benefits of Goat Penis for Men

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goat penisThe celebration of the big day for Muslims is Eid al Adha identical with the cutting of several types of animals to be sacrificed. One of them is a goat, where there is one part of the goats most targeted by men, namely the health benefits of goat penis. Male goat penis is the most popular food for men. The content of testosterone or male sex hormone in male goats to be the factor that causes the men like it because it is believed to increase sex drive.

Increase sex drive and ability in men. According to Ari Fahrial Syam who is a gastrointestinal consultant from RSCM said that it is not wrong if the torpedo or goat penis can increase sex drive because, in addition to testosterone content, male goat torpedo also contains arginine protein that can increase the nitrous oxide compound. This compound is needed in the erection process.

The content of goat penis you should know is:

  • Protein
  • iron,
  • vitamin B12,
  • phosphorus, and
  • selenium

The benefits you can get by consuming goat penis are:

  1. Replace damaged cells

The high protein present in goat torpedoes has a function as a cell builder. Read this: health benefits of artichoke

  1. Sources of energy are quite large

High calorie, fat and protein content in goat torpedoes is a source of energy needed by the body.

  1. Build muscle

Protein in health benefits of goat penis is the largest compared to other animals. And protein is a very important substance for muscle formation. or you can try health benefits whey protein

  1. Prevents anemia

Iron content in the goat penis is not as much when compared with other goat body parts. Still, the iron found in the goat penis can also prevent the symptoms of anemia.

  1. Boost the immune system

Iron on the goat penis also has a function to help strengthen the body’s immune system so the body is not susceptible to disease.

  1. Ward off free radicals

Free radicals can damage the body’s cells. To overcome this, the body needs antioxidant. And the goat torpedo contains the substance, which is quite a lot of selenium contained in goat meat.

  1. Maintain eye health

The content of vitamin B2 or riboflavin in goats is very good for the eyes health.

  1. Maintain the nervous system

The nervous system in humans is very complex that is very important to maintain so that the health does not become the cause of various diseases. Goat meat contains vitamin B12 which is an essential nutrient for your nervous system.

  1. Good for bone health

High protein in goat torpedoes in addition to functioning as a cell building agent is also an important nutrient intake for bone health. So you will avoid osteoporosis and body problems caused by your bad bones.

  1. High nutrients

High nutrient in the goat penis is important for your body. So, your body will healthier.


Health benefits of goat penis contain high fat. And animal fats usually contain saturated fat and bad cholesterol (Low-Density Lipoprotein) that can become the crust on the blood vessel wall. so do not overdo it in consuming it.