5 Amazing Health Benefits of Kimchi for Pregnancy

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Kimchi is one of the typical foods from South Korea with spicy and sour taste. Kimchi is made from cabbage, chicory and radish fermented with salt, vinegar, garlic, chili and other spices so as to produce a uniqueness when eaten. 

Kimchi is usually suitable to be eaten only with rice or mixed with other foods as the main food companion. Nowadays, there are many people who sell kimchi so it’s easier to find. However, the original kimchi can be found in Korean restaurants or sold online. 

According to Healthline one of the health benefits of kimchi is to lower cholesterol and reduce resistance from insulin in our body. It’s a useful substance in our body with the task of sending glucose to all tissues.

When we maintain high insulin levels for a long time, our body will stop responding normally, resulting in high blood sugar and insulin resistance. In one study, 21 people with prediabetes consumed fresh kimchi or fermentation for eight weeks. 

At the end of the study, those who consumed fermented kimchi experienced a decrease in insulin resistance, blood pressure and weight.

Since it looks delicious and may provide a bunch of benefits, is it actually safe to be consumed by pregnant women?

Is Kimchi Safe to Consume During Pregnancy?

Other than the health benefits of budae jjigae, this special Koren dish is still in question. Due to its spiciness, many doubt that it’ll be safe to be consumed as a snack during pregnancy.

In general, fermented foods such as kimchi are fairly safe for pregnant women. Even nutritionists from Missouri State University’s Biomedical Sciences Department said, fermented foods such as kimchi are safe to consume during pregnancy. 

Although it is safe to consume, pregnant women who eat kimchi need to stick to the principle of not consuming it excessively and need to make sure everything is made hygienically. 

Now that the question has been answered, now what are the health benefits of Kimchi that pregnant women gain?

Health Benefits of Kimchi

  • Smoothens The Digestive System 

Constipation is one of the digestive system problems that often occur in pregnant women. Changes in poor diet as well as hormonal change can interfere with daily activities due to constipation. 

If pregnant women want to smoothen their digestive system, then it is necessary to consume foods or drinks containing probiotics. One of the foods that can be consumed is kimchi. 

Kimchi is a fermented vegetable that contains probiotics as good bacteria that play a role in maintaining the health of the digestive tract so that you can avoid the problematic constipation. 

You need to remember that probiotic bacteria contained in food are able to help the digestive process, so many good nutrients are absorbed into the body effectively. Though it’s good, one more efficient way is to have the health benefits of yogurt.

  • Keeps Your Weight Ideal

Based on LiveStrong, the intake of probiotics contained in kimchi during pregnancy maintains a more ideal weight. 

Please note that pregnant women who consume a variety of probiotic intake are able to reduce the risk of excess weight gain. Probiotics as good bacteria that are also present in kimchi are able to help the body faster to absorb nutrients. 

Not only that, its content is also good for the body, since it can turn food into energy.

  • Reduce The Adverse Effects of Sugar

Pregnant women often have difficulty controlling their diet, especially when they have experienced craving phases. If you have the cravings behavior, you might try to eat foods with high sugar such as pasta, biscuits to bread. 

You should know that a sugar diet during pregnancy needs to be done to prevent the cause of many health problems. Consuming too many foods and drinks with both natural and artificial sugars can increase the risk of preterm birth. 

If you have consumed too much sugar during pregnancy, then it needs to be neutralized with fermented foods such as kimchi. Fermented foods can not only be chosen as a healthy and safe menu for pregnant women, but provide more benefits. 

The bacteria contained in kimchi can help reduce the adverse effects of sugar during pregnancy. Pregnant women do not need to worry because the bacteria in kimchi are able to control sugar and fat levels well.

If you want to eat sweet stuff, you can as well enjoy the health benefits of banana, which is more healthy and contains high nutritional contents.

  • Protects Moms from Diseases

A study from the Missouri State University’s Biomedical Sciences Department said fermented foods such as kimchi have many benefits for mothers and babies. Kimchi has a beneficial source of bacteria, so it is able to maintain health during pregnancy. 

Kimchi containing probiotics is able to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes to suppress preeclampsia in pregnant women. Health disorders that can occur at any age of the womb can be prevented by the presence of probiotics that you can within a portion of kimchi.

If you can’t stand the unique taste, try to combine it with hot rice. It should be way better than before, then just consume it nicely.

  • Helps to Increase Immune System

You need to know that fermented foods consumed during pregnancy can increase the level of nutrients, so that the fetus in the womb can also get the additional nutrients. Kimchi itself is a fermented food that has a high fiber content and low in calories, so it is really good for digestion. 

Kimchi contains a variety of useful vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12 to iron. The vegetables in the kimchi are able to increase endurance. 

Considering that pregnant women need to increase their immune system, the intake of nutrients with probiotic content is very beneficial during pregnancy. Even so, you need to make sure not to consume too much kimchi because it will trigger digestive problems. So, just remember to consume the kimchi only in a reasonable portion. Aside from kimchi, you can also try to have the health benefits of citrus fruit.