6 Pleasing Health Benefits of Beetroot for Pregnancy

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Are there any benefits of beetroot for pregnant women? the answer is, of course, there are. As explained in the benefits of beetroot for diabetes, beetroot is a plant similar to red tubers that come from the family Amaranthaceae-Chenopodiaceae. 

Beetroot is usually consumed by processing it into food or juiced according to taste. In addition to the tubers, it turns out that the leaves from beetroot can be cooked into vegetables that have high nutrition that is very efficacious when consumed by pregnant women.

The shape of beetroot resembles a greenish-red potato, but why is that? because in beetroot there is a content of purple pigment (betasianin) and yellow pigment (betasantin). 

This fruit has a high carbohydrate content but has a protein content so it is suitable for consumption by pregnant women. Without a doubt, beetroot is a healthy root vegetable that is consumed by many people around the world.

The benefits of beetroot for pregnant women are also numerous. If moms are pregnant and crave sweet foods, eating beetroot can be a healthy food choice. Especially, if you do not want to gain weight too drastically due to consuming fattening and not nutritious foods such as sweets or cakes.

Moms are allowed to consume moderate amounts of beetroot during pregnancy. The recommended amount is about two pieces a day. As mentioned in the benefits of beetroot chips, these vegetables are known to have properties such as blood purifiers, detoxification, and revitalizing the body. This fruit can also be consumed raw, cooked, or made healthy juices.

Consuming beetroots are often recommended since they can give you wonderful benefits, such as:

Health Benefits of Beetroot for Pregnancy

1. Controlling Your Metabolism

Similar to the benefits of mesclun salad, the first benefit of beetroot for pregnant women is to control the body’s metabolism. Beetroot has a good potassium content which is very useful to balance electrolytes and is able to control metabolism substantially.

Pregnant women can put beetroot into salad mixtures to make snacks when they’re hungry. This red fruit also helps to control the blood pressure of pregnant women to be more balanced.

This fruit is rich in antioxidants, thus helps optimize the immune system of pregnant women to avoid all kinds of diseases and risks of infection during pregnancy.

Beetroot is very good to be consumed to prevent the risk of anomalies during pregnancy and postpartum. In addition to helping to maintain metabolism and immunity while pregnant, the efficacy of beetroot for postpartum nursing mothers is also unquestionable.

2. Prevents Swelling and Joint Pain

The next benefit of beetroot for pregnant women is to prevent swelling and joint pain. The occurrence of swelling and pain itself during pregnancy is common in pregnant women.

But, it can be minimized by consuming beetroot, since in the beetroot, there is an abundant content of betaine, this content serves as an anti-inflammatory that plays a role to prevent swelling and joint pain.

3. Serves as a Blood Purifier and Prevents Anemia

Furthermore, the benefits of beetroot for pregnant women are as a blood purifier and prevent anemia, so as to avoid the risk of diseases and infections in the fetus.

The rich iron content from beetroot serves to increase hemoglobin in the blood and increase stamina of the body to facilitate the delivery of food to the fetus. When hemoglobin intake in the blood is adequate, it automatically prevents the risk of anemia that often occurs in pregnant women.

How to process beetroot to increase hemoglobin precisely and easily can be done by making a beetroot juice mix. Beetroot does not need to be boiled or heated so that its properties are maintained so that it is easily absorbed by the body.

After the beetroot is cleaned and washed, the beetroot is simply juiced using a blender or mixer and then it can be consumed immediately. You can also find similarities with the benefits of turkey berry.

4. Helps Regulate Sugar Levels

Excess blood sugar content is certainly a problem for the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, the benefits of beetroot for pregnant women that will be discussed next is the function of beetroot to control sugar levels in the blood.

Beetroot contains betalain and neo batanin which serves to increase insulin sensitivity and lower glucose levels in the body. Another content contained in these tubers is a fairly low glycemic content, thus making the conversion of sugar in the blood to be very slow. It makes the process of controlling blood sugar levels easier.

5. Support Fetal Development

Supporting fetal development  is the next benefit of beetroot for pregnant women. Did you know that beetroot has an excellent content for fetal development? In beetroot there is a very high content of vitamins A and E, which serves as an essential nutrient for pregnant women.

The functions of vitamins A and E to support fetal development include the support for eyes, brain, nervous system, cognitive abilities, and many others.

However, pregnant women are advised not to consume too much or too less. Before consuming it, it’s better to consult the glytrician first, so that the benefits of beetroot for pregnant women can be more understood.

6. Good for Digestion

The next benefit of beetroot for pregnant women is to overcome the problem of indigestion, just like the benefits of camote leaves, which can be minimized by consuming foods rich in fiber contained in beetroot.

Fiber content plays a role to help the movement of food that has been digested in the intestine, thus making bowel movements more comfortable and feel smooth, and can prevent constipation and digestive problems.

During pregnancy, pregnant women often experience indigestion. Usually indigestion comes characterized by a sense of nausea and always wanting to burp.

This is normal in pregnant women when they are pregnant in the third trimester. Factors that cause indigestion in pregnant women in general are hormonal changes along with fetal development.