Top 14 List of Fruits from the Rainforest and Health Benefits

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Rainforest is the home of thousands or even millions species of animals and plants; an area which is indicated by heavy rainfall and rich in biodiversity. Rainforest is also well known as the oldest ecosystem on Earth which is beautiful and fascinating at the same time. The location of rainforest which is near the equator is the reasons why this forest is also gifted with millions species of plants and below are just a small portion from the list of fruits from the rainforest and health benefits you should know. The most famous rainforest in the world is Amazon and the lists of fruits below are commonly found in Amazon but quite rare in the rest of the world.

  1. Dragon Fruit

There are two types of dragon fruit, purple dragon fruit and white dragon fruit. Though they are different in the color of the flesh but generally the nutrients contained in both purple and white dragon fruit is similar. The health benefits of purple dragon fruit and white dragon fruit are including excellent source of vitamin C, great source of fiber, essential minerals and antioxidants.

  1. Camu Camu

Camu camu is one of the berry fruit originated from Brazil. The uniqueness of this fruit lies on the super sour flavor, that is why instead of consumed raw, camu camu is commonly consumed as ice cream or sweet. For the health benefits of camu camu, the sour flavor is a strong indication that this fruits is excellent source of all vitamin c benefits.

  1. Marakuya

Don’t mistaken marakuya with the common passion fruit which flavor is sweet and tasty. Marakuya is sour in flavor, so it is not recommended to be eaten raw. Instead, marakuya is excellent when it is mixed as beverages. Marakuya is excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin B complex, iron and fiber.

  1. Acai

Acai or acai berry is a well-known type of berry for its amazing properties as weight loss foods. Acai is originated from Amazon rainforest and containing some potent antioxidants properties that are super helpful in preventing weight gain. Though today the demand of acai berry is increased and commonly consumed in the form of supplement instead of raw.

  1. Bacaba

Besides bacaba, the local is also using the name of kumbu to call this fruit. The appearance is quite unique with dark red to purple shell. This fruit is commonly cooked or made into delicious juice. The health benefits of this juice is good for digestion because is packed with dietary fiber and some essential vitamins.

  1. Cupuacu

Cupuacu is one of the gems of the rainforest because this fruit is only could be found in northern or southern Brazil. The flesh of the fruit has flavor and smell similar to cocoa. Though the fruit could be eaten raw, but cupuacu is commonly consumed in the form of ice cream, jam, sorbet, juices and yoghurts.  Health benefits of cupuacu fruit is including good for digestion and treat stomach pains.

  1. Aguaje

Aguaje is fruit coming from the family of palm tree. If you know salak fruit from Indonesia, the appearance is similar. This fruit is packed with all the health benefits of beta carotene and according to some scientific studies the amount of beta carotene is 10 times higher than the amount found in carrot.

  1. Banana

Who could guess that banana, the most famous fruit around the world, is originated from the tropical rainforest like Amazon? Well, banana is packed with carbohydrate, that is why this fruit is excellent energy booster.

  1. Cocona

Cocona looks like small bell pepper but instead of spicy, the taste is quite bitter. It is one of the Amazonian fruit you should try due to its strange and unique appearance. Aside from that, this fruit is packed with minerals like iron and potassium. The local people prefer to consume it in the form of juice because it tastes better.

  1. Pacay

Besides pacay, this fruit is also well known as ice cream bean. The appearance is like big size bean but the flesh is really creamy and cotton like texture with sweet flavor. The best thing about this fruit is it is excellent source of fiber and like the health benefits of fiber pacay is great for digestive system.

  1. Cacao Fruit

Who doesn’t love chocolate? However, not everyone realize that cacao fruit is the main ingredient of chocolate. The fruit which has scientific name Theobroma cacao is originated from the depth tropical rainforest in South America. The health benefits of cocoa or cacao fruit are rich of antioxidants and great for cholesterol, maintain blood pressure and promote healthy brain.

  1. Mamey Sapote

From afar, mamay sapote looks like melon but as you get closer, it has bright yellow flesh which texture is similar to pumpkin but it has milder and sweeter flavor than pumpkin. This fruit is excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin B6 as well as source of potassium and dietary fiber.

  1. Tumbo

Tumbo is also well known as banana passion fruit which has close relation to passion fruit or marakuya but the shape is similar to banana. Tumbo is not recommended to be consumed raw because the flavor is too tart. However, this fruit is low in calories and excellent source of some essential vitamins like vitamin c, vitamin b and vitamin A.

  1. Noni

The strange look of noni fruit is the reasons why a lot of people doubt about the noni fruits benefits. Noni juice is excellent and natural solution to headache due to its analgesic properties that could act as natural pain-killer. The essential vitamins and minerals found in noni fruit is also great to boost immunity system.

Rainforest is the lung of our Earth, unfortunately due to deforestation of some majors rainforest in the world could lead to situations we’re currently suffering right now from climate chance up to unpredictable weather. Without we know it, the list of fruits from the rainforest and health benefits mentioned above, one day just becomes a list you read, because there is no more exotic fruits from rainforest you could find.