18 Health Benefits of Water Chestnut Flour (#Potassium Source)

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Have you ever heard a name of water chestnut flour? This one is kind of flours made from dried, groundwater chestnuts that belong to Cyperaceae family. It includes the process of boiling, peeling, drying, and make it grounded into the flour. As a result, it becomes a bright white fine powder. It has white, have a crunchy texture and a fresh, and mild taste. Water chestnut flour has been used as a thickener and also used in Asian recipes to make batters for deep-frying. Moreover, water chestnut flour provides the good nutrients and offer the best health benefits. Hence, we have listed the information of health benefits of water chestnut flour below. You can also check on Health Benefits of Horse Chestnut

1. Have Antioxidants

The first health benefit provided by water chestnut flour is the presence of antioxidants. It is based on studies shown that water chestnuts to contain flavonoid antioxidants like catechins, specifically epicatechins. Moreover, the extracts of water chestnut were found to strongly inhibit linoleic acid oxidation and free radicals. Also, water chestnut has a number of useful phenolics including gallic acid and vanillin, hydrocinnamic acids such as ferulic, caffeic, and p-coumaric acids, the flavonoids quercetin and kaempferol, the flavonols apignnin and luteolin, along with catechins and epicatechins. Indeed, this is such a good benefit as antioxidants have a role in protecting the body against free radicals. The greater thing from antioxidant in water chestnut flour is its way to prevent certain health problems including cancer. Excellent, isn’t it? You can also check on Benefits of Tahitian Chestnut

2. Have Antimicrobial Effects

Next, it turns out that water chestnut has antimicrobial effect which comes from an antibiotic compound called “puchin”. As the consequences, it takes part to promote the immune function like penicillin. Then, if you want to protect your body against infection, having water chestnut flour as the thickening ingredient is something that should be taken into account.

3. Source of Fiber

Water chestnut flour provides the source of fiber which is valuable to promote the body health. At this point, fiber plays a major role in promoting digestive health. It contributes to prevent certain digestive problems including constipation and bloating. What is even greater is that the fiber can be a good nutrient for your healthy diet. Besides, to fulfill the fiber nutrient to the body, then you can have other food sources of fiber such as fruits and green leafy vegetables as well.

4. Source of Potassium

Water chestnut provides the good source of potassium which fulfills 10% of the daily recommended value. It is actually about 350 to 360 mg per ½ cup. As a result, potassium in water chestnut flour will be beneficial to support body functions. One of them is to manage the digestion and promote the strong muscle. Thus, if you want to get the best benefits of potassium, then you should consume the great potassium foods including water chestnut flour and lettuce as well.

5. Souce of Carbohydrates

As a matter of fact, water chestnut flour has starchy textures which means it is a rich source of carbohydrates. We know that carbohydrates are such essential nutrients to the body. It promotes the building of energy for sure. Thus, having water chestnut flour to boost the body health is a good way to go.

6. Helps to Lose Weight

Surprisingly, one of the health benefits of water chestnut flour is to manage the body weight. It is due to the presence of good nutrients and low in calories and almost fatless. In fact, a half a cup of water chestnuts contains just 0.1 gram fat which is good for your diet. If you are doing a diet, then adding water chestnut flour as the ingredient will be just good. At this point, it has the fiber and low fat content which is beneficial to lose some weight. Moreover, with the presence of great nutrients in it, then it will enable you to have the healthy diet for sure.

7. Detoxifies Body

Consequently, water chestnut has detoxifying properties which contribute to removing toxins from the body. As a result, it is also beneficial to help beneficial for people suffering from jaundice due to its benefit as an excellent tonic. In this case, Jaundice patients can eat it in raw form or in juice form.

8. Relieves Cough

If you suffer from a cough, then you may choose a tea for the treatment. However, in this case you can use the water chestnut flour to help dealing with this problem. The powder of water chestnuts is able to relieve cough. Then, you can mix the powder with water until it becomes juice and drink it twice a day. Indeed, having a natural remedy from water chestnut is the great way you can do. You can also check on Benefits of Ginger Tea for Cold and Cough

9. Promotes Pregnancy

The next health benefits of water chestnut flour are to promote the pregnancy. It is shown that the flour of water chestnut can treat hypertension during pregnancy and improves fetal growth. At this point, it can be given to a pregnant woman after delivery to check hemorrhage. Moreover, it is also shown that the water chestnut flour takes part to treat miscarriage issues in women as well as promoting mammary gland secretion of milk.

10. Reduces Inflammation

When it comes to inflammation, water chestnut flour is here to help prevent it. Nowadays, people face the inflammation more likely such as bacterial infection and injury. For the solution, water chestnut flour can help you to prevent the inflammation. It helps to eliminate inflammations and blood impurities as well as promoting the flow of blood from wounds. You can also check on Health Benefits of Arnica

11. Heals Wound

The great benefit of water chestnut flour is to speed up the healing process of wound. All you need to do to get this benefits is by applying a paste made from powdered skins of water chestnuts on the swollen areas of the skin for relief.

12. Treats Eczema

It is good to know that the powder of water chestnut mixed with lemon juice can treat one of skin’s disease. At this point, it can help to heal eczema. Then, to get this benefit, you can apply the paste of water chestnut powder to the skin area regularly.

Also, there are other health benefits of water chestnut flour which are:

13. Promotes Thyroid Function

14. Treats Diarrhea

15. Treats Anemia

16. Relieves Nausea

17. Prevents Insomnia

18. Promotes Hair Health

Now, you have known the health benefits of water chestnut flour, then you can try to add this one as the ingredient of your food. Good luck!