Super Health Benefits of Abaca You Must

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Health benefits of abaca are one of the bananaspecies with the Latin name Musa Textilis. This plant is a native plant of thePhilippines which was originally considered a wild plant and can not be usedlike other banana plants. in Indonesia, you can find much Abaca in Kalimantan,Sumatra, and North Sulawesi.Related article: Healthbenefits of Cavendish banana

At first glance, this banana plant looks likea banana plant in general. But what distinguishes it from other banana plantsis the use of Abaca is often used to take fiber. Fiber on the abaca is of highquality so that more and more are cultivating abaca and opening up businessopportunities.

The age of Abaca harvest is also fairly short.Only with a period of one year, Abaca can be harvested. Furthermore, it takes 6to 8 months for the next harvest period. Abaca fiber is obtained at the stem.And abaca plant stems can reach 4 to 8 meters in height. With this height,quite a lot of fiber is produced.More article: Benefitsbanana soap

Uniquely, in one stick the health benefits ofAbaca produce many colors of fiber. This depends on which layer is made intofiber. The outermost layer will produce dark-colored fibers while the innerlayer produces younger colored fibers. the strongest fiber is obtained from theoutermost layer.

Compared to other plant fibers, abaca fiberhas several advantages, including:

  • Outstanding fiber strength

The strength of abaca plantfibers is undoubted. So that many fiber entrepreneurs are interested in openingbusiness opportunities from Abaca. Strong abaca fiber is often used as materialfor making rope. For example, for boat ropes. Read more: Benefitsof banana for constipation

  • Level of flexibility

In terms of flexibility,fiber from Abaca is very good. Flexible but strong. Criteria for quality fiberto produce quality products too. The degree of flexibility of abaca fiber isvery difficult to compare with other fibers. Because abaca fiber is the bestfiber. Related article: Healthbenefits of banana leaves

  • Resistant to damage

Besides strength andflexibility, another advantage possessed by Abaca fibers lies in itsdurability. When tested on saltwater, abaca fiber is not damaged. Whereas inother plant fibers there was significant damage. That way, there is no doubtthat abaca fiber is the most high-quality and highly competitive fiber.

With these qualities, it’s no wonder thatabaca fiber is used as boat straps, cables, fishing lines, fishing nets,carpets, table mats, paper, and many more. Specifically, in the Philippines,the health benefits of abaca fiber are used as a base for traditionalPhilippine clothing. Read more: healthbenefits of baby banana

In Indonesia alone, abaca plants are currentlywidely cultivated. Because many people have seen business opportunities fromabaca plants. As well as being beneficial for producing a variety of qualityproducts, Abaca also contributes to increasing people’s income directly.