Top 12 Healthiest Fruits in India and Health Benefits

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India is one of the countries well known for its traditional culinary. The best thing about Indian’s culinary is the unique flavor which is full of spices and herbs. Not only that the list of healthiest fruits in India and health benefits below will tell you a different side of Indian’s culinary world. Some fruits are totally rare and only could be found in specific regions of India while other fruits are unique and exotic that make you want to taste them, no matter how rare the look of them.

  1. Jungli Jalebi

When talking about the healthiest fruits in India and health benefits, then jungle jalebi is in the top of the list. The unique appearance of jungle jalebi which is consisting of 6 – 10 pods with tasty and sweet edible pulp engulf the tangy seeds which are commonly used to make curry. This fruit is great for oral organs and have been used to treat toothache, gum ailments and even choric diarrhea.

  1. Carambola

Carambole is the Indian name of fruit well known as star fruit. This type of fruit is very common to be found in Asia regions but quite rare to be found outside those regions. The unique appearance of carambole which resembles the star is the reason why this fruit is called star fruit. The bright yellow color of the fruit is the indication that this fruit is packed with vitamin C. Carambola  is also rich of water and fiber, so it is excellent for digestion system.

  1. Buddha’s Hand

Buddah’s hand is also well known as fingered citron. This fruit is coming from the citrus family but lack of pulp and juice. However, just like any fruits from citrus family, buddha’s hand is also packed with vitamin C. The unique appearance of buddha’s hand is the main reason why you should try to taste this fruit if you have a chance. This fruit is commonly used for its aromatic aroma and its zest used for beverages.

  1. Langsah

Langsah is originated from Asia regions like India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The flesh of the fruit is very sweet but be careful with the small seeds which tastes very bitter when chewed. This fruit is packed with vitamin C, thiamine and riboflavin. Langsah is also very low calories so it is excellent for those who are currently in weight loss program carving for tasty weigh loss foods.

  1. Mangustan

The English name of mangustan is mangoesteen; type of fruit commonly found in tropical regions especially south east of Asia. In Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore this fruit is well known as manggis. It has white flesh which is very sweet and tasty, excellent fruit to be consumed during a hot day. As rich of vitamin C, mangustan is excellent fruit to boost immunity system and because of it is also rich of magnesium and potassium, mangusta is one of the foods that lower cholesterol level.

  1. Ambarella

Ambarella is the Indian word for Indian Hog Plum or wild mango. The name wild mango comes from the flavor which is similar to unripe mango with some traces of pineapple flavor when the fruit is ripe. Ambaralla contains potent antioxidants and vitamin C. That is why this fruit is excellent to boost immunity system and optimize the collagen production to promote healthy skin.

  1. Chalta

Chalta is also well known as elephant apple because this fruit is the major source of foods for wild elephant in India. Since elephant is one of the respected animals in India, its foods are also forbidden to be collected from the forest. In other words, only the cultivated fruits could be consumed. So, if you want to taste this fruit, find it in the marketplace and don’t pick one from the forest. This fruit is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are great for human metabolism.

  1. Chakotra

Chakotra is the Indian name of the biggest fruit from citrus family, pomelo. The health benefits of pomelo or chakotra are including good for digestion because it is rich of fiber and the main health benefits of fiber is improving the bowel movement and preventing constipation. Just like any other fruits from citrus family, chakotra is also rich of vitamin C which is excellent to boost immunity system and great for skin.

  1. Karonda

Those who have been suffering from some stomach problems such as constipation, slow digestion or stomach pain could consume karonda to help relieving the symptoms. Karonda contains potent astringent properties to help treating some skin conditions and potent insect repellent. Not only the fruits of karonda; the leaves are also used to treat fever and home remedy to diarrhea.

  1. Bilimbi

Bilimbi is fruit but instead of consumed raw, bilimbi is commonly used in traditional cuisines. The tart and acidic flavor of bilimbi is excellent addition to food with fish as the main ingredients. This fruit is packed with all the vitamin c benefits and as pickles are highly recommended for pregnant mothers to help overcoming the morning sickness symptoms. However, too much bilimbi could affect the gastric in the stomach and causes stomach pain.

  1. Targola

Targola is common fruit found in Asia regions. Especially in India, targola is commonly consumed as a cooling treat during a hot summer day. The jelly-like texture of the seeds is similar to young coconut texture. That is why targola is also well known as sugar palm fruits. Targola is rich of vitamins from vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin B complex. For health benefits, targola is good to treat heat stroke and digestive issue.

  1. Phalsa

Each country must have its own variety of berry and phlasa is also well known as Indian sherbet berries. The sweet and sour flavor of phalsa is the strong indication that this fruit is packed with vitamin C. Besides that, phalsa is also packed with calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. This fruit is perfect choice for summer fruit because the tasty and sweet flavor of the fruit is perfect to prevent dehydration during the hot summary day.

Those are top fourteen of healthiest fruits in India and health benefits of those fruits are something you cannot doubt. Though some of those fruits are quite common to be found around Asia regions which has similar climate like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore such as Mangustan, carambola and langsah but still if you visit India, don’t hesitate to add those fruits to the list of fruits you should taste.