10 Health Benefits of Keluak Fruit for Your Healthy Life

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keluak fruitThe fruit is an original Indonesian fruit that has long been used as ingredients to make delicious dishes such as rawon. The shape of this Health Benefits of Keluak Fruit is oval, the inside is black and has a stinging smell. The Europeans call it false durian because its stinging smell is like a durian in general. The inside of the leg is protected by a hard shell, so if you want to use it should be broken down the first part of the shell. Keluak fruit is very easy to find in the market. And almost all spice shops sell it.

Based on research that has been done, keluak fruit contains nutrients that are useful for the body such as:

  • High cyanide acid
  • Iron ions
  • Vitamin C benefits
  • Beta-carotene
  • Hydnocarpic acid
  • Chaulmoogra acid
  • Gloric acid, and
  • Tanin

Besides as a spice cooking, the benefits you can get by consuming keluak fruit are:

  1. Treat rheumatism

For those of you with rheumatism, this is good for you. Because only by consuming keluak fruit, rheumatism can be treated with orthosiphon aristatus health benefits.

  1. As a sleeping pill

There are substances in the fruit that can cause people to get their sleep easier. If you have insomnia, try to eat the keluak fruit as an alternative to your natural therapies.

  1. Used to launch menstruation

Menstruation is not smooth can cause various other problems such as examples of the occurrence of acne due to dirty blood that is not released through the body. to get a smooth menstruation, you can use the keluak fruit as your natural remedy.

  1. Overcoming high cholesterol

High cholesterol can affect heart disease and some other complications. For that consume the Health Benefits of Keluak Fruit so that your cholesterol can be overcome.

  1. Made as a preservative

This is because the keluak fruit has a natural substance that is used to preserve food. The trick, for every 1 kg of food, add 1 keluak fruit as a preservative.

  1. To clean the wound on the skin

This fruit also can clean the wound on the skin because it is antiseptic

  1. Coconut oil substitute

Who would have thought that keluak fruit could also be substituted for coconut oil? If you can process it into oil, this is a good oil for your health in health benefits of coconut oil for skin and hair.

  1. Can be used to remove ticks

How to mix the keluak with water. Then use the water to shampoo. Let stand for a moment. And rinse thoroughly.

  1. Natural antiseptic

It contains a natural antiseptic that is able to clean wounds from germs and bacteria. You may also read health benefits of tamarind fruit

  1. Natural antioxidants

In fact, the keluak fruit also contains natural antioxidants that are good for you like health benefits eating jaggery. Keep in mind that antioxidants are able to ward off free radicals cause various dangerous diseases.


Although it has many benefits for the body, do not consume Health Benefits of Keluak Fruit in large numbers. Because it contains compounds that can be intoxicating if consumed in excessive amounts.