7 Health Benefits of Smelling Fart (Beyond Expectation)

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For a long time ago we have been looking for the easiest and cheapest stuff that can maintain our health. We have put our trust in some natural things like veggies, herbs, fruits to support our healthy lifestyle. Well, there is one unexpected fact that some researchers have found today about something.

It can give our well-being a healthy boost. Yes, it’s the smell of the fart. The odor that comes out of the incredible process inside our body surprisingly has lots of benefits for our health. Here we discover for you the health benefits of smelling fart we took from the latest research about health benefits of smelling fart

How does it work?

This study of the health benefits of smelling fart has been published in the Medicinal Chemistry Communication journal that also explains how this beyond expectation element works. Just like the health benefits of watching horror movies, smelling farts had some surprising benefits for your health.

Furthermore, Dr. Mark Wood, a researcher of this particular study declared that the natural hydrogen sulfide produced by the body metabolism could, in fact, become a healthcare hero. Furthermore, it has significant implication for future therapies to a variety of diseases. In this case, it is quite same with the health benefits of blood donation.

Actually, the hydrogen sulfide from gas fart helps a lot in decreasing the cell damage that can lead to some diseases. In other words, this kind of gas that in our fart can keep the cell stays alive and healthy inside our body.

Fart Replication

By considering the useful health benefits of smelling the fart, the researchers of this study has even replicated this natural gas into a new compound, called AP39. They have tested the proper amount of the compound to repair the damaged cells. As a result, they found a surprising fact about the health benefits of smelling fart.

Professor Matt Whiteman, another researcher of this study, said that if the stressed cells are treated with AP39, the mitochondria in our cells are protected to ensure the cells stay alive.

However, the large dose of hydrogen sulfide can be harmful or even causing death. But, don’t worry as smelling the low daily fart will not harm you at all. Even though, it can lower the risk of the harmful diseases.

Furthermore, according to the recent study from the University of Exeter in England, the benefits of smelling fart – in short – can prevent the risks of many degenerative and severe disease such as:

1. heart attack

Based on latest research, smelling fart can have a quite same health benefits of garlic to prevent the heart attack.  In this case, the hydrogen sulfide from the fart will decrease the mortality rate of heart cells.

2. cancer

As well as the health benefits of aromatherapy, smelling fart can be your unique aromatherapy to prevent cancer risk. Based on research, the hydrogen sulfide will protect the mitochondria from free radicals. As a result, the cell will more resilient to the carcinogenic substance that caused cancer.

3. stroke

The hydrogen sulfide from the fart will protect the nerve cell from stress. In this case, you will be more immune from the stroke.

4. dementia

Besides reducing the risk of those diseases, the element of fart can also prevent dementia that mostly experienced by the elders. As the nerve cell is being protected by the hydrogen sulfide from the flatulence, your nerve system has a lot longer age. Thus, even though it is not quite polite, smelling the fart is one good way to prevent Alzheimer and dementia for the elders.

5. arthritis

In addition, it can prevent arthritis too as well as the health benefits of anise oil. As the mitochondria in the bone cell are protected by the hydrogen sulfide, your bone will be more immune from degenerative disease such as arthritis.

6. Good for health

So now,  you don’t have to be ‘really upset’ when your fellows in your workplace break some wind next to you. Instead, think about the benefits that you can get from smelling that natural gas.

But wait, this study doesn’t tell you to inappropriately sniff each fart that happens to you though. Just wait for the AP39 to be able to be used. Professor Whitman and Dr. Wood are still working to advance their incredible research.

*) The health benefits of smelling fart study are one of the best research projects that of ‘Ideas for Life’ compilation for University Week in the UK.