Wonderful Health Benefits of Beetroot for Skin and Hair

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As one of the super healthy and tasty vegetables, beetroot has been well known for its medical properties to treat some health conditions. However, not everyone knows about the health benefits of beetroot for skin. Do you know that for healthy and glowing skin and hair, what you need to do is only consuming beetroot regularly? Well, the list below will open your mind that consuming this tasty vegetable regularly is totally a good idea.

  1. Packed with Antioxidants

Antioxidants found in beetroots are like vitamin C, health benefits of vitamin E as well as all the health benefits of beta-carotene. Those combinations are all great to maintain your skin health, hair and overall health.

  1. Prevents Premature Aging

Premature aging occurs in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, acnes and so on. Those conditions are not fatal but effective to make you look older than your age. Consuming beetroot which is rich of antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals are great solution to prevent premature aging.

  1. Removes Dark Spots

Dark spots are one of the signs of premature aging. If they occur is the sign that your body needs more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals more than what you have consumed. To help removing the dark spots you could use the juice of beetroot regularly by applying it directly to the dark spots area.

  1. Protects Skin from the Effects of UV Rays

Though there are a lot of products you could apply to your skin to protect your skin from the worst effect of UV rays but still the natural way is the best way. You could improve your skin health but consuming beetroot or apply the juice of beetroot externally to provide additional protection to your skin.

  1. Reduces Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation is normal and it is one of the ways of your body system to protect your skin from the worst effect of UV rays. However, the problem occurs when the tone is not spreading evenly. Applying the juice of beetroot is not only reducing the skin pigmentation but also making the tone skin better.

  1. Treats Acnes Naturally

There are a lot of factors that could cause acnes and pimples. How to prevent acnes and pimples naturally are by making sure your skin pores are free from properties that could cause the clogging. Beetroot contains active compounds that could help eliminating toxins from your skin and prevent acnes.

  1. Prevents Wrinkles

Wrinkles occur when your skin cells cannot regenerate the cells optimally. The shortcut to keep your skin cells regenerate in optimal way is by consuming foods rich of antioxidants. Moreover, you are not only able to consume beetroot to provide antioxidants from the inside but beetroot also commonly used as face mask to make your skin wrinkles free.

  1. Natural Face Mask

As mentioned in the previous point, beetroot could be made into natural face mask. If you have sensitive skin and cannot find specific product that applicable for your skin type, using beetroot as natural face mask is probably the best solution in this matter.

  1. Reduces Blemishes

Blemishes in your skin could affect your overall look. No matter what, people will take the first impression from your look. Beetroot is excellent to improve your skin tone and reduce blemishes. That is why adding beetroot to your everyday daily menu is highly recommended.

  1. Improves Skin Radiance

The minerals found in beetroot like zinc, selenium and copper are responsible to your skin radiance. Just squeeze the beetroot for its juice and applying it to your skin regularly will improve your skin radiance significantly.

  1. Excellent Source of Vitamin C

Beetroot is packed with all the vitamin C benefits. For skin, vitamin C has essential role and the most prominent role is optimizing the production of collagen. Collagen is active compound to keep your skin young and elastic.

  1. Treats Dry Skin

Not everyone knows that beetroot is actually excellent skin moisturizers. That is why beetroot is also excellent solution to treat dry skin. Just by consuming beetroot regularly or applying the beetroot paste to your skin used as natural skin scrub will keep your skin soft and supple.

  1. May Helpful to Treat Dark Circles

Some people may blame the lack of sleep for dark circles when the fact is there are a lot of factors that could cause dark circles under your eyes, one of them is free radical. Consuming foods rich of antioxidants is the only way to solve this condition.

  1. Natural Skin Detox

Not only your metabolism but also your skin needs to be detoxified regularly. The toxins could be found inside your pores as well which leads to conditions like acnes and pimples.

  1. Get Rid of Cellulite

As mentioned in the previous point, the detoxifying properties contained in beetroot are the reasons why beetroot could help getting rid of cellulite as well. The same properties that eliminate all the toxins from the system.

  1. Kissable Lips

Chopped lips are not only painful but also ruin your overall looks. However, kissable lips will improve your look significantly. While you are enjoying the beetroot juice, don’t hesitate to mix it with some natural scrubs like sea salt or sugar to prevent your lips from being dry and flaky.

  1. Promotes Healthy Scalp

There are a lot of people forget that scalp is also part of skin. If your scalp is in trouble and then it is not the hair you should protect but finding the solution to treat the scalp. Beetroot contains potassium and other essential minerals. Health benefits of potassium are including optimizing the blood circulation the scalp and promote healthy scalp.

  1. Solution to Dandruff

Dandruff occurs when the pores in your scalp cannot breathe normally. You could wash your hair with the juice of beetroot regularly to help getting rid the dandruff and at the same time promoting the scalp help to prevent other conditions.

  1. Prevents Hair Fall

Hair fall case is higher in men than women but it doesn’t mean, women should take this thing lightly. The antioxidants compounds, as well as vitamins E and vitamin C are reasons why beetroot could help preventing the hair fall.

  1. Promotes Hair Growth

As mentioned in the previous point, not only preventing the hair fall, beetroot is also excellent to promote the hair growth. When your scalp is clean and healthy, the growth of hair will be in no trouble.

Beetroot could be cooked into soup, baked into cake or even consumed as tasty juice and beverage mix. Furthermore, there are some varieties of beetroot so you are not going to get bored with this vegetable because there are so many options of recipes you could create with this tasty and healthy vegetable and as the perks, you could get all the health benefits of beetroot for skin, hair and overall health.