Super Health Benefits of Buah Merah

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For you Indonesians, especially Papuans, youare certainly no stranger to the health benefits of red fruit. Because this redfruit is the original fruit of Papua. Papuans used to call it a miracle fruit.Why is that? Because this fruit based on various studies has many healthbenefits.

Latin pandanus conoideus, red fruit containsvarious compounds that are good for our body’s health such as anti-oxidants,fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 9), and various vitamins, tocopherol, and alsocarotene in red fruit. Here we present to you the various benefits of redfruit.

  • Prevent cancer

Antioxidants found in red fruit are very high.Just imagine, the content of tocopherol reaches 11,000 ppm and carotene of7,000 ppm. Both types of compounds are anti-oxidants. Not surprisingly, redfruit is hunted by many people, especially cancer sufferers. Anti-oxidantproven effective against free radicals that make a cell into cancer.

  • Prevents regulation

Several studies have tried to prove theefficacy of this red fruit to treat trade problems, especially intestinalinflammation. Some of the results are satisfying and can even prevent thedevelopment of inflammation of the intestine into colon cancer.

  • Eliminating cholesterol

In our body there are several types of cholesterol,there are HDL, LDL, and triglycerides. LDL and Triglycerides in a certainamount have destructive or bad properties. So it is also called badcholesterol. The health benefits of red fruit are believed to significantlyreduce bad cholesterol in the blood.

  • Prevent diabetes

Tocopherol has also been shown to improvepancreatic performance. The pancreas is an organ that functions to controlblood sugar levels. The instability of blood sugar levels makes a personexperience diabetes. Read more: benefitscloves diabetes

  • Prevent high blood pressure

The content of red fruit works by thinning theblood so that problems such as high blood pressure can be avoided. If you havehigh blood cholesterol so that you have the potential to experience high bloodpressure, the consumption of red fruit can be an alternative natural solution.

  • Maintain eye health

Betacarotene content is quite high in redfruit, very good for eye health in general. This is what causes the generalhealth of the people of Papua better than others because one of them is fond ofconsuming red fruit or benefitsof honey for eyes.

  • Preventing hepatitis B

This type of hepatitis is caused by a viralinfection. Red fruit which is rich in omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids also hasan anti-virus function. The way it works is that it inhibits the formation ofviral lipid membranes so that the virus cannot multiply properly. This is whatmakes red fruit traditional food that can treat and prevent hepatitis B such as irishmoss hepatitis.

In its native area, the health benefits of redfruit are commonly consumed by Papuans directly. Namely with small pieces andimmediately eat it. However, some are boiled or roasted first. The seeds andpulp can also be ground and mixed into one and then filtered to produce a thickred sauce. Currently, the fruit extract can also be used as a food flavoring ornatural food red coloring.