Unpredictable Tulsi for Stomach Ulcer You Must Know

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Tulsi is a sacred plant for Hindus. Thereforeit is usually called the Holy Basil or Vrinda which is the embodiment of thegoddess tulsi (Lakshmi). Tulsi for stomach ulcers is often planted in the yardof a Hindu home because they are usually used for ritual offerings of Vishnu.Besides that, it is used as an essential oil. Read more about the advantage of tulsi: benefits of eating tulsi during pregnancy

At first glance, tulsi is similar to basil.But both have their characteristics. Tulsi has rough leaves. The flowers arepurple like lavender flowers. Besides, the edges of the tulsi leaf are brown.And sweet-scented stems.

Whereas on ordinary basil, the leaves arefine-textured and the flowers are white. The leaves are dark green. And thescent is sharp and spicy.

Then, what are the benefits of tulsi inaddition to tulsi for stomach ulcers? The following explanation!

  • Reducing physical stress

Taking tulsi for stomach ulcers can reducephysical stress, especially in the muscles. Muscle stress can be caused bylifting heavy weights or post-exercise that requires muscle strength. The wayit works is by increasing neurotransmitters and immune responses so thatphysical stress can be reduced. Oryou can try this way: healthbenefits of storytelling for mental health stress reliever

  • Fighting infection

Tulsi has active compounds, anti-bacterial,anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. Tulsi is also used as a mouthwash tofight the bacteria stress which is the cause of tooth decay. The way it worksis the same as aspirin, meloxicam, and serotonin. Maybe you need this alternative medicine: benefitsapple cider vinegar for yeast infections

  • Anti-diabetes and anti-inflammatory

Tulsi has anti-diabetic properties. Becausetulsi leaves can reduce blood glucose levels. Sugar levels that are too highcause the pancreas to become heavier. Besides, tulsi can correct abnormallipids. Try this to relieve yourdiabetes: benefitsof cherry for diabetic patients

  • Maintaining mental health

Tulsi contains active compounds to reduceanxiety and stress by calming the cells in the body and brain. These benefitsare the same as the chemical drug diazepam. Try to do physical activity to improve your mental health in benefitsof physical activity for mental health

Tulsi for stomach ulcer has many benefits foryour health. Tulsi is an herbal plant so it is safe for you to consume and ofcourse without side effects.Don’t forget to do exercise andeat healthy food to improve your body health.