Unpredictable Health Benefits of Veg Korma

Health benefits of veg korma, or in Latin known as the Phoenix dactylifera, is a fruit that thrives in desert regions and is widely known by the public especially the Muslim community. Why is that? Because dates are known as snacks that are recommended by the Prophet to be consumed every day, especially during the month of Ramadan.

Vegetables or date palms have a myriad of health benefits for our bodies. This has been tested through various scientific studies. Kurma contains many compounds needed by the body such as vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Riboflavin and others.

Some of the benefits of veg dates that we summarized from various sources are as follows:

  • Good for dieting

For those of you who are currently on a diet program, there are healthy ways without the negative side effects of your diet. Namely by consuming veg dates. This is because dates contain many carbohydrate compounds and various vitamins, thereby providing a longer full effect but nutritional needs can be fulfilled. Read more about diet: health benefits of thai diet or british diet

  • Good for the digestive system

The digestive system plays a big role in your body’s health. Various diseases usually originate from a poor digestive system. Consuming veg dates keeps your digestive system healthy. A lot of natural fiber in veg dates is one of the factors that cause dates to be very good for your digestive system. Problems such as difficulty defecating and diarrhea will stay away from you. Read more: health benefits of Korean cooking

  • Provides instant energy

Natural sugar levels contained in the Health benefits of veg are quite high, including glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Sugar is one of the compounds known as an energy source. Therefore, consuming dates can provide good physical endurance when we are fasting.

  • Good for bone health

calcium compounds found in veg dates are very closely related to bone health. Calcium is the main substance needed for bone density. Calcium in dates reaches 64 mg / 100 grams.

  • Reducing symptoms of anemia

Veg dates are also known to overcome the problem of iron deficiency or anemia. This is due to the presence of iron content which reaches 1 mg / 100 gram in dates. Thus the formation of red blood cells can be increased, feeling tired and tired due to anemia can be overcome.

  • Increases intelligence potential

Some areas believe that by consuming dates regularly can help improve memory or intelligence. This is true because in veg dates there is about 700 mg of potassium from 100 grams of dates. We already know that potassium is a very good compound for maintaining health and brain function.

The various benefits above you can get if you consume Health benefits of veg date regularly. But also pay attention to the intake of other nutritious foods because something excessive is also not good for the long-term health of your body.