10 Best Health Benefits of African Star Apple During Pregnancy

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african star appleThis one fruit comes from Africa and is mostly consumed by the population of Nigeria, it is a health benefits of African star apple during pregnancy. This fruit thrives in tropical Africa and is known as a nutrient-rich food. Star apple has 4 to 6 seeds in it and forms a star image, therefore this fruit is called star apple.

Here we inform you of the nutrients found in African star apple

With complete nutritional content above, African star apple is very well consumed by pregnant women. Some of the benefits of apple star apple for pregnant women are as follows:

  1. Maintain heart health

A study conducted by the University of Covenant Ogun State in Nigeria shows the fact that the consumption of African star apple can lower blood cholesterol levels that result in a healthy cardiovascular system.

  1. Preventing diabetes during pregnancy

Usually, in some cases women who initially did not have diabetes but post-birth was diabetic. This can be prevented by consuming African star apple because it contains compounds that are hypoglycemic that serves to lower blood sugar levels.

  1. Strengthen the immune system

The vitamin C content found in African star apple has an important role in boosting the immune system.

  1. Free radicals

Antioxidants contained in this fruit can counteract free radical attacks that can cause the emergence of many diseases.

  1. Prevent dehydration

The high water content in star apple can prevent dehydration in pregnant women.

  1. Keep your appetite

Pregnant women will generally experience nausea when they want to eat. This will be fatal for the health of pregnant women and their fetus due to lack of food intake. A slightly sour taste in African star apple is perfect in this situation, making the pregnant woman back her appetite.

  1. Maintain the digestive system

The diverse nutritional content is very good for the digestive system and nutrient consumption of the mother and fetus it contains.

  1. Treating constipation

Constipation is also a common problem in pregnant women. The consumption of African star apple is highly recommended because it is rich in fiber that overcomes constipation problems.

  1. Prevent malaria during pregnancy

Women who are pregnant are usually susceptible to disease, in some areas of malaria-endemic easily infecting pregnant women. Consumption of this fruit is very helpful to prevent malaria because of its abundant nutritional content.

  1. Strengthen the backbone

The greater the age of the womb, the more weight will be borne by the mother’s backbone. Lack of calcium will have adverse effects such as osteoporosis. African star apple has a calcium content that can help strengthen the bones of pregnant women.


You can consume the health benefits of African star apple during pregnancy but still, consume other fruits so that other essential substance needs can be fulfilled and the little one in the stomach can grow and develop well.