Benefits of Jamaican Star Apple for Health

The Jamaican star apple (Chrysophyllum Cainito) is a tropical fruit, or rather plant of the family Sapotaceae. Native to the Greater Antilles and West Indies, star apple trees have since been cultivated in Central and South America to distant tropical regions of Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, star apple is mostly associated with central to […]

10 Best Health Benefits of African Star Apple During Pregnancy

This one fruit comes from Africa and is mostly consumed by the population of Nigeria, it is a health benefits of African star apple during pregnancy. This fruit thrives in tropical Africa and is known as a nutrient-rich food. Star apple has 4 to 6 seeds in it and forms a star image, therefore this […]

36 Health Benefits of Star Apple (No.2 is Unbelievable)

Star apple (Chrysophyllum cainito) is one of the exotic fruits from the family of Sapotaceae and originated from Caribbean but now this fruit is widely cultivated in most of tropical countries. However, it is not type of fruit you could find easily in the grocery stores. The name of star apple comes from the star […]