10 Unpreictable Health Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses for Hair

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blackstrap molassesLiquid texture and tend to be thick and dark color must make anyone who saw will not come to light in mind that there is the value of benefits in it. Though objects called health benefits blackstrap molasses for hair is already reliably able to provide many positive benefits for general hair health. Blackstrap molasses is a by-product of sugar cane processing into sugar, usually considered waste that can not be utilized.

Whereas blackstrap has many important nutritional contents required by our hair. Some of these nutrients are:

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Stimulate hair growth

High vitamin content and minerals in blackstrap molasses are the most important foods needed for hair growth. With the maintenance of hair growth, it will form a thick hair and healthy.

  1. Soften the hair

If you use blackstrap molasses by rubbing them directly on the entire hair from base to tip. Then cover your hair with a head or plastic cover for an hour. Then rinse with clean water, then you will get hair that feels soft.

  1. Eliminate gray hair

Uban is a condition where the hair has lost its pigment. The use of blackstrap molasses helps to repair the hair pigment to its original state. So that gray hair will not look anymore.

  1. Prevent hair loss

Antioxidant content is able to keep hair healthy and avoid the danger of hair loss that usually occurs in us who live in urban areas with high levels of pollution.

  1. A good source of iron for hair

Blackstrap molasses has an iron content which is one of the important compounds in maintaining healthy hair.

Other benefits that can be obtained by consuming blackstrap molasses as follows:

  1. Prevent anemia

As it is known that blackstrap molasses has a considerable amount of iron. Iron is very good to prevent a person experiencing a blood deficiency or commonly known as anemia.

  1. Treatment and prevention of cancer

Based on research in America have found blackstrap molasses quite effective in overcoming the cancer cells in the body. Its antioxidant compounds also work the same way to treat cancer.

  1. Maintain healthy skin

The content of lactic acid in blackstrap molasses has an important role in overcoming skin problems such as acne.

  1. Good for pregnant women

Lack of blood during pregnancy is very potential to cause premature birth. Eating blackstrap molasses-rich in iron is helpful.

  1. Good for healthy bones and teeth

Calcium found in blackstrap molasses is very important in maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Especially if consumed by pregnant women who badly need a high calcium intake during the process of pregnancy.


The best way to consume the health benefits of blackstrap molasses for hair is to pour about two tablespoons into warm water, then drink each morning because that’s when our body needs energy intake. But although it is known to have many benefits, more in-depth research is still needed. Consult the proper way of use and dose to the doctor first before you use it.