10 Unique Health Benefits and Uses of Durian Seeds

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durian seedsDurian, For some people it sounded not only so unusual but the existence of the fruit itself become a major controversy. Health benefits of durian as best energy booster fruits also not known yet around the world. As a fruit growing on a tree, durian can be regarded as large or even huge in size, considering the fruit itself can grow as big as 30 centimeters (12 inch) long and 15 centimeters (6 inch) in diameter, Durian was originated from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Having its name derived from local Malaysian-Indonesian language, “Duri” that means “spike(s)” with additional of suffix “-an” which conclude the naming meaning as “having a lot of spikes”. This naming though is not coming from out of nowhere, but more of the spite image of the exterior of the fruit itself, which has a lot of spikes. It is nominated by the locals as “The King of The Fruit”. Durian is also widely known for its strong smells, for some people a mouth-watering one. It’s a fruit which either you hate it or you love it. But If you delve into its deliciousness you will most likely find it hard to be out of this addictive taste.

Durian seeds have been regarded as a chunk of natural waste.

But, contradictory to what most people believe that such a seed is useless, it is actually has a lot of nutritional value and usability hidden in its hostile rumoured nature.

  1. It holds a high starch content.
    Starch is a complex form carbohydrate. Most of you people must have been familiar with carbs in your daily diets. Carbohydrate contributes the most to our main source of energy. Starch is a type of compound that is classified as high in energy, which result in stuffing our stomach much longer than any other type of carbohydrate. Though there has been a lot of common misconception of starch being fattening, it is not the starch that made us fat but more of the over-consuming of calories regardless of the source. Being high in starch, many of food technologists and scientists consider durian seeds to be a potential candidate for a lot of other food substitute.
  1. It contains fiber.
    Still related to point 1. Starchy food usually carries fibers, which is good for your digestion and might save you from constipation and other digestive problems. Fiber will work well along with probiotics food which also contributes a lot in maintaining a good healthy digestive system.
  1. It is high in Zinc.
    One of the minerals that has been postulated is highly contained in durian seeds is zinc. Zinc hold an important role in our body, acting as a catalyst for more than 100 enzymes in the metabolism.
  1. It is in the market as one of your delicious snacks choices
    Though, it is commonly known that the seeds of durian are toxic while eaten raw it offers a tasty treats when cooked in the right way. It is commonly found as chips in the store. Unfortunately, for people that live in Western Countries it might be difficult to find one. But if you are lucky it might be found in the imported products section of the store/market.
  1. It contains a lot of good essential good oils.
    Fatty content per se, is not sounded very engaging for some. The flesh of durian fruits (aril) contains a lot of fats. Although it is not as enough the seeds are also high in fat. Though, don’t be turn off by fats. A lot of people are avoiding fat because a lot of people think fat only brings bad news to health, such as obesity, atheroschlerosis (typically when you have high cholesterol) which also leads to other complication like hypertension, fatty liver and heart disease. But what is unbeknownst by the commoners are that there are two types of fats (to put it in a simpler term), a good fat and a bad fat. While bad fat (such as saturated fat) only stacks in our liver while they are overloading the capacity. The good fats has other benefits such as binding free radicals that roams in our body while also fighting off the bad fat. In fact, a healthy diet requires you to have more than 50 of good fats (HDL), while you should keep an eye to lower your LDL down to below 200. While good fats usually come from plants like avocado and certain fishes, durian seeds offer a source of such fat too. Fish oil for example, is widely known for this same properties. A lot of patient with bad cholesterol problem is suggested to take it as a source for good cholesterol (Health alert: please take it In moderation. Anything that is excessive was never good for health.)
  1. As glue to stick building materials or household appliance.
    When processed to a pulp, due to its sticky nature, durian seeds can be used as a glue to stick building materials or household appliances.
  1. Dried durian seeds for tablet mixture.
  1. As a substitute for wheat flour. Benefits of durian seeds also used as wheat flour and some countries already use this.
  1. Modified durian seed as adsorbent for the removal of methyl red dye from aqueous solutions.
  1. As an emulsifier for vegan mayonnaise.
    Typically egg yolk has been used as the emulsifier for normal mayonnaise but durian seed gum extract being from plant has been a pretty popular alternative for egg yolk as it is not vegan-friendly.

Additional Informations of Durian Seeds.

Durian seeds are of a rounded or heart shaped nature. Seeds colors ranged from yellowish brown to reddish brown. The suspected culprit of toxic substances contained in an uncooked durian seed are family of cyclopropene fatty acids including stercutic, dihydrosterculic, and mavalic acids. Those substances, while being toxic, are also suspected to be of a carcinogenic nature, which is very bad. Carcinogenic attributes typically noted as the malefactor that cause cancerous disease development later in life. So please, be careful and make sure you consume a cooked or processed durian seeds products!

How to make durian seed flour:

Here is a few more tips and information for you so you could try and have fun making these at home!

  1. Take out the seed and separates it from the aril (flesh of the fruits) nicely.
  2. Wash the seeds until it is clean.
  3. Boiled it for 10 minutes in boiling water. You can use your cooking pot to contain the water and the seeds.
  4. After the boiling is finished, drain the water.
  5. Peel off the skin of the seed and separates it from the insides.
  6. Slice the seeds with 2 to 3 millimeters thickness each.
  7. Sprinkled some salt to the slices.
  8. Remove the mucus.
  9. Then, mix and churn it under a running water until it foams.
  10. Rinse it until the slime is reduced and drained.
  11. Baked the mixture until it dries.
  12. Grind the dried mixture with a grinding machine.
  13. Sieve it to get the durian seed flour.

How to make durian seed chips:

  1. Remove the skin of the durian seeds
  2. Slice it to 2-3 millimeters thickness.
  3. Sprinkled with some salt (in moderation).
  4. Mix and churn it under running water until it foams.
  5. Rinse until the slime is reduced and drained.
  6. Soaked the mixture in spices, such as garlic and salt.
  7. Wait for 10 until 15 minutes.
  8. The pieces are now ready to be fried
  9. Fry each until it is nicely cooked

So , now you know that you know a lot of benefits and uses of durian seeds, don’t be afraid to try some of this delicacy and add it into your diet!