7 Health Benefits of Chinese Black Dates Your Doctor Won’t Tell!

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health benefits of Chinese Black DatesHave you ever heard about Chinese Black Dates? Does jujube or jujyfruits sound familiar to you? Jujube fruit is a native fruit China that has a long history of almost 4.000 years back in China. In China, it is called as Da Zao. You can directly eat this fruit fresh from its trees. It has an apple-like texture and taste that is fresh and delicious

What is Chinese Black Dates?

Different with its red variant, the Chinese Black date has to go through a smoking process to enrich its taste and benefits. Chinese Black Dates, also known as Nan Zao, has a more tonic effect on your body than the red dates as its substances were enhanced through the smoking process.

It works by nourishing the “Qi” in your blood. As a result, your bloodstream circulation will be better than ever with regular consumption. In addition, it also will enhance your sleep quality and cure your insomnia. The black date is also good for postpartum women to restore her energy, stamina, and balance. Furthermore, there are many magnificent benefits of Chinese Black Dates that your doctors won’t tell you, but here we reveal 7 of them just for you.

Benefits of Chinese Black Dates

Meanwhile, the dried Jujube fruit (also known as Chinese Red Dates) is widely used in Chinese medicine.

  1. Prevents and Helps to Cure Cancer

The liquid extract from jujubes is scientifically proven has the potential ability to suppress the cancerous cells. Based on the research at Iranian Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, the jujube extract is able to inhibit the tumor cell growth, especially the leukemia strain. Furthermore, this research also has revealed that jujube has a remarkable ability to diminish tumor cells. It makes jujube fruit become a potential anti-cancerous food the world needed like the health benefits of curcumin.

  1. Cure Your Insomnia Issue

Jujubes especially Chinese Black Date is not only used in traditional Chinese medicine particularly but also it has been acknowledged by Western medicine too. Its seeds have a quite large amount of saponin that is great to stimulate and calm the whole nervous system as well as health benefits of mint leaves.

The saponin substance in Jujube is scientifically proven have an effective hypnotic and sedative effect. It works effectively to help you sleep better. Drink a cup of Chinese Black Date tea tonight and have the best sleeping quality you ever have. No medication needed to get benefits of Chinese Black Dates.

  1. Enhance Your Digestion System

The Chinese Black Dates was traditionally utilized to cure and enhance the digestion system issue. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published a study that proved the effect of Chinese Black Date to enhance the general gastrointestinal system.

It states that a sufficient consumption (approximately 40 mg per day) of Chinese Black Date every day can enhance the general gastrointestinal environment. In addition, with the same amount of consumption, it can reduce the vulnerability of your intestinal mucosa to ammoniac toxic and other dangerous substances.

  1. Helps to Cure Your Chronic Constipation

As mentioned before, the Chinese Black Date has a progressive effect to enhance the general gastrointestinal system. Specifically, it helps to cure your chronic constipation too like the health benefits of hisbiscus tea. As the symptoms of this disease are very susceptible to any chemical medication, the jujube extract seems to be an efficient and safe solution.

  1. Give a Relaxing Effect and Reducing Your Stress

The saponin substances in Chinese Black Date are giving a soothing and relaxing effect just like snail health benefits on your body and mind. That is why the Chinese Black Date is widely used as a medicinal food that works as a natural antidepressant and anti-inflammatory in Traditional Chinese medicine.

A scientific study published in Journal of Ethnopharmacology stated that a lower dose of jujubes extract will have an anti-cancerous effect. Meanwhile, if you use it in a higher dose, you should feel a sedative effect that can reduce your stress.

  1. Natural Source of High Dose Vitamin C

The Chinese Black Date is the natural source of high dose vitamin C and antioxidants as well as health benefits of kiwi fruit that are great for your health. Antioxidants are important nutrients that can inhibit damage inflicted by free radicals. On the other hand, vitamin C is important for your healthy skin and hair. It also will help to heal your injuries and wounds quicker.

A study said that having at least a half cup of Chinese Black Date tea is quite enough to fulfill 100% of your daily needs of vitamin C and antioxidants.

  1. Keep Your Blood Pressure Stays Healthy

Besides its rich substance of vitamin C and antioxidants, the Chinese black date also has a rich substance of potassium. A cup of jujube will fulfill at least 15 % of your daily needs of potassium. Potassium is an excellent substance to keep your blood pressure stays healthy. It helps to maintain your blood vessels stays relax. As a result, the blood pressure and flow will be better.

In this case, if you feel your blood pressure is abnormal, you can just consume Chinese Black Date to help it backs to normal again.