8 Unknown Health Benefits of Baby Octopus for You

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Baby octopus is a common name for a small octopus. It lives in an open sea. It is usually found in rocky areas and caves in the sea. The color is reddish brown or sometimes it is a dark red. Furthermore, this animal is a cool-blooded animal who has enormous content of protein. Not only delicious to consume, there also some health benefits of baby octopus which not many people familiar with.

Baby octopus species are able to adapt in their environment by change their skin color. It also a mechanism to avoid their predator. Even though it has tiny baby shape, the ancestors of octopus might have a huge size. Therefore, ancient octopus sometimes known as the sea monster. The animal are a group of cephalopod. It is a great source of zinc and also rich in vitamin B.

Nutritional Value of Baby Octopus

Below are the nutritional value of 3 oz of Octopus:

  • Calories: 139
  • Proteins: 25g
  • Fats: 1.8g
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • Vitamin B12: 30.6mcg
  • Selenium: 76.2mcg
  • Iron: 8.1mg
  • Copper: 0.6mg
  • Vitamin B6: 0.6mg

Below are some health benefits of baby octopus:

1. Anti cancer

The animal can help the people with deficiency of  vitamin B12. Therefore, it can help to avoid cancer. Cancer cell can be prevented by a routine consume of vitamin B12. Furthermore, it avoid the cancer cell to growth. As a final result, it replace the cancer cell with a new developed cell.

2. Supports growth

Mineral which is a very vital part for the growth of the body is cooper. This mineral can helps to prevent nervous, skeletal and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, consuming the octopus can help to provide enough copper for the body. Hence, it can support the body growth. The deficiency of copper can obstruct the oxygenation of red blood cells. This is the same health benefits of yogurt for toddlers that can benefit to support growth, mainly for the children.

3. Formation of hemoglobin

Another health benefits of baby octopus is to produce iron for the body. Everybody knows that iron is important to produce hemoglobin. Therefore, it helps the formation of red blood cell. Furthermore, it assists to transport oxygen to the entire cells of the body. If people has not enough hemoglobin, they are possibly suffer from anemia. Therefore, the iron is essential part to support a healthy cardiovascular.

4. Brain health

Most of the seafood contain omega 3. It also contain some amount of phosphorus. Hence, this two content is vital for the cells of brain . Therefore, it will help to optimize the brain and avoid the possibility of dementia. It can increase the brain functions and cognitive development. Furthermore, it is good for the children due to its benefit for stimulate the brain growth.

5. Source of Energy

Usually seafood contain many energy to do the daily activities. Including the niacin content in the octopus which can covert the protein content into an energy. Therefore, consuming the octopus will bring fullness sensation and rechargeable energy. The same health benefits of himalayan salt that can produce more energy level to perform the daily activities.

6. Anti-oxidant

Who ever taught that octopus contain taurine. It is an essence that are an important organic acid. Therefore, it can act as an anti-oxidant. The same health benefits of japanese green tea that can be the source of anti-oxidant too. This will help to produce younger look and improve the brain thinking in elderly. Furthermore, it eliminates the risk of free radical.

7. Kidney ailments

The octopus are known to content vitamin B6. As many people know that the health benefits of vitamin B6 is including to maintain the kidney. Therefore, it is good to avoid any kidney disease. It will maintain the good shape of kidney. Furthermore, it is good for kidney ailments.

8. Lowers migraine

The octopus also contain magnesium. It helps to lower down the possibility of migrain experience. Therefore, the health benefits of baby octopus is including to use it as pain shooter. Furthermore, it can lowers headache due to migraine and dizziness.

Recommended Intake of Baby Octopus

To gain the health benefits of baby octopus can be done through several ways. Most of the way is to consume this delicious food. Below are some recommendation on consuming the baby octopus:

  1. Raw eaten, it is common in Japanese restaurant to serve the baby octopus in raw condition. Provide with some dressing that taste a little bit sour and sweet.
  2. Cooked, it is an easy method to consume baby octopus. Cooked it with some margarine for flavour. You may find many recipes for baby octopus from various cuisine.

Side Effects of Baby Octopus

Like any other food, the octopus also have some side effects. It might not a big concern. But however, try to consult with the medical practitioner before consuming the baby octopus. Below are some cautions that shall be noted before consuming the food:

  1. Too many seafood can lead to uric acid. The same way when consuming baby octopus. Therefore, make sure to consume enough portion to avoid this diseases.
  2. This food also a trigger for increasing the cholesterol level. Therefore, do not consume it daily to avoid cardiovascular disease.
  3. People with allergically history can experience swollen, rash and itchiness. Therefore, it is better to avoid consuming this food if having allergically historical.
  4. Pregnant woman suggested not to consume this food too many. Since it can trigger deep vein trombosis to those pregnant woman who has historical of trombosis symptoms.

The octopus is now a popular global food, mainly in Japanese. They typically served with some spice to bring some flavour. When cleaning the octopus, make sure to clean the ink pod. Baby octopus is easy to cook and it has a million uses in the home kitchen. The same as health benefits of sushi which a common raw food with lots of benefit.