12 Health Benefits of Jellyfish – Dried Jellyfish

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What is your favorite seafood, shrimp, fish or scallops? Well, how about jellyfish? Have ever considered eating jellyfish? What most people thought about jellyfish is how dangerous this creature is in some ways. Actually, jellyfish is one of the favorite seafood among the Asians. It is not only tasty but also contains a lot of health benefits of jellyfish.

What Is Jellyfish?

When it comes to species there are vast number of jellyfish species and among them, the most popular one is from species Turritopsis nutricula; a species that never dies. So, some people believe that jellyfish is a key to a longer life. Jellyfish is a remarkable creature you should know more about especially its ability to improve your current health state. Most people may be thinking what kind of health benefits that human could get from a creature which 95% of its form is all water. Well, when you know the list of health benefits of jellyfish you will be surprised how the only the 5% of its form could bring a surprisingly and amazingly benefits for human health.

Nutritional Values of Jellyfish

Since jellyfish is consumed in dried form, so it contains calcium binding proteins that are beneficial to maintain healthy cells, so it is remarkable age-fighting solution and also great for human brain. Jellyfish also contains collagen that keep your skin firm and young, so you don’t need to consume vitamin C so your body could produce collagen because in jellyfish there is ready to use collagen to maintain your beauty. Unlike other types of seafood, jellyfish is cholesterol free. To learn more about its benefits, below is the list of its benefits.

  1. Perfect Food for Weight Loss Diet

Jellyfish is low in calories with only a little trace of carbohydrate, so this food is perfect choice for weight loss foods. Moreover, jellyfish is excellent source of protein to help you maintaining healthy muscle during diet while amino acids help maintaining the continuity of cell regenerations.

  1. Great for Memory

The main benefits of jellyfish is this kind of seafood is good for memory due to the calcium binding protein contained in this remarkable sea creature. Normally, this type of protein is produced by brain itself but the amount will be progressively reduced as you get older but you could get it just by consuming jellyfish.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Several Brain Diseases

As mentioned from the previous point, the same calcium binding protein content found in jellyfish is also good to reduce the risk of several brain diseases which is aging related but also some fatal conditions such as Alzheimer and dementia.

  1. Fights Aged Related Cognitive Decline

Not only good for brain, the calcium binding protein content also good to fight all kinds of aged related cognitive decline because in the brain there is nerve system that should be maintained as well. Consuming jellyfish will help optimizing the cell regeneration in the brain including the nerve system.

  1. Keep Yourself Younger Longer

Jellyfish is one of the immortal creatures due to its ability to fix itself. Well, eating jellyfish is not going to make you immortal but at least eating jellyfish could help you slowing down the aging process.

  1. Excellent Source of Collagen

The reason why jellyfish could keep yourself younger longer as mentioned in the previous point is due to the collagen content found in jellyfish. Normally, human body is producing its own collagen through metabolism process of vitamin c benefits. However, just by consuming jellyfish, you could enjoy collagen rightly from your dinner plate.

  1. Good for Skin Health

One of the main benefits of collagen is good for skin health. Collagen is keeping the elasticity of skin even when you are getting older. Collagen is supporting the skin cell regenerations to keep it firm and young in much longer time.

  1. Used as Cosmetic Ingredients

In cosmetic industry, jellyfish has been used as one of the main cosmetic ingredients due to its collagen content. Jellyfish is a remarkable creature due to its ability to transform all old cells into younger cells.

  1. Good For Heart

As jellyfish is low in calories and carbohydrate but packed with protein and amino acids, so jellyfish is among those foods that are good for heart. It is so unlike other seafood but even if you have heart problem, jellyfish is safe choice of dinner.

  1. Manages Cholesterol Level

Jellyfish is one of the foods that lower cholesterol level and the Chinese have been using jellyfish to help them managing cholesterol level as part of their traditional medicines and home remedies.

  1. Reduces the Risk of High Blood Pressure

One more amazing thing about jellyfish is its ability to reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure. In other words, it could help reducing all the health risk related to high blood pressure such as stroke and heart attack.

  1. Maintains Blood Vessel

As mentioned in point number eleven, the ability of jellyfish in maintaining the blood pressure level is due to its ability prevent hardening of the arteries in order to maintain the health of blood vessel.

Cautions of Jellyfish

Jellyfish is very delicious food but it could be really hazardous. The list below is the reasons why you should be careful when you are about to add jellyfish to your daily diet.

  • Jellyfish is supposed to be consumed in dried form because within hours jellyfish will be easily decayed and decayed jellyfish is very toxics.
  • Dried jellyfish required salt to keep from decaying. Salt contains sodium, though there are a lot of health benefits of sodium but still in excessive amount could be really dangerous. So, it is better to soak it in the water for quite a long time before consuming it to help removing the excessive amount of the salt besides it will make the taste of dried jellyfish crunchier and tastier.
  • Though right now there are a lot of options of supplement claimed to be made from jellyfish is highly recommended for you to have all the benefits of jellyfish through the real food. Moreover, there are a lot of tasty jellyfish recipes you could try yourself because dried jellyfish is very easy to make.

Dried jellyfish is one of the favorite and well known Asian’s foods. The crunchy texture is the reasons why people love it. Jellyfish is commonly added to salads or mixed with vegetables.  Not only that, though most of jellyfish species are dangerous because it contains tentacles with poison but there are some species that are not dangerous at all and surprisingly some people find it so therapeutic to swim with the jellyfish.