12 Absolute Masoor Dal Benefits For Skin, Truly Works!

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Consuming Masoor Dal or red lentils might sound usual. This is because the meal not only brings benefits for the health, but apparently there also some Masoor Dal benefit for skin. Therefore, consume the food for the daily menu will be a good option, mainly for the woman who loves to take care of their beautiful skin.

Masoor Dal is a common meal in India. It even a common soup that served every day and everywhere in India country. While in other countries, people know it as red lentils soup. Not only have a good taste, but it also brings many advantages for blood circulation health.

How to Use Masoor Dal for The Skin Health

Today, people also find that Masoor Dal also good for manage a healthier skin. Therefore, there are several ways to use the meal for this purpose. If want to know further, below are several ways to use the Masoor Dal.

  • Face Mask

Simply mix Masoor Dal together with egg white and milk. Apply this mixture to the clean face surface. Preferable to apply at night before bed. Let it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it with flowing water.

  • Body Scrub

Masoor Dal also can use as a body scrub. Simply mash the ingredients together with some honey and milk. Apply to the clean skin surface before bath. Let it for 5-10 minutes and rinse it well. Apply this once a week for an optimum benefit to the body skin.

  • Daily Consume

Consume Masoor Dal for breakfast also will bring nutrient for the skin from inside. Therefore, it can be a choice for a daily menu.

For more details on the Masoor Dal benefits for skin, check out on below lists of points:

1. Anti Oxidant

Masoor Dal is rich with anti oxidant agent. Therefore, it is one of the best ingredients to help manage to avoid UV light effects into the skin. It also can avoid the free radical effects that lead to early aging sign. The same health benefits of farro that will help as an anti oxidant agent too.

2. Anti Aging

As mention above that this ingredient will manage to avoid early aging signs. Therefore, it will help to avoid the appearance of wrinkles and finelines.

3. Younger Look

Eliminated wrinkle and finelines can work to produce better appearance. Therefore, it can manage to result in a younger look. Furthermore, it will help to perform a more beautiful looking. The same way as the benefits of fruit salad for lunch that will help to produce a younger look and appearance too.

4. Brighter Skin

Wearing Masoor Dal as skin scrub or mask will manage a better skin tone. It will help the skin pigment to increase and result in a brighter skin surface. Therefore, it will make the skin look nice and light.

5. Black Head Removal

Another Masoor Dal benefit for skin is to help to remove the appearance of a black head. Furthermore, it also will manage to remove white head too. Therefore, through a frequent user of Masoor Dal mask, it will generate a clean skin face surface. The same way as the health benefits of black sugar that will manage to help avoid and remove black head too.

6. Avoid Acne

Masoor Dal mask also good to clean the skin pores that usually absorb dirt. Therefore, it also will help to avoid the possibility of experience acne and any blemish. Furthermore, it will manage a healthier skin that free from infection and inflammation.

7. Moisturizer

Masoor Dal also rich in water content. Therefore, it can help the face to feel moisture and content enough water. This is the same way as the benefits of kelp supplements for skin that works to provide moisture content for the skin surface too.

8. Avoid Dryness Skin

When the skin surface is moisture enough, it will free from the possibility of experience any dryness. This will help the skin not too fragile or easy to break. Furthermore, it will help to support a younger look too through a better moisture content of the skin.

9. Tightening Skin

As the ingredients are good to avoid early aging sign, it also will work effectively to tightening the skin surface. It will improve the skin elasticity so that it will look healthy and young. The same way as the benefits of eggshells for skin that will manage to produce a tighten skin condition too.

10. Smooth and Silky Skin

Wearing Masoor Dal scrub or mask frequently will also support to produce a smooth and silky skin condition. It will lead the skin surface to be soft and chewy. Therefore, it will manage the skin impression and help to improve the skin cells too.

11. Fresh Skin

Massor Dal will manage to provide nutrient for the skin so that the skin will look radiant and light. Therefore, it will make the skin look fresh and away from stresses. This is why the ingredients can manage a better skin condition.

12. Avoid Skin Inflammation

Not only look fresh, but it will manage the skin to be healthy and away from any possibility of inflammation. It can manage to avoid acne and further skin diseases such as eczema.

Recommendation of Masoor Dal for Skin Application

Even the ingredient is good for the skin, there are several concern to attend. Therefore, the best is to check on below recommendations:

  • Combine the using of the mask or scrub with consuming healthy food or vitamins. It will bring the best benefit to the skin.
  • Avoid using the mask if experience any allergic reactions such as itchiness or redness skin.
  • Make sure to wash and rinse the face properly after using the mask. Otherwise, it can lead to acne or skin irritation.
  • People with sensitive skin shall consult with the doctor first before wearing the scrub or mask.
  • Do not sleep with wearing the mask as it can lead to skin dryness.

Those all the Masoor Dal benefits for skin. Through proper use and combine with healthy living or food, this ingredient will work well to support a healthier skin. Which is a dream for every woman who cares of a better skin surface. Furthermore, it will bring better skin appearance and make the woman look more beautiful. However, always careful in applying the mask to avoid any unwanted side effects or skin irritation. So that the final result will be as expected and the skin can glowing better.