Find Out Top Health Benefits of Tofu Shirataki Noodles Here!

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Have you ever eaten tofu shirataki noodles? This food offers a good nutrient in it. In fact, it is made from konjac yam root and tofu, making it low in calories but high in fiber as well as omega-3’s. As a matter of fact, the noodles are traditional Japanese noodles that are thin, low-carb and chewy. They are made from a dietary fiber called glucomannan, derived from the konjac root. What is even greater from tofu shirataki noodles is the low amount of calories, only 20 calories per serving. Moreover, tofu shirataki noodles have a slippery texture, but it tastes good. Then, if you are curious about this food, then you can check the health benefits of tofu shirataki noodles below.

1. Provides Fiber

It is known that tofu shirataki noodles contain a good source of fiber. Indeed, this is such good news for them who wish for a healthier body. Consequently, fiber is known as the key to a healthy digestion system. With the presence of fiber, it is believed that the digestion will absorb the nutrient greatly. Moreover, it builds the strong digestion system and helps to prevent digest problem including constipation. Besides, the greater thing from this noodle is the way it can make you feel more full once it hits your stomach. This is due to the presence of glucomannan, the most water-soluble fiber that can absorb water up to 100 times its weight. You can also check on Health Benefits of Fiber

2. Provides Protein

As tofu shirataki noodles made from tofu, then it provides a high source of protein. With protein, our body will work well as it regenerates the broken cell with the new ones. Also, protein helps to build the body muscle and also strengthen the muscle. Not only for that, protein has a role to aid in digestion and keeping the mood upbeat as well. Such the great benefits, right? You can also check on Health Benefits of Indonesian Food that Rich in Carbs and Protein

3. Promotes Weight Loss

Surprisingly, tofu shirataki noodles can help you to promote weight loss. This is linked to the study done in 2008 by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shown that glucomannan can affect the weight loss with the use of this fiber. Not only for that, as tofu shirataki noodles have low calories, then it can help you to promote weight loss. Moreover, it is a must to have a balanced diet by eating fruits and vegetables as well.

4. Reduces Cholesterol

One of the health benefits of tofu shirataki noodles is to reduce cholesterol. It is due to a study done in 1995 by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that there was a 10 percent reduction in cholesterol levels of 70 men after a four-week treatment with glucomannan fiber. Moreover, konjac mannan fiber significantly improved the cholesterol ratios in 11 patients. Thus, what are you waiting for? Add tofu shirataki noodles in your meal for a healthy diet for sure! You can also check on Health Benefits of Beet for Cholesterol with Cautions

5. Regulates Gastrointestinal

The next health benefit of tofu shirataki noodles is to help to regulate gastrointestinally. This is due to the presence of polysaccharides in Glucomannan. As the consequence, it acts as a useful laxative. Moreover, it has a role as a prebiotic that promotes beneficial intestinal bacteria. In the same way, based on a study shown that glucomannan found a 27 percent increase in bowel movement frequency, as well as the improved ease of passage of stool. Hence, tofu shirataki noodles can be a healthy way to improve the digestion.

6. Reduces Blood Sugar

Tofu shirataki noodles offer the benefits of fiber including to reduce blood sugar. Moreover, it also helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels and prevent dangerous spikes and crashes. This is based on a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition shown glucomannan supplementation lowered fasting blood sugar levels by an impressive 23 percent. Hence, for those who want to keep the blood sugar levels under control, then eating tofu shirataki noodles is something that should be taken into account.

7. Control Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that needs the right prevention and medication. In this case, tofu shirataki noodles can help you to deal with this disease. It turns out that Glucomannan reduces glucose levels after you eat, and it likely improves insulin sensitivity. It is also based on a study show that the consumption of glucomannan supplement within 90 days can help blood sugar levels fell by 29 percent. Indeed, having this noodle as a healthy pasta is such a good way for diabetics. You can also check on  Benefits of Indian Kino Tree For Diabetes

8. Promotes Gut Health

Another health benefit provided by tofu shirataki noodles is to promote gut health. This is linked to the presence of dietary fiber found in shirataki noodles functions as a prebiotic. As a result, it can promote beneficial bacteria in your gut, acting as a source of fuel to promote better gut health. Consequently, you can eat this noodle to get better nutrition and healthier body as well. You can also check on Discover The Health Benefits of Tempeh vs Tofu Here!

9. Promotes Healthy Skin

You may think that to achieve the beautiful skin, you need to do natural treatment and eat fruits or vegetables regularly. Then, tofu shirataki noodles can do the same way as it contains glucomannan. This is based on a 2013 study shown that glucomannan may be beneficial as a topical therapy for acne and that it improves overall skin health. Great, isn’t it?

10. Promotes Wound Healing

Moreover, it is known that glucomannan in tofu shirataki noodles can help the body to heal wounds more quickly. This is based on a 2015 study in mice shown that glucomannan supplements may encourage wound healing because of the way they support the immune system.

Tofu shirataki noodles can be the food choice added to your diet. It has low calories and provides fiber in it. This noodle is not the same as the most type of noodles which have approximately 200–220 calories and 40–45 grams of carbohydrates. Then, tofu shirataki noodles can be a great and healthy alternative to regular noodles. Moreover, it is such a good way to combine the noodles with other vegetables for having a healthier meal for sure.