15 Great Dutch Gouda Cheese Health Benefits That Tasteful

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As a product that comes from Gouda, Nederland, this Dutch Gouda cheese health benefits has been known in this country since years ago. Therefore, it is a common that Dutch people consume the cheese for their traditional cuisine. Furthermore, the taste is good enough so that not only consider the benefits, but they also love the taste too.

Currently, the Gouda cheese has been produced in many places. This is to accommodate the world’s demand on the consumption of this kind of cheese. Furthermore, it taste better when blend with many type of meals. Whether salad, casseroles, bread, and many more. For more information on the Dutch Gouda cheese health benefits, see below explanation.

How to Consume Dutch Gouda Cheese

If want to consume the cheese as daily diet, there are a lot of ways to enjoy it. Below are some common lists of how to preserve the cheese in any meals.

  • The cheese can be mix with the salad. So that it can bring optimum benefits.
  • Some people use the cheese for consume spaghetti or lasagna.
  • The cheese also able to consume with bread or casserole.
  • It also a good alternative to consume the cheese as a dessert.

Nutrient Content of Dutch Gouda Cheese

In each one serving size of the cheese, or about 28 gram, will contain below lists of nutrient:

  • 110 calories
  • 9 gram of fat
  • 260mg of sodium
  • 7 gram of protein
  • 200mg of calcium
  • 299mg of vitamin A
  • 155mg of phosphorus
  • 4mg of vitamin B12
  • 1mg of zinc

The details Dutch Gouda cheese health benefits are as mention in below lists:

1. High Calcium

One of the important thing in consume the cheese is that this cheese contain high number of calcium. Therefore, it is a good way to add calcium supply to the body. This is the same mechanism with the health benefits of Bulgarian buttermilk that bring enough calcium supply for the body too.

2. Strength Bone

A good value of calcium will help to manage a better and healthy bone. It can help to increase the bone mass and avoid further bone fractures. Therefore, it will help to provide and maintain a strength bone.

3. Nutrient Supply

Consume the cheese will help to supply various nutrient for the body. Since Dutch Gouda cheese is rich in some vitamins and minerals to support the body development.

4. Avoid Osteoporosis

This cheese also benefit to avoid the osteoporosis symptoms. This is actually the same benefits of turmeric for bones that help to maintain a healthy bone and joint including to manage avoiding osteoporosis possibility.

5. Strength Teeth

Another Dutch Gouda cheese health benefits including to provide a strength teeth. The number of calcium and phosphorus also good to help a healthier teeth and gum.

6. Healthier Lung

Calcium is another minerals that benefit to keep a healthier lung. It will help to optimize the lung capacity including to manage a better oxygen absorb. Furthermore, it is a natural way to manage avoid lung bacteria or viruses.

7. Optimize Hemoglobin

Vitamin B12 inside the cheese can help to optimize the blood formation. Specially to improve the hemoglobin content. Therefore, it can manage to avoid anemia and will work the same way as the benefits homemade sausage that good to increase blood hemoglobin too.

8. Maintain Blood Pressure

Consume the Dutch Gouda cheese will help to maintain the blood pressure. Therefore, it is good for those with hypertension symptoms. Furthermore, it will help to avoid increasing blood pressure too.

9. Better Cardiovascular

The cheese also will help to provide a healthier cardiovascular system. It will help to manage a better cholesterol level inside the blood. Therefore, it can avoid cardiovascular problems including to avoid any possibility of getting blood cod.

10. Improve Muscle

The vitamin and mineral inside the cheese are also good to improve the muscle. Therefore, it will help to produce more muscle mass. Furthermore, it is good to help with strong muscle. This is the same health benefits of herring fish that also work to improve the muscle health too.

11. Healthy Heart

Through its capability in manage a better cardiovascular, it can help to optimize the heart vessel. Therefore, it is another way to maintain a healthy heart and avoid any further heart attack.

12. Better Digestive

Consume Dutch Gouda cheese also good to improve the intestinal bowel movement. It helps with better digest system and help to provide a better digestive. Furthermore, it can manage to avoid any digestive problem, including constipation. 

13. Improve Brain Function

Vitamin B produced from the cheese also good to improve the brain function. Therefore, it helps to promote a better memory. The same benefits of playing sudoku for brain health that also well for memory too.

14. Avoid Cancer

There are several people believes that the cheese is good to avoid cancer. However, this still need further consideration and research. Therefore, it still need to be prove and developed further.

15. Better Immunity

Consume the cheese apparently will help to improve body immune system too. Therefore, it can help to avoid any bacteria or virus infection. Furthermore, it also help with a better sickness relive.

Recommendation of Dutch Gouda Cheese

This food can consider good for the health. However, some possible side effects might be happen. Therefore, for best result of consumption, it is better to see the recommendation below first:

  • Avoid consume this product if having allergy to dairy products. Since the cheese is consider as a dairy product which comes from milk.
  • In case of getting any redness or itchiness after consume it, it will be better to avoid consume the cheese again.
  • Stop consume the cheese if having sudden sickness or nausea, it might be the product is not in good condition anymore.
  • Do not consume in empty stomach since it can lead to upset stomach and also diarrhea.

Those all the Dutch Gouda cheese health benefits that can help to improve the calcium supply and the bone strength too. This is the main reason this cheese is good for children development. Furthermore, it also a delicious ingredients that can mix with many meal. Therefore, it will be a fun way to gain the advantage through various kind of foods. Try it!