7 Secret Health Benefits of German Rock Sugar for Body Treatments

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Do you like to add sugar to your drinks? Can’t drink a tea or coffee without them? Well, some people really like sugar they can’t live without it. But, it’s better to choose a sweetener (either natural or artificial) that is appropriate for you. There are many kinds of sweetener sold in the grocery stores or market.

From the commonly used refined white sugar, natural brown sugar, brown sugar without molasses, sugar cane syrup, to rock candy or rock sugar. In this particular writing, we will provide information you need to know about the health benefits of German rock sugar, a variant of rock sugar.

German rock sugar, and other rock sugar in general, is often used as a substitute for refined sugar and considered to be healthier and less sugary than the white sugar. German rock sugar looks like a large caramel-colored sugar crystal and is hard in texture. These rock sugars are often appear in two colors, clear white and caramel color (pale yellow or dark brown).

But German rock sugar found in market usually caramel-colored. They are packed and sold as crystallized sugar or square-shaped rocks. This type of sweetener contains lesser calories than refined white sugar. Also, due to healthier properties, German rock sugar is proven to have benefits for health. Want to know about those health benefits? Scroll down to find out. (See also : Jackfruit Benefits for Diabetes)


Every 100 g of German rock sugar contains following chemicals :

  • 1.576 kJ (377 kcal) Energy
  • 97.33 g Carbohydrates
  • 96.21 g Sugars
  • 0 g Dietary fiber
  • 0 g Fat
  • 0 g Protein
  • 0.008 mg (1%) Thiamine (B1)
  • 0.007 mg (1%) Riboflavin (B2)
  • 0.082 mg (1%) Niacin (B3)
  • 0.026 mg (2%) Vitamin B6
  • 1 μg (0%) Folate (B9)
  • 85 mg (9%) Calcium
  • 1.91 mg (15%) Iron
  • 29 mg (8%) Magnesium
  • 22 mg (3%) Phosphorus
  • 133 mg (3%) Potassium
  • 0.18 mg (2%) Zinc
  • 1.77 g Water

Those are nutritional values of German rock sugar. As you can see, carbohydrates and sugar is up there with two highest values, and the rest are almost the same composition as refined white sugar. The only differences is German rock sugar contains lesser amount of overall values and missing some chemicals (saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium). (Also read : Jackfruit Benefits Diabetes)

Here are the health benefits of German rock sugar :

1. A good substitute for refined sugar

Many diabetes patients are too traumatized to consume sugar because of its effect on blood sugar level. On the other hand, they still need it to maintain the balance of blood sugar level and as a source of energy.

German rock sugar can be used as an alternative for refined white sugar, because it is the safest sugar for diabetic person and as well as not giving intense reaction to insulin levels. This means the consumption of German rock sugar have minimal effect on blood sugar level, and therefore is not very harmful. But patients still have to consume it under surveillance from the doctor.

2. It cures depression and helps relaxing your mind

If you feel so depressed because of your insecurity and anxiety, you should try a German rock sugar therapy. To perform this therapy you only need a cube of German rock sugar enough to fit in your mouth, then chew it and hold it inside your mouth until it melts.

Hopefully, this therapy will make you feel better, and your mind will be relaxed. Try this until you feel calmer, so you can think straight again. 

3. It can helps to treat hypotension

Hypotension can cause the body to be weaker, zero motivation to do any activity, and if left to certain degree can cause anemia. This blood pressure disease might cause the productivity downhill. If the blood pressure become lower and lower, then you can choose to try German rock sugar.

This rock sugar will become the source of energy which is your body needed to establish the blood circulation. The more energy, the more blood can be effectively transported to every part of the body. (Also read : Health Benefits of Watermelon for Low Blood Pressure)

4. It can acts as a device for therapy

In some first world countries, one of the health benefits of German rock sugar is its role in therapy to accelerate recovery speed right after the patients is declared no longer suffer related diseases. German rock sugar acts as a source of energy that can quickly recover the body post medical treatment.

The reason behind this is the safety of using German rock sugar. It’s safe to use this rock sugar on recovering patients. Surveillances and instructions from the doctor are still important to monitor the dosage of used German rock sugar.

5. It keeps you stay sharp and concentrated throughout the day

If you don’t want to lose your focus during a class or a meeting all-day, consuming German rock sugar can be a good solution for you. This rock sugar is excellent in maintaining the energy used to improve cognitive function of the brain. Without sugar nutrients, your brain won’t work properly. (You may want to read : Health Benefits of Beans and Pulses

6. It is an excellent source of energy for bodily functions

German rock sugar is one of the best sources of energy for body. German rock sugar dissolved in drinks will be easily absorbed by the body and transformed into simpler form of sugar (blood sugar). When this blood sugar or glucose absorbed, the body will release necessary energy to keep you going in your activity.

If you are exhausted, you can use German rock sugar to replenish your energy. You can chew German rock sugar like you do a candy. In fact, this technique has been used by many athlete in their games.

7. It is good for pancreas

German rock sugar has lower values of glycemic index than that of refined white sugar and panela sugar (or usually called jaggery in Western countries). Pancreas is a bodily organ which purpose is to assist the production of insulin. Insulin used by blood cells to convert any kind of sugar that absorbed into the body to energy’s source.

If consumed in effective way, German rock sugar can prevent fatigue and reduce the risk of diabetes. (Recommended article : Health Benefits of Chia Seeds for Diabetes) Thus, German rock sugar can be used safely for daily consumption.


Please keep in mind that, even though German rock sugar is healthier than refined white sugar, it is still sugar. German rock sugar, if consumed carelessly and without proper dosage, might cause the same impact as refined sugars. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the intake of sugars to less than 10% of energy intake. The same can be applied to German rock sugar.