10 Awesome Benefits of Making Your Own Salad Dressing In Simple Ways

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Currently, there are many recipes of salad dressing. This is because apparently, the benefits of making your own salad dressing are quite various. Therefore, people invented their own sauce and expected that this dressing will taste better and be more healthy than the common dressing. Furthermore, every country will have their specialty sauce and has different taste each other. This is why it will be a different dressing among all countries.

Salad dressing can be made of various ingredients too. Start from the light sauce and simply to make up to the spicy taste sauce and difficult to process. Most of the simple person might use instant mayonnaise or olive oil for their daily salad. But some people prefer traditional recipe to bring a better taste of their consuming salad.

How to Make Salad Dressing

There are a few simple steps if you want to create your own dressing. If it is your first time, it is better to follow below simple steps of making classic salad dressing.

  • Prepare all the ingredients in the kitchen table.
  • Prepare a small bowl for the dressing mixture.
  • Mix some ingredients such as olive oil, lemon, salt, and pepper.
  • Make sure to blend it together and add as necessary.
  • Taste the mixture and adjust according to your preference.
  • Pour the dressing on top of your salads.

Nutrients of Salad Dressing

There are many nutrient contents in a salad dressing. Depends on the ingredients. But mostly all the dressing contain fewer calories since most of the ingredients are healthy and nonfatty. For more health benefits of making your own salad dressing, check on below lists of points.

1. Controlled Calories

The first benefit of making the salad dressing on your own way is to help to control your calories. Therefore, by mix your own dressing, you can count on how much calories intake to your body that day. Furthermore, this will bring you a better way of diet. The same benefits of zumba once a week for physical health that also can help you control your calories intake better every day.

2. Healthy Cardiovascular

Another benefit including will help you manage the cardiovascular health of your blood system. The perfect dressing will lead your cholesterol level balance between the HDL and the LDL level. Therefore, it can be another effective way to avoid further cardiovascular problems such as stroke and other similar diseases.

3. Weight Management

A healthy dressing is another way to manage your weight. Especially for those who wish to control the weight or even reduce the weight. Therefore, rather than consume instant dressing, it will be better to create your own dressing. The same way as the health benefits of sabja seds for weight loss that also good to manage your weight better.

4. Hygiene

The benefits of making your own salad dressing including can help to keep optimum hygiene. Therefore, making your own dressing will help you manage the cleanliness and avoid any dirt or unproperly ingredients in your dressing. Mainly avoid the possible bacteria or virus from bad or not fresh ingredients.

5. Better Taste

Yes, creating your own dressing will end up with a better taste. This is because you can mix and adjust the flavor as you like. Therefore, it will guarantee to bring you the best flavor in the world according to your taste. That is why it should be something you try for your own good. The same health benefits of homemade turkey broth that will help you bring a better taste as you expected when consuming something.

6. Avoid Diarrhea

Hygiene food can manage to bring you a healthy digestive too. Therefore, your own dressing that makes in proper step will lead to avoiding any possibility of experience diarrhea. This is why preparing your own dressing is recommended.

7. Wellness

Making the own dressing also will good to preserve you wellness. Healthy food consumption such as healthy salad dressing is a way to manage better food consumption daily. The same way as the health benefits of Russian sage that can help to lead you to wellness.

8. Avoid Sickness

Another advantage of making your own salad dressing is to help you avoid sickness. This is because this habit can help to minimize the possibility of an infected virus or bacteria that comes from your consumed food. Therefore, the hygiene of this activity is a good way to manage your health every day.

9. Handling Stress

Whoever thought that this activity also good at handling stress. Creating food always a fun activity that you will not realize it has made you feel better. Mainly after a long hard day. Try to create and experiment with your dressing recipe will be a fun activity that simple. The same way as the health benefits of popping bubble wrap that also good to manage your stress better.

10. Better Mood

When you release your stress through making the salad dressing, apparently it can automatically bring you a better mood. Therefore, this can be your best activity when feeling bore or unpleasant.

Recommendation to Consume Salad Dressing

There are also a few recommendations when you plan to put some dressing on top of your salad. For the best benefit, make sure to pay attention to below points.

  • Choose a healthy dressing that has no fat such as lemon water or olive oil. Not only bring more benefit for the health but also taste delicious.
  • People with allergy symptoms shall avoid dressing that made of milk or cheese. Such as mayonnaise or cheese sauce. The best is to choose non dairy dressing ingredients.
  • Always pay attention to the expired date of the dressing ingredients. Otherwise, it will bring side effects to the health.
  • Do not over consume the dressing, consume as necessary only. Otherwise, it can bring effects that will be not good for your health.

Those all the benefits of making your own salad dressing. However, prepare your own dressing can be much healthier rather than the instant dressing available in the department store. Therefore, try to mix some ingredients together for the dressing of your salad every day. Furthermore, it will taste better and can adjust as you like. So that it will bring you the taste as you wish and also bring you optimum health benefit as expected.