Health Benefits of Homemade Turkey Broth

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is d09ef78e-homemade-turkey-broth.jpgDue to its tremendous benefits bone broth is now a trend. People start to keep the bones from their turkey because they now realize how amazing them when turned into broth. Turkey broths is more than just healthy, but tasty at the same time since it has been long used as the key of fine flavor in cuisine.

If you finish making your turkey sandwich because you know there are some health benefits of turkey sandwich to reap, don’t throw away the bones to make another good food.

Turkey Broth Nutrition Value

  • Protein 1.6g
  • Cholesterol 5mg
  • Monounsaturated Fat 0.1g
  • Carbohydrates 1.1g
  • Potassium 45mg

From the list above it’s clear that turkey broth is low in cholesterol and fat, it even doesnt contain any saturated fat. It is low in four components: calorie, carbohydrates, fat and cholesterol. That’s why it is the best food to eat if you want to stay in shape without having to sacrifice the taste.

Homemade Turkey Broth Benefits

Keeping Your Skin Young

Instead of taking collagen supplement that might danger your health, now you can try a better, healthier treatment for your skin; turkey bone broth. Collagen from the turkey broth maintains the youth of your skin and your joints as well without the side effects carried by collagen supplements. Moreover, one of the amazing health benefits of bone marrow is the high content of collagen, which means you can find this benefit from your homemade turkey broth too.

Supporting Healthy Bones

You can keep your bones healthy using bones, simply by sipping the broth from your bowl since turkey bones contain magnesium, phosphorus and calcium that your bones need. 

Aiding Detoxification

Adding some ingredients like garlic and vegetable to your turkey bone broth will not only enhance the flavor, but also improving the health benefits. Sulphur from the garlic that comes in the broth can help detoxification. Learn the health benefits eating fresh garlic and you will find that helping the body to detox is one of them. This process is very essential because your body is exposed to chemicals, toxins and artificial ingredients everyday.

Being the Gut’s Good Friend

Turkey broth is everyone’s gut good friend because of one reason; it’s very easy to break down. It’s extremely soothing to your digestive system and it doesnt burden the gut at all. The Best part about all of this is your body is able absorbing all nutrients in the turkey broth.

Addressing Osteoarthritis Symptomps

Since bone broth is rich in collagen, it can aid addressing the symptoms of osteoarthtiris including stiffness and pain. The full-packaged nutrients in bone broth like iron, zinc and vitamins are the bonus.

Aiding Weight Loss

Need something to make you full without having to add more calories? turkey bone broth is the answer. Being low in calorie and fat, but high in protein makes turkey broth a perfect weight loss treat. To make it even more satisfying, use to make a soup by incorporating some healthy vegetables. 

Turkey Broth Recommendation Intake

Just because turkey broth is natural doesn’t mean you can drink it as much as possible. Moderate consumption is required. Just once or twice a week is best.


The trend of bone broth as a miracle food makes people forget that it also has some side effects to your body. Even if you have made your own homemade turkey broth and leave out the processed one doesn’t mean you have done enough. Brewing bone broth need 2 to 3 days to let all the nutrition come out.

The longer the process, the more glutamic created. Glutamic acid dangers your health and this is why bone broth consumption should be put into limit for only once or twice a week. The solution is actually to let your broth simmer shorter about 2 to 3 hours only. The process might not let all the nutrition come out completely, but this is at least easier to digest. To make your turkey bone broth healthier, watch out the amount of salt put into it since it contains sodium. You can actually add a very little amount of monosium glutamat, but not adding it is much better.

If you want to make another type of bone broth, try using chicken feet could be a good idea. The Health benefits of chicken feet are abundant and you can enjoy the good flavor as well. You can also try eating Vietnamese sandwich for lunch to later use the bones for making homemade broth since there are amazing health benefits of Vietnamese sandwich that makes this food a good option to put in your daily meals.