10 Health Benefits Of Green Tea And Cranberry Mixture

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When we think about green tea, first thing comes to our mind is the health benefits. Besides, people also love green tea for its mild taste, relaxing aroma, and the refreshing sensation. But when we talk about the health benefits, we cannot dismiss the power of green tea for losing weight.

We can also able to easily get the diet green tea brand such Lipton as it gives Health Benefits of Lipton Diet Green Tea for Weight Loss .The health benefits of green tea has been acknowledge in any part of the world, as the herbal medication and supplement with ample of antioxidant. Regarding to the health benefits, people sue green tea in any kind of health product such as lotion, aromatherapy, and beverage. However, the beverage is still the most favorite green tea product.

Today, we can find more varied green tea beverage. For example, we can easily fetch lemon green from the minimarket shelf and have the Health Benefits of Lemon in Green Tea, because indeed, the two doing a better job when they are together. In this article, we are going to discuss about another variation of green tea product with its benefits. Well, we are going to get down about the health benefits of green tea and cranberry. As we know, cranberry is prized with the high vitamin C content which make the List of Superfoods and Health Benefits You Should Know. So, what health benefits do you expect from the combination of two superpower natural ingredients?

Nutritional information Of Green Tea and Cranberry

Although you can prepare a freshly green tea and cranberry combination using green tea packs and cranberry juice, we can easily grab the combined tea available at store. One of the most popular brand of cranberry green tea is Twinning’s of London green tea with cranberry. And the health benefits of green tea and cranberry are derived from the nutrition as listed below:

  • Calories 3.485
  • Saturated fat 47 9
  • Polyunsaturated fat 9 g
  • Monounsaturated fat 34 g
  • Cholesterol 900 mg
  • Sodium 8.112 mg
  • Potassium 1.162 mg
  • Dietary fiber 13 g
  • Sugar 20 g
  • Protein 291 g
  • Vitamin A 44%
  • Vitamin C 58%
  • Calcium 44%
  • Iron 68 %

The nutrition values above can be obtained from each bag of tea.

The Health Benefits of Green Tea and Cranberry

  1. Lose weight

One and the most intention of people taking the green tea are for the Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea on An Empty Stomach for Weight Loss. But do you know that the combination of green tea and cranberry can also perform a good job in losing weight. The tea is very helpful in burning exceeding fat as the organic acids contained in cranberry multiply the health benefits of green tea in losing weight.

  1. Treat UTI

One of the important health benefits of green tea and cranberry is the ability in treating UTI. UTI or urinary tract infection is the infection which involves kidney, bladder, and urethra. One of the factors causing UTI is the growing microbes because of the bad urine flow. In this case, green tea and cranberry give a hand in promoting urination, which enable the body to optimally flush the toxins and unwanted components through urine along the urinary track.

  1. Flush toxins

The ability of green tea and cranberry in promoting urination is also aid to the detoxification process. Drinking green tea and cranberry is able to flush the toxins within the liver, kidney, and lymph while improve the function of the organs. The action will surely improve the overall health. However, we need to note that the moderate consumption is recommended despite the health benefits of green tea and cranberry.

  1. Prevent gingivitis

The high level of vitamin C in cranberry and the ability of green tea to perform as anti-inflammatory property enable the combination of green tea and cranberry to maintain the oral health. One of the health benefits of green tea and cranberry is the powerful ability in preventing gingivitis or the inflamed gum because of bacteria and the lack of vitamin C. 

  1. Prevent cancer

Green tea is well-known for its antioxidant content, just like Health Benefits of Olive Leaves Tea. As we know, antioxidant is the best warrior to fight free radicals as the main culprit of cancer for a long time. In this case, green tea and cranberry can provide the good amount of antioxidant to prevent cancer. Especially with the extra help of cranberry which is also enriched with ample of antioxidant. A certain research reported that green tea and cranberry is effective in prevent and treating early stage of breast cancer and stomach cancer.

  1. Prevent cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases can be caused by many factors. One of the factors is the level of bad cholesterol within the body. In this case, green tea and cranberry can be thee excellent help in reducing the bad cholesterol which further prevent the cardiovascular diseases such stroke, coronary heart, and heart attack.

  1. Support liver function

Cranberry itself is known to excellently improve the function of liver. In addition, the green tea as the healthy natural agent will improve the health while make sure the liver work properly according to its function.

  1. Relieve menstrual pain

Green tea and cranberry is known to be able releasing hormone which suppress the pain. Therefore, taking some cups of green tea and cranberry will ease the pain during your period instead of taking chemical pain killer. You know, women suffer from headache, stomach cramp and painful waist during the menstruation.

  1. Energizing

Based on the data from the nutrition fact, we can see that green tea and cranberry contain quite high amount of sugar. In addition, the high dietary fiber is able to provide energy. Therefore, green tea and cranberry beverage will be a perfect workout beverage as it is able to both refreshing and energizing.

  1. Increase metabolism

An adult is able to drink up to three cups of green tea and cranberry drink everyday to maintain the overall health. The beverage is able to instantly increase the metabolism within the body.

  1. Relaxing

The ability of green tea to soothe our mind has been widely acknowledged. Green tea is able to release the hormone which effectively soothes our mind. Further, the freshness of cranberry will add the quality of the relaxing aroma and the mild flavor of green tea and cranberry drink. 

Precautions in Consuming Green Tea and Cranberry

Besides the health benefits of green tea and cranberry, you should consider some side effect might appear such as:

  • Kidney stones

Cranberry in green tea and cranberry pack contains high level of oxalate. Oxalate is the component forms kidney stones. Therefore, the consumption of this beverage should be maintained moderate.

  • Stomach disturbance

The excessive consumption of green tea and cranberry can cause some stomach disturbance such diarrhea, stomach ache, and gastrointestinal distress. It is possible since the light amount of caffeine and high concentration of vitamin C in green tea and cranberry can increase acidity within the digestive organs.

  • Allergy

Cranberry contains sallicyc acids which effective to perform as pain killer just like in aspirin. Therefore, people who tend to be allergic to aspirin e s=may not consume the green tea and cranberry beverage since it may perform the same effect as consuming aspirin. It is also better for pregnant and breast feeding mother to avoid consuming the beverage.

Recommendation in Preparing Green Tea and Cranberry

Although we can simply grab the green tea and cranberry tea bags from the supermarket or the herbal store, we can also make the beverage by ourselves. Here are what we need to do to prepare a homemade green tea and cranberry drink. First, we can prepare concentrate cranberry juice. Next, we need to sit some tea bags in boiled water for some minutes. When the green tea is ready, we can pour the cranberry juice. Add some ice cubes to give you the refreshing cool drink with good health benefits of green tea and cranberry.