15 Unexpected Health Benefits of Yogi Tea

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Yogi teaYogi tea is a traditional drink that is often served by yoga practitioners at the spa or meditation yoga. This traditional tea drink is basically a tea with a mixture of various spices, so it warms and nourishes the body. Yogi tea has become part of Ayurveda or yoga practice, especially since the content of the spices in it can give healing effect. Now, not only the yogis who can enjoy this spice tea.

With the ingredients of spices in it, yogi tea has several health benefits, such as detoxification, digestion, relaxation of muscles and body, and also as a healer and traditional medicine. Yogi tea itself was introduced from North India and America in 1960. This tea is usually served after the practice of yoga so it can calm and improve health. This tea is also known by the name of chai in America. Tea yogi is also much preferred because of the aroma of spices and health benefits of yogi tea very much.

Nutritional content of Yogi tea!

The Yogi tea contains a natural nutritional content consisting of Indian root sarsaparilla, cinnamon bark, ginger, licorice root, burdock root, dandelion root, cardamom pod, cloves, black pepper, and more. This mixture is also naturally free of caffeine and contains most of the organic material.

Health benefits of Yogi tea!

Yogi tea has several kinds, for example, Yogi tea also provides green tea and other herbal teas. The green tea provided by Yogi tea has a high antioxidant content that offers many health benefits to the body. Some of the benefits of green tea by Yogi tea are to prevent atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and liver disease and to help weight loss as described by the University of Maryland Medical Center. Some herbal teas provided by Yogi tea will also provide health benefits for you.

  1. Kombucha Green Tea

Kombucha Green tea from Yogi tea has the benefit of boosting your immune system to become stronger, being a powerful body detox and helping to overcome fatigue. Kombucha comes from healthy microorganisms that have detoxification properties as a major benefit. Based on research conducted by Dr. Rudolf Sklenar, kombucha has been shown to overcome many chronic diseases such as kidney stones, obesity, constipation and cancer in its early stages effectively.

  1. Goji Berry Green Tea

Goji Berry tea from Yogi tea supports the health of the liver, the immune system and expands your circulation. Goji berry is believed to be one source of foods rich in antioxidants and has a vitamin C 500 times of oranges. When green tea and goji berry tea from Yogi tea are combined, this two tea will combat chronic diseases potentially.

  1. Berry DeTox

Like the name it holds, DeTox tea from Yogi tea has a role in helping the detoxification process of your body. The nutritional content comes from the rhubarb root and yellow dock that helps the liver and colon to get rid of toxins and other impurities from your body. Acai berry contained in this tea is also a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals in your body.

  1. Ginger

Herbal tea Ginger from Yogi tea has a function to help improve your digestion. Ginger tea from Yogi Tea is not only used to help digestion but also can reduce the feeling of nausea due to motion sickness, pregnancy, and chemotherapy. This herbal ginger tea also acts as an anti-inflammatory that can help overcome your arthritis. Read also Benefits of Ginger For Health.

Not just based on the types of herbal teas provided Yogi tea, actually, the actual benefits of Yogi tea derived from ingredients for Yogi tea recipe itself. Below are the ingredients of Yogi tea as well as its benefits:

  1. Juniper Berries

Throughout the world, juniper berries have been used since ancient times to address such things as congestive heart failure, menstrual pain, and to help with labor. DeTox tea from Yogi tea containing juniper berries has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Historically, berries have also been used to treat urinary tract infections.

  1. Burdock Root

In some areas such as Asia, Europe, and North America, burdock has been used therapeutically for centuries. This encourages digestion to work more smoothly and can be used to treat kidney and liver disease. The compounds found in these roots contain antidiabetes and antioxidants, thus helping to improve blood circulation on the surface of the skin that affects the improvement of skin texture and helps prevent eczema that has been proven by the study.

  1. Dandelion

Dandelion is believed to be a medicinal plant. Dandelion is a natural diuretic with its antioxidant properties, used to treat liver, kidney, and spleen problems. Another commonly recognized dandelion benefit is that it can help improve digestion or be used as a laxative. In addition, the dried flower itself can act as an appetite stimulant. Read also Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea.

  1. Black pepper

Obviously, there are many Benefits of Black Pepper. Black pepper is used to improve the digestive system better and has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits as described by researchers in India.

  1. Phellodendron Skin

Some of the health risks of stress are able to increase the risk of autoimmune diseases, as well as diabetes, depression, and obesity that have been proven by research. Stress greatly affects the health of the body. For that, in order to maintain the healthy body, you also need to maintain your mental/mind health. Phellodendron’s skin according to a study useful in reducing stress and anxiety, also overcome fatigue.

Other health benefits of Yogi tea based on the ingredients:

  1. Cardamom – useful for cleansing the airways, reduces indigestion, stimulates appetite and reduces nausea. You need to know the complete information about Health Benefits of Cardamom.
  2. Cinnamon – some of the Health Benefits of Cinnamon are helped circulation and overcomes back pain, stops hiccups, and soothes the stomach.
  3. Clove – has antiseptic properties that are useful for overcoming sore throat and cough.
  4. Ginger – useful to overcome a cough, colds, flu and digestive problems. According to Ayurveda, ginger is also used in the treatment of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis.
  5. Yogi tea can speed up the body’s metabolism so it is beneficial to lose weight.
  6. Yogi tea is also used to prevent cancer because it has a high antioxidant content.

Those are some of the health benefits offered by Yogi tea. As explained above, basically Yogi tea offers health for your whole body.