10 Beauty Benefits of Coffee Soap for Skin Treatments

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Who here isn’t familiar with coffee? It is the black coloured drink famed and enjoyed by millions across the world. This beverage is regarded for increasing one’s body capability to stay awake for a longer period of time, therefore making it the primary choice for people who are supposed to be on duty late at night, such as security who guard houses from thieves, workers doing the night shift, or chasing after deadlines.

The coffee that we enjoy is extracted from the seeds of the coffee plant. The seeds are milled, roasted until it transforms into powder or granules. It’s the granules that we brew with water in order to make the coffee that we consume every day.

Aside from its role as a beverage coffee is also known to be beneficial for the skin. There are lots of coffee recipes, formulas on the internet, books, or spread from mouth to mouth for skincare. It comes in common skincare products such as body scrub, or facial maskers.

It becomes possible thanks to its ample content of caffeine, fruity acids, potassium, iron, magnesium, fatty alkaloids, as well as organic acids. Because of that we are able to find various coffee-based skincare or beauty products such as coffee body scrubs, coffee soaps, and more from a wide range of brands. Here are also some good-to-know benefits coffee scrub skin.

What’s on Coffee Soap?

Now we are discussing about coffee soaps and what goodness it does for the skin. As its name suggests coffee soap is made of coffee. To enhance its benefits producers normally add other natural ingredients such as palm oil, coconut oil or even olive oil.

According to research palm oil contains lauric acid, vitamin A and E that is of course healthy for the skin which makes the addition of this type of oil inside coffee soap an even better choice for the skin. This is especially true for reducing skin damages made by pollution or excessive sunlight, in which is done by regenerating skin cells while avoiding oxidation.

The other natural ingredient commonly found in coffee soaps is coconut oil. Coconut oil has been utilized for a long time for skincare in order to moisturize as well as tighten the skin. Here are also the health benefits of coconut oil for hair and skin.

The other ingredient that is also as good as the two above is olive oil which we also normally see in skincare products. Olive oil has antioxidant effects which is believed to slow the skin from signs of aging. Aside from that olive oil is also able to protect the skin from inflammation. By the way, what are the benefits of taking olive oil daily?

Here are the benefits of coffee soap for skin:

1. Lifts Dead Skin Cells

Our skin cells have similar life cycle to those of us human. At times it dies out and gets replaced by new ones. There are some that decays on their own while others have to be removed by ourselves. We can remove dead skin cells manually by a facial wash or scrub.

Otherwise, dead skin cells will pile up and cause our skin to get dry, dull and acne prone. Coffee soap is one beauty product that comes as a solution for lifting dead skin cells so that our skin gets luminously clean.

2. Reduces Dark Spots, Dirt plus Acne Scars

Having a clean and spotless free face is everyone’s idea of a beautiful face, especially for women. Coffee and other natural ingredients such as palm oil inside it is perfect for removing dark spots, dirt as well as acne scars to accomplish the ideally clean face. Talking about acne, these are also some effective ways on how to get rid of acne.

3. Reduces Skin Inflammation and Irritation

Coffee soap also turns out to be a good solution for various skin irritation and inflammation, which is signaled by rashes, skin redness, sore skin, etc. It usually comes out as a result of heat, air moisture, allergies caused by chemicals or ingredients inside a facial wash, food allergies or even insect bite. Coffee and olive oil inside coffee soap is very useful to prevent this from happening.

4. Eliminates Body Odor

Coffee has its own distinct aroma. Not only the drink, various coffee-based skin products also share the same scent. The same thing goes for coffee soap. Using coffee soap as an alternative to liquid or bar soap helps to eliminate body odor.

5. Promotes Healthy, Bright, Moist as well as Soft Skin

Coffee soap have the natural ingredients to moisture skin and make it look glow and healthy. That’s the benefits of coffee soap for skin.

6. Helps Reducing Eye Bags

Eye Bags ruins facial aesthetics. Even if your face is all set, eye bags still ruins the overall appearance. The coffee soap can be used to get rid of this problem. It repairs and maintains the vulnerably thin skin underneath the eyes so that you are free from the so-called “panda eyes”. 

7. Reduces Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Coffee soap also works in managing cellulite and stretch marks that ruins your appearance. Caffeine inside the soap destroys the fat layers that presses blood arteries, which causes cellulite.

8. Shields the Skin from UVA and UVB

Sunlight is one of the most vital sources of energy. But at the same time our body is prone to solar radiation, such as UVA and UVB when excessively exposed to. To make things worse, ozone layers have thinned down and make sunlight that reaches Earth unfiltered plus hazardous. That’s why it is important for us to protect our skins from UVA as well as UVB, one of them is through the use of coffee soaps.

As you can see those are how useful coffee soap is for the protection and maintenance of our face plus body. Instead of using ordinary soap which has the potential of drying up the skin its better to use coffee soap. In the market there are lots of varieties to choose from, depending on our specific needs.

To enjoy maximum benefit of coffee soap for skin it is recommended to get those that have been certified by Indonesian Food and Drug Regulatory Body, in which their safety is guaranteed. Last but not least, here are also other benefits of coffee for skin and hair.