Powerful Health Benefits of Osmanthus Tea

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Osmanthus tea are teas that are made of osmanthus flowers. For those who are unfamiliar, osmanthus plants are native to Asia ranging from Himalayas, China, Southeast Asia, to Japan. However, they are also cultivated as ornamental plants all around the world.

The flowers are so fragrant, with a scent relatable to that of peaches or benefits of apricots. No wonder that in China, the flowers can also be infused into health benefits of green tea for joint pain or black tea to create a tea with such a wonderful aroma. Anyway, what are the amazing health benefits of osmanthus tea?

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Osmanthus Tea Reduces Oxidative Stress

First, osmanthus tea reduces oxidative stress by providing a mild sedative effect in order for the mind to relax and the brain to improve its function. And second, according to a study published in “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine,”they also reduce oxidative stress in animals.

  1. Osmanthus Tea Reduces Phlegm plus Stasis

Another study published in the same magazine mentioned above also states that osmanthus flowrs reduce phlegm and stasis in animals. Stasis is the stoppage in the flow of blood and other bodily fluids.

  1. Osmanthus Tea for Allergy Treatment

Osmanthus tea has anti-allergic agents, which makes it possible to reduce congestion and mucus inside the throat.

  1. Osmanthus Tea Alleviates Abdominal Pain

Osmanthus tea is able to alleviate pain that occurs around the abdomen, such as stomach aches and menstrual pain. In addition to that, it improves digestion, treat intestinal diseases, how to prevent diarrhea, bloating, and also stomach gas.

  1. Osmanthus Tea Detoxifies

Osmanthus flower tea naturally helps the body remove toxins present in the kidneys and liver. In fact in traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese tea is used as a strong cleansing agent for this purpose! That’s why with the help of osmanthus tea, one can keep their liver, symptoms of kidney stones and endocrine system at the healthiest condition.

  1. Osmanthus Tea Fights Cancer Causing Free Radicals

It is no secret that free radicals are the primary cause to cancer. According to the study published in the “Journal of Functional Foods”, osmanthus has a decent amount of phenolic acid, which is a source of natural antioxidants that combats the free radicals that lead to cataracts and cell damage.

  1. Osmanthus Tea Avoids Bad Breath

Bad breath is a nightmare because aside from making one to feel unconfident, others’ perception of that person is also at risk. The fragrance of osmanthus tea is powerful enough to prevent bad breath when consumed regularly.

  1. Osmanthus Tea Suppresses Appetite

Interestingly, the scent of osmanthus tea can also curb appetite by decreasing the activity of appetite-stimulating brain chemicals and increase the activity of appetite-suppressing brain chemicals in return.

  1. Osmanthus Tea and Tea Good Diabetes Patient

Osmanthus flowers have vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide, which converts carbohydrates into energy. Niacinamide may also help protect insulin-procuding cells in the case of type-1 diabetes.

  1. Osmanthus Tea is Multipurpose

There are a few other purposes that can also be achieved with consuming osmanthus tea. First, they are good for enhancing eyesight. Second, they help the skin by moisturizing it and improve skin tone plus colour. And third, they can also be used as insect repellent!

  1. Osmanthus Tea is Very Nutritious

There are lots of essential vitamins and minerals that can be found within one cup of osmanthus tea, such as cobalt, selenium, and manganese. In addition, several types of beta carotene can also be found inside osmanthus tea!

  1. Osmanthus Tea Treats Rheumatism

According to a study that was published in the “Journal of Functional Foods”, this type of tea prevents rheumatism and the pain associated with it, as well as the aggregation of platelets.

Those are the wonderful health benefits of osmanthus tea. Although osmanthus tea is relatively unknown to the world compared to Chinese tea, however its health benefits are not to be underestimated.