12 Awesome Health Benefits of Gunpowder Tea for Body System

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The health benefits of gunpowder tea has been known from ancient China. Therefore, this kind of tea is commonly drink in most of China countries. Furthermore, it is one of the ancient natural way to deal with several medical health. Hence, it is quite famous and widely provided around China.

Gunpowder tea is actually originally comes from Zhejiang, a country in China. This tea made of rolled tea leaf and bring numerous advantages. The unique style of this tea is it rolled pellet with shape round. Making this tea is quite specific and interesting. Some people also called it a pearl tea as it shape round like the pearl.

Gunpowder tea production introduce in Tang Dynasty 618–907 and then introduced to Taiwan in the nineteenth century. Gunpowder tea leaves are withered, steamed, rolled, and then dried. It was hand made at the time, but now the making of this kind of tea is already perform through machine. An interesting fact that the shiny pellets indicate that the tea is relatively fresh. Pellet size is also associated with quality, larger pellets being considered a mark of lower quality tea. High quality gunpowder tea will have small, tightly rolled pellets.

Serving the tea is not difficult. To enjoy the tea simply put the rolled tea into a cup and pour out boiling water on it. Wait up to several minutes until the extract tea is blend into the water. When the water color is change into slightly dark, means that the tea is ready to consume. For a better result, it is best to consume in the afternoon as snack replacement.

Nutrient Content of Gunpowder Tea

There is no specific information on the nutrient content of this tea. However, the tea is known very well for the body health. For further health benefits of gunpowder tea, see below lists of advantage:

1. Anti-Oxidant

The tea is a good anti-oxidant that will help to avoid the effect of free radical that comes from environmental pollutant in the air. Therefore, it is a good way to manage the body from dangerous and poison effect. This is the same health benefits of farro that can act as an anti-oxidant too.

2. Anti-Aging

As the tea is a good anti-oxidant, it is also a good anti-aging. It will help to avoid the possibility of wrinkles and finelines including other early aging signs in the face. Therefore, it can make the face look fresh and younger.

3. Immunity

The gunpowder tea also a good way to manage a better immunity system. Therefore, it can help to avoid the possibility of bacteria or virus infection into the body. This is the same health benefits of Darjeeling tea second flush that can help to improve body immunity too.

4. Source Of Fiber

Green tea is a good source of fiber. The fiber from the leaf can help to supply the body needs of fiber in digestive system.

5. Ease Digestive

As the tea is a good source of fiber, it will help to ease the digestive system. It can improve the intestinal bowel movement. Furthermore, it will help a fasten digest and optimize the nutrient absorption. This is the same health benefits of purple hull peas that can help to ease the digestive system too. 

6. Metabolic Rate

Another health benefits of gunpowder tea including to help with fasten body metabolic rate. It will optimize the converting from food into energy. Therefore, it also bring a better nutrient absorption and avoid the form of fat in the body and blood arteries.

7. Anti-Bacteria

The tea is a good way to avoid any bacterial infection into the body. Therefore, it can help to avoid any sickness due to bacteria such as in the stomach or skin. This is the same herbal benefits of fingerrootthat can bring as an anti-bacterial too.

8. Anti-Cancer

As the tea is a good agent of anti-aging, it can help to perform as an anti-cancer too. It is believe will fight the cancer cell and stimulate the formation of a good cell as the replacement. However, this will need further research to get more prove on this capability to be valid.

9. Improve Cardiovascular

Tea is a good agent to help improving the cardiovascular health. It will manage cholesterol level including the HDL and LDL level inside the blood. It will also avoid the possibility of experience cardiovascular diseases such as stroke or heart attack. This is the same benefits of running for cardiovascular health that can improve cardiovascular health too.

10. Blood Tension

Another benefit of the tea is to control the blood tension. Therefore, it will help the people with hypertension and will reduce the high blood pressure in the body. Hence, it will avoid the headache too. 

11. Blood Arteries

Consuming the tea for the body will help to manage a healthy blood arteries. It will help to avoid the formation of blood cod and bring a better blood circulation.

12. Fat Blocking

As mention previously that the tea will lead into a fasten digest and fasten metabolic rate. Therefore, it is a good way to help with fat blocking and optimize nutrient absorption into the body. Furthermore, it can bring a better body weight management.

Cautions and Recommendations

Even the tea bring many benefits, it also have several side effects. Therefore, it is better to see below recommendation before decide to consume this tea:

  • Avoid consume the tea if having allergically effect such as itchiness, redness skin, swollen parts of body or any other symptoms including sickness and nausea.
  • Pregnant woman shall consult with the caregiver to avoid any unwanted side effects before consume the tea frequently.
  • People under medical treatment shall avoid consume the tea to avoid any possibility of interference between the tea with the medical prescription.

Those all the health benefits of gunpowder tea that has been famous since past. Therefore, no wonder if many people loves to consume it in China. Furthermore, it is now spread out around the world. Making other peoples from foreign countries able to taste the tea too. With a good frequent consume as necessary, this tea will bring optimum benefit that can advantage the body.