Find Out The Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea Second Flush

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darjeeling teaDarjeeling tea is a black tea made from tea leaves from tea plantations in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. This tea has a high quality so-called “The Champagne of Tea “.

Compared to other types of Health Benefits of Black Tea, Darjeeling tea has a bright color and has a more fragrant aroma. The fragrant aroma of Darjeeling tea is produced due to the sharp difference in air temperature between hot and cold in the high mountain areas of Darjeeling.

Darjeeling tea can be taken without a mixture of sugar or milk. Darjeeling tea is a famous tea in England and the countries of former British colonies.

Nutrition content of Darjeeling tea!

Nutrition content of Darjeeling tea per 100mL:

  • Vitamin B2 0.03 mg
  • Vitamin B5 0.03 mg
  • Folate 11.84 ug
  • Copper 0.02 mg
  • Iron 0.02 mg
  • Magnesium 2.37 mg
  • Manganese 0.52 mg
  • Phosphorous 2.37 mg
  • Potassium 49.73 mg
  • Iron 0.02 mg
  • Magnesium 2.37 mg
  • Manganese 0.52 mg
  • Phosphorous 2.37 mg
  • Potassium 49.73 mg

Darjeeling tea has several differences, namely:

First flush – is a term for tea leaves picked in mid-March after a spring rain. Darjeeling tea first flush has a very bright color with a soft aroma.

Second flush – is a tea leaf picked in June, has a brown-yellow color and have a unique taste. Darjeeling tea second flush produces the highest quality tea known to have the aroma of “muscatel”.

Autumnal flush – is a tea leaf picked in the autumn after the wet season, has a hard aroma and is often used as a milk tea. Compared to the other two types of Darjeeling tea, the quality of Darjeeling tea autumnal flush has lower quality and the price is cheaper.

Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea Second Flush!

In general, Darjeeling tea second flush tea has benefits such as fighting cancer, cavities, and obesity. In addition, Darjeeling tea is also very useful in preventing the occurrence of gastric ulcers.

  1. Prevent cancer

Darjeeling second flush tea also contains a powerful antioxidant that is polyphenols that can help reduce the occurrence of damage to body cells that can cause cancer. Consuming Darjeeling tea is one of the ways to Prevent Cancer Naturally.

A 2005 study found that black tea, including Darjeeling tea, has the same effectiveness as a green tea against leukemia (blood cancer). However, further research is needed to find other evidence.

  1. Helps maintain dental health

Darjeeling tea can also help prevent the formation of cavities through various ways. The first way is to inhibit the growth of mutant Streptococcus bacteria which is a bacterium that often causes damage to the teeth (cavities). In addition, this tea can also help prevent the accumulation of bacteria on the tooth surface.

Based on various studies between 1980-1990, researchers found that compared to people who often consume coffee or other beverages, people who often consume tea are less likely to have cavities.

  1. Preventing obesity

Various studies on green tea and black tea, including Darjeeling tea show that consumption of both can help prevent obesity, both in animal experiments and in humans.

Nevertheless, researchers still do not know how this happened. Alleged researchers are that caffeine in tea can help increase body metabolism and improve the effects of exercise.

Another theory is that tea can help lower the absorption of fat in the body and increase fat metabolism. More research is needed on the effects of tea on obesity.

  1. Prevent the occurrence of gastric ulcers

In 2011, researchers conducted a study on the benefits of various tea extracts to overcome the effects of Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria that often leads to gastric ulcer and stomach cancer.

In this study, researchers found that these tea extracts are effective enough to fight H. pylori without harming other good bacteria in your digestive tract.

Darjeeling tea and white tea have proven to be quite effective in a shorter time compared to other tea extracts. More research is needed on these benefits to humans.

  1. Solve skin problems

In addition to internal health, Darjeeling tea also has external health benefits.

Darjeeling tea contains natural astringent contents that are useful to help you get a healthy and well-groomed skin. This content makes Darjeeling tea can keep skin fresh and moist.

Antioxidants in Darjeeling tea are also useful for protecting the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. As is commonly known, free radicals trigger a number of skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, skin wrinkles to skin cancer that is very dangerous.

If you want to get this benefit, you need to consume Darjeeling tea regularly.

  1. Health scalp

In addition to body skin, Darjeeling tea can also be used to treat scalp. The dry or too oily scalp is more susceptible to a number of diseases such as dandruff and hair loss.

Darjeeling tea can overcome this problem by absorbing excess oil without eliminating the moisture of scalp cells. Using Darjeeling tea as a rinsing water is also powerful to restore the luster of hair naturally. In addition, to consume regularly, Darjeeling tea will also be useful if used as a mixture of masks or scrubs.

  1. Keep your bones healthy

Darjeeling tea can increase bone density. A study conducted in October 2007 published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition explained that older women who drank Darjeeling tea had a bone density 3% higher than those who did not drink.

  1. Reduce your gastric disease risk

Darjeeling tea is very useful in preventing problems in stomach disease, but Darjeeling tea is also very useful to overcome stomach ulcers.

This is because Darjeeling tea is able to relieve inflammation in the stomach and kill bacteria that can worsen gastric ulcers (H. pylori).

A study conducted in 2011 published by the Journal of Medicinal Food found that Darjeeling tea can inhibit the production of H. pylori bacteria effectively without disrupting the good bacteria needed for intestinal health.

  1. Lose weight

Darjeeling tea is a very low-calorie tea is a tea that is suitable to support the diet program. In addition, Darjeeling tea contains caffeine that can give you the energy to support physical activities such as exercise. Darjeeling tea is also useful for absorbing fat, increasing metabolism, and by efficiently burning stored fat.

Other health benefits of Darjeeling tea second flush:

  1. Heart health – Darjeeling tea contains polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that are responsible for reducing LDL cholesterol oxidation and improving blood flow. Quercetin, a flavonoid that helps prevent heart attacks is also contained in Darjeeling tea.
  2. Darjeeling tea can prevent dehydration because it contains antioxidants and flavonoids. Read about Symptoms of Dehydration.
  3. Theanine in Darjeeling tea can boost your immune system.
  4. A study shows that Darjeeling tea contains polyphenols that help to effect neuroprotective on the brain to prevent Parkinson’s disease.
  5. Darjeeling tea is also useful in treating and reduce Health Risks of Stress and improving mental focus.
  6. Some studies show that Darjeeling tea is beneficial in preventing obesity, one of which is because it contains caffeine. More information about Health Risks of Obesity.
  7. A study in 2013 showed that Darjeeling tea is beneficial in preventing diabetes.

Side effects of Darjeeling tea!

In some people, Darjeeling tea can cause side effects such as:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling nervous
  • Increased or irregular heartbeat Gastrointestinal conditions worsen
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Confusion of Heartburn

Before consuming Darjeeling tea, it’s good if you talk to the doctor and check if there is a possibility of Darjeeling tea can cause side effects on your body. You also need to know about the side effects of caffeine, because Darjeeling tea contains caffeine.

Those are some of the health benefits of Darjeeling tea second flush. Please enjoy!