8 Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea with Roasted Rice

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Roasted rice or also well known as toasted rice are a perfect combination with Japanese green tea. Japanese people called this combination as genmaicha. Genmaicha has the meaning of brown rice tea. Originally, this kind of tea was drunk by poor society in Japan long time ago; however, nowadays, this tea has been consumed by all classes of society.

Do you know why some people also called it as “popcorn tea”? Because during the process of rice roasting, some rice will pop somehow makes it look like popcorn. As a fact, this tea is also used for fasting by some religions since the natural sugar comes from this tea produces energy sources that could keep us away from hunger.

Well, there has been rumors about the health benefits that genmaicha have. Actually what are the Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea with roasted rice. Here they are!

Nutrients and Uses of Japanese Green Tea with Roasted Rice

Indeed, there are many health benefits of Japanese Green Tea with Roasted Rice, here are:

1. Y-Oryzanol

It is contained by unpolished rice from brown rice and it functions to prevent obesity or diabetic. Furthermore, it is effective in battling against bad cholesterol.


Gaba is good in curing anxiety or stress. It is a kind of amino acid that will supress the improvement of bad cholesterol and fat.

3. Vitamin E, B and C

As we know, vitamin E prevents aging and promote blood circulation. While vitamin B also has the same function plus it is great in maintaining our health. Next up, vitamin C works to whiten the skin and releases antioxidant at the same time. You may also want to read Benefits of Taking Vitamin C Tablets

4. Catechin

It is included as strong antioxidant and preventing the activity of bacteria and germs inside our body. It is also works well for diabetic and to fight depression.

5. Theanine

Theanine is useful in reducing the activity of the brain; therefore, relaxing it and improve concentration.

6. Prevent cancer from happening

Catechins inside the Genmaicha Tea will help fight cells that may cause cancer. According to researches and studies, green tea could prevent any kind of cancer. Ladies tend to consuming green tea for a long time to prevent suffering from breast cancer or ovarium cancer. Read Symptoms of Lung Cancer for more information.

7. Safe for diabetic

Although it may contain sugar; however, the sugar it contains is a natural sugar which will not cause weight gain and safe for diabetic sufferer. As a treatment, it increases insulin activity over fifteen times or more, thus making it a safe and better choice for diabetic. You may also want to read Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Diabetics

8. Increase low blood pressure

The Benefits of Taking Green Tea Extract is it is often used in Chinese medication together with other kind of herbs since they believe that it could raise low blood pressure. Although, research and studies have a different answer. Until now, it has been used to cure low blood pressure by Chinese


Side Effect of Japanese Green Tea with Roasted Rice

Caffeine in tea or coffee is not good for our health. It may cause insomnia or anxiety. Liver disease is also related to caffeine. Never consume green tea in an empty stomach for preventing nausea or stomach upset to happen. Be caution that green tea also reduce iron absorption, thus it might be no use if you take iron supplements after consuming green tea.

Genmaicha is not a kind of herb or medicine. It is safe to be consumed even if we do not suffer from any disease. In Korea, this kind of tea is also served in their tea house. However, it is called by different name, which is hyeonminokcha.

Hyeonminokcha or genmaicha has been proved healthy to our body for some reasons as you can see the list that are stated above. Those are the health benefits of Japanese green tea with roasted rice. As a recommendation, you can serve yourself a cup of green tea mixed with roasted rice while reading this article. Keep reading and stay healthy!