Health Benefits of Kratom Tea: Mental and Physical Health

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Kratom is a leave from coffee family’s plant. It is originated from south East Asia and widely use in some countries including Malaysia and Indonesia.

The leaves are mainly use for the medicinal property. In traditional medication, people use this leave by freshly chewing the leaves. But today, we can also have the health benefits of kratom tea. The kratom  leaves are dried and simply drank as tea. the kratom tea also enable the kratom tea to travel around the world, so now people all over the world can also have the health benefits of kratom leaves.

The Nutritional Fact of Kratom Tea

What does kratom has to give us the health benefits of kratom tea? A certain study drew that kratom leaves contain some beneficial values. The beneficial value of kratom leaves are listed as follow:

  • Dietary fiber
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron

The most active substance in kratom leaves is alkaloids mitragyna. This substance is the one responsible for most of the kratom health benefits in a form of tea, powder, or as a leaf.

The Health Benefits of Kratom Tea

A Kratom leaf is also known as Daun Puri in Indonesia, from kratom leaves, we can have the health benefits of kratom tea. The benefits are listed below.

  1. Relieve pain

Most people consume kratom leaves for its praised ability in relieving pain. It is credited to the analgesic property in kratom leaves which is able to present the quick relieving effect. Kratom tea works by stimulate the release of serotonin and dopamine, then paralyze the pain receptors. Therefore, the consumption of kratom tea is bale to relieve some pain such as muscle pain, headache, and joints pain.

  1. Improve immunity

A certain study reveal that kratom leaves contain potential antioxidants. This way, kratom tea is able to present the ability as immunity system booster. It protects you very well from diseases, such as cancer, viral infection, and bacterial infection. The effectiveness of kratom in improving immunity can be compared to Health Benefits of Onion Tea.

  1. Boost energy

Just like the Health Benefits of Lemon in Green Tea , kratom tea also able to improve metabolism. This way, drinking kratom tea is able to optimize the process of food metabolism and turn it into energy. This process provides us with energy to go through the day. The burst of energy after consuming kratom tea is also able to relive physical fatigue very well.

  1. Improve sexual desire

Who know, this natural herb is able to improve your sexual life? The traditional practitioners have been used kratom leaves as aphrodisiac. It is possible since kratom leaves is potential in providing extra energy, optimize blood flow, and improve endurance during the sexual intercourse.

In addition, it can also increase fertility. So, why do you need the chemical aphrodisiac if the natural aphrodisiac such kratom and sea moss with its Health Benefits of Sea Moss   can give you’re the better result?

  1. Treat mental problems

Kratom leaves also well-known for its anxiolytic substances. It makes kratom leaves are possible to be used as a medicine for people who suffer some mental problems such as depression, anxiety, and mood swings. Drinking kratom is good to soothe the symptoms of those mental problems.  

  1. Lift mood

Many people use kratom tea for recreational purpose. It is because kratom tea is excellent to lift mood. Not only drank as tea, some people also use kratom tea as the combination to the soft drink such soda and cocktail to give more fun effect. You can also gain this benefit from the Health Benefits of Celestial Herbal Tea.

  1. Treat addiction

Drug addiction is really a serious problem. In this case, kratom tea is able to offer you the ability to treat drug addiction. Long ago, people used kratom leaves as the medication to opium addiction. It is possible since kratom is able to give the similar effect minus the side effects, as it is found in opium. Therefore, it is very good for those who mean to get clean from drug addiction, as the kratom leaves may gradually relieve the addiction.

  1. Good for diabetes

Not many people know about this benefit of kratom tea. However, this tea product is able to treat diabetes. The benefit is contributed by the ability of kratom tea in regulating the amount of insulin and sugar in the blood. The regulating process prevents the blood sugar spike. Not only treating diabetes, it is also able to prevent the development of diabetes.

  1. Reduce blood pressure

People in Thailand use kratom as the natural medicine for hypertension. It is because the alkaloids in kratom are able to loosen the blood vessel and optimize blood circulation. This way, we can avoid high blood pressure. Further, it can also prevent the heart diseases.

  1. Aid digestion

Drinking kratom tea is able to solve gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, it is good to consume this tea to cure digestive problems such as diarrhea and stomachache. Drinking kratom tea can also improve appetite. The same benefit can also be gained from the Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea.

The other health benefits of kratom tea are listed below:

  1. Relieve muscle pain
  2. Prevent constipation
  3. Prevent cancer
  4. Good for cardiovascular system
  5. Increase endurance
  6. Improve performance

Precautions In Consuming Kratom Tea

In spite of the health benefits of kratom tea, there is no clinical research about the health benefits of this plant. The health benefits are found based on the empirical studies for years. And in case of the health benefits which are really effective for those health problems, we need to closely pay attention on the consumption of kratom tea.

It is because the excessive consumption may lead to some side effects such as nausea, watery eyes and nose, hot flushes, fever, muscle spasm, seizure, and decreasing appetite. Kratom tea not only causes the physical side effects, but also the mental side effects such as aggression, nervousness, restlessness, and tension.

Therefore, the use of kratom leave in some countries is strictly controlled. It includes in the countries where this plant is originated, Malaysia and Thailand. Some countries limited the use of kratom leaves as the medicinal property and prohibit the use of kratom for recreational uses. It is possible since the use of kratom may cause potential addiction and cravings.

In addition, it is found that people dead because of the consumption of kratom cocktail which combines kratom tea, cough syrup, and soda. So, it is strongly recommended to carefully control the consumption of kratom, especially if you want to gain the health benefits of kratom tea. It is better if you ask the expert before deciding to consume this tea.