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As of today, tea is still one of most consumed beverages, apart from water. Tea is not only used as casual drink, but also as herbal beverage. Tea also can be combined with other herbal plant or health benefits of lavash bread spices, thus it becomes herbal tea. One of popular herbal tea among peers is Taiwan ginger tea.

Taiwan ginger tea is improved version of regular ginger tea, and, as the name suggests, it is first discovered in Taiwan. Taiwan ginger tea has been used as herbal medicine in medical treatment. It is believed to cures a wide range of diseases, such as nausea, diarrhea, common cold, cough, asthma, sore throats, constipation, and so on so forth.

Taiwan ginger tea is now purchasable in Southeast Asia and comes as packaged product. But, if you are interested, you can make Taiwan ginger tea yourself. Provided, you have required ingredients (ginger, tea extract, etc) to make it. Many people have consumed taiwan ginger tea as part of herbal medicine. It is very effective to heal colonic diverculitis, assist in digestion, and a reliable home remedy it is.

Without  further ado, here are the benefits of taiwan ginger tea. Go check it out.

Nutrition Facts of Taiwan Ginger Tea

Taiwan ginger tea is combination of tea leaves (Camelia sinensis) and ginger roots (Zingiber officinale). It is full of useful nutrients with powerful healing properties. This is the reason it is called herbal tea. Some of nutrients found taiwan ginger tea are (per 100g) :

  • 18% carbohydrates
  • 2% protein
  • 1% fat
  • 80 kcal
  • 12% vitamin B6
  • Dietary minerals
  • Magnesium (12%)
  • Manganese (11%)

How to Make Taiwan Ginger Tea

It’s pretty simple to prepare a cup of taiwan ginger tea. The steps are :

  • Prepare taiwan ginger tea (you can buy it from supermarket), and 400ml water in a small pot.
  • Boil a cube of ginger tea in the pot until it dissolved.
  • Taiwan ginger tea is ready to serve. You can combine it with honey and lemon if you like.

The benefits of taiwan ginger tea include :

1. Taiwan ginger tea is the first choice to prevent cold

Because of taiwan ginger tea warming nature, this herbal beverage may help prevent cold by adjusting body temperature, clear the throats from soreness and persistent phlegm, or if it is too late, ginger tea can help treat cold and fever, too. It is best consumed when you are relaxing, and when the body is beginning to catch a cold health benefits of kaempferia galanga.

2. Taiwan ginger tea helps prevent diabetes

Another amazing benefits of taiwan ginger tea. According to some researches on internet, taiwan ginger has strong anti-diabetic properties, and can lower glycemic index (blood sugar level). This makes taiwan ginger tea a perfect home remedy for diabetic person. It is also sugar-free. Taiwan ginger tea will make a good accompaniment for your meal 

3. Taiwan ginger tea helps cure headache

Other health benefits of taiwan ginger tea is its use for headache. Headache symptoms may be caused by fatigue, injury, loud noises, or even viral infection. It can be dangerous if not taken care of, and may cause further discomfort (migraine). For headache you can take regular medication in the pharmacy, or as alternative, you can consume taiwan ginger tea.

According to experts, ginger has analgesic properties as health benefits of chromolaena odorata, thus it is effective againts headache and its symptoms.

4. Taiwan ginger tea assists in digestion

Many people since a long time ago have used Taiwan ginger tea to treat clean their intestine in digestive system. Drink Taiwan ginger tea two times a day will helps aid in digestion. It ease the bowel movement, thus making the passage of stool easier.

This way, digestive system will cleaned from waste and unnecessary substances or even bacteria.

5. Taiwan ginger tea helps treat bloating stomach

Another awesome benefits of taiwan ginger tea. Bloating may be caused by colds or problems in digestion such as constipation. But, now, all these problems can be solven by drinking taiwan ginger tea. It helps aid in digestion and cures any health benefits of cluster beans and gastric disease. You would not feel pain in the stomach after a meal and your intestine will be clean.

6. Taiwan ginger tea helps improve metabolism

As we already know in health benefits espresso beans, maintaining a good metabolism is important for calorie burning and food fiber absorption. You can use herbal remedy such as taiwan ginger tea to help improve metabolism. In addition, improved metabolism will also helps you prevent bloated stomach and assist in weight loss, thereby preventing obesity.

Taiwan ginger tea helps blood transportation in artery. Also, ginger is known to not contain cholesterol at all. Therefore, it is good for cardiovascular health. 

7. Taiwan ginger tea assists in weight loss

Drinking taiwan ginger tea can help reduce the progression time of weight loss. On top of that, you will also gain other benefits of taiwan tea ginger e.g. lower cholesterol level, decreased risks of diabetes and obesity, etc when you are on diet.

8. Taiwan ginger tea helps treat damaged gum, tooth decay, and relieve pain of toothache

Taiwan ginger tea can help temporarily relieve pain caused by tooth ache. It also helps treat other dental and gum diseases. It helps heal damages on gum, treat tooth decay, and remove plague. For better result, consume taiwan ginger tea two times a day and brush your teeth regularly (min. two times, in the morning and before going to bed).

9. Taiwan ginger tea as skin treatment, especially for acne and swollen skin

Many people do not know that drinking ginger tea also helps remove acne, and healing damages and swollen skin. This is mostly due to its antioxidants activities that taiwan ginger tea is effective againts acne. You just have to drink it regularly like other tea.

Other benefits of taiwan ginger tea include :

  • Boost immune system
  • Prevents flu
  • Heals nausea
  • Stops vomiting
  • Reduces menstrual pain etc

Recommendation Intake of Taiwan Ginger Tea

For the best results, it is recommended consume taiwan ginger tea two cups per day.