Wonderful Health Benefits of Schweppes Bitter Lemon for Dehydration

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The health benefits of Schweppes bitter lemon actually is not known yet until today. Since this is actually more to soda drink but have bitter lemon taste inside it. Therefore, this is one of the preservative drink that commonly consume. However, some people mention that there still some benefit of consume the water. This make people still prefer to drink it during the hot day.

Schweppes bitter lemon origin from Swiss and created in 1957. Not long from the release of this beverages, Schweppes bitter lemon become famous and lovable by many people. Therefore, the product is widely sell around the world and quite popular. Even today this beverages still market everywhere and easy to find anywhere. In any market and department store, we can easily get this product when we want to consume it.

Nutrient Content of Schweppes Bitter Lemon

This beverages contain several ingredients. However, the main ingredients is soda water and add with bitter lemon taste. The bitter taste and the soda sensation is favorite among many person. This make this drink become famous and high in demand. Therefore, the distribute of the product is now spread out around the world. Even in the other country, there are several similar beverages with different brand. Normally in one serving can of this drink or about 250ml will contain below nutrient:

  • 48 kcal of calories
  • 11gr of carbohydrates
  • 11gr of sugars

For further health benefits of Schweppes bitter lemon is mention as in below lists:

1. Add Energy

The drink contain high number of calories, therefore, it is a good way for fasten energy added into the body. This is good to consume by the athlete or after some tiredness activity. This is the same health benefits of Chinese food that can help to add more energy too.

2. Avoid Hpoglycemia

The drink also contain high number of sugar. Therefore, it is good for those who experience hypoglycemia. It will fasten rise the blood sugar level. Therefore, it can manage to avoid the symptoms of hypoglycemia including to avoid the dizziness due to lower blood sugar level.

3. Avoid Dehydration

The drink also contain enough water that can lead to avoid the possibility of getting dehydration. Furthermore, it also have several minerals that can help to replace the sweat during hard activities. Especially during a very hot day. Therefore, it is a good choice as a fresh drink to avoid dehydration. This is the same health benefits of bee propolis capsules that can help to avoid the possibility of getting dehydration too.

4. Moisturize Skin

Another health benefits of Schweppes bitter lemon also including to keep and performing a moisture skin. The water content inside the drink can help to keep the skin moisture and avoid from dryness possibility. Therefore, it can be a good choice to maintain a healthy skin too.

5. High Vitamin C

The drink is high in vitamin C, since the lemon is high vitamin C content. This will help to deal with several diseases and problems that relate to lack of vitamin C content inside the body. This is the same health benefits of eating golden beets that can help to perform as high vitamin C source for producing healthy body too.

6. Increase Immunity

As the drink is rich with vitamin C, the drink also good to keep and maintain the body immunity. Furthermore, it can be another way to help avoid sickness. It can help to keep a healthy body and increase immune system too.

7. Avoid Infection

Consume the drink can also advantage to avoid the bacteria or virus infection. As the immune system is increase, the possibility of getting sickness will also reduce. Furthermore, it will help to avoid virus infection too. This is the same health benefits of bitter kola and honey that can help to avoid infection inside the body system.

8. Malaria Treatment

Some people mention that drinking this product can help to treat malaria. However, this needs more prove and evidence to make sure that this benefit really works. Furthermore, it proven can support a fasten relief. But not to deal with the diseases itself.

9. Ion Replacement

The drink is rich with minerals and vitamins that can work as an ion replacement. Therefore, it is suitable to help bring back the loos sweat including the loss ion from the body due to tiredness. This is the same health benefits of red bull that can help as ion replacement too.

10. Avoid Thirsty

It is proven that consume Schweppes bitter lemon is number one solution to avoid thirsty. Not to mention the fresh feeling, even with bitter taste too. Therefore, it is one of the good option to consume while face the hot day or during exhausted condition.

Cautions And Recommendations

The drink may contain several benefits. However, it is also known that can drink also lots of side effects. Therefore, make sure to know the side effects below before consume this drink frequently:

  • It contains high sugar, therefore, make sure not to consume too much to avoid the possibility of getting diabetes.
  • People with diabetic symptoms shall avid drinking this product as it will increase the blood sugar in fasten way.
  • It contain preservative and might be able to cause several cancer symptoms. Mainly intestine cancer. Therefore, do not over consume and drink it in proper portion once in several days only.
  • Pregnant woman shall avoid consume this drink as it might cause gestational diabetes that can lead to pre-eclampsia and premature birth.
  • Do not consume it every day as it can lead to add more fat into the body. Otherwise keep do some exercise after consume the drink.
  • Avoid to consume in empty stomach as it can lead to stomach problem including heartburn and any major upset stomach.

Those the health benefits of Schweppes bitter melon that can help to avoid dehydration and energy added. However, there are many side effects that can be harmful too. Therefore, carefully to consume the drink and make sure not to frequently drink it. This beverages is best to consume during hot day but not for every day. Furthermore, it shall drink only in small amount to avoid the possibility of several diseases such as cancer or diabetes.