Health Benefits of Drinking Cold Milk at Night

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Of course, it has become a common knowledge that consuming milk should start from an early age for the sake of our development. Without milk, it is impossible for us to get strong bones, teeth, as a source of energy, repair or maintain bodily tissues, and so much more.

In fact, there are now various types of milks to suit our different needs, such as low-fat milk, skim milk, high calcium milk, and so much more, and from different sources like health benefits of drinking fresh cow milk, goat milk or soy milk.

Nevertheless, not many are aware of why drinking milk at night in particular is important for our well-being. And here are the health benefits of drinking cold milk at night.

Nutrition Facts of Skim Milk

  • Serving Size – 1 cup
  • Calories – 80 kcal
  • Total Fat – 0 g (0% of DV)
    • Saturated Fat – 0 g (0% of DV)
    • Polyunsaturated Fat – 0 g (0% of DV)
    • Monounsaturated Fat – 0 g (0% of DV)
    • Trans Fat – 0 g (0% of DV)
  • Cholesterol – 5 mg
  • Sodium – 1 mg (0 mg)
  • Total Carbohydrates – 6 g (30% of DV)
    • Sugar – 7 g
    • Dietary Fibre – 0 g
  • Protein – 13 g (65% of DV)
  • Vitamins and Minerals
    • Vitamin A – 0%
    • Vitamin B6 – 0
    • Vitamin C – 0%
    • Vitamin D – 0%
    • Calcium – 40%
    • Cobalamin – 0%
    • Iron – 0%
    • Magnesium – 0%
    • Potassium – 0%

All the information above are in relation to a 2,000-calorie diet. The percentage of daily value (% of DV) may differ depending on personal calorie needs.

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Cold Milk at Night Helps Weight Loss

Milk is often associated with weight gain, but that is not always the case depending on the type of milk itself. It has been suggested that cold milk helps weight loss by increasing bone solidness, which automatically leads to weight loss.

  1. Cold Milk at Night Reduces Acidity

Cold milk is also a cure for stomach acidity, and consuming cold milk can gradually take away discomfort that could disrupt our sleep.

  1. Cold Milk at Night Withholds Hunger

Cold milk can also come useful when drunk in between meals because it lifts hunger easily and can also replace the role of a snack.

  1. Cold Milk at Night for Hydration

Cold milk also keeps our body hydrated due to the electrolytes that it possesses. The electrolytes come in the form of benefits of potassium as well as sodium.

  1. Cold Milk at Night as a Remedy

Children normally dislike white milk due to its taste, and as such they regard milk drinking a challenge. Instead, flavored milks have been created as a tongue remedy to better attract children to drink milk. With this way, children will not be left out to the health benefits of drinking cold milk at night.

  1. Cold Milk at Night Restores Energy after Exercise

After any intense workout or exercise, the body needs an immediate energy restoration, and cold milk could fulfill that role easily. Having a glass of cold milk after exercising also prevents weight gain and it contains healthy sugar and protein to replace lost tissues.

  1. Cold Milk at Night for Skin Health

The vitamins and minerals of milk contains an amazing complexion for the skin to the extent of being able to act as a skin nourisher, toner and moisturizer simultaneously like the benefits of raw milk on skin.

  1. Cold Milk at Night to Accelerate Sleepiness

Accelerating sleepiness using milk works because it contains melatonin. Melatonin regulates sleep-wake cycle, and it increases after sunset. Melatonin also signals the brain that it is time to sleep and it produces serotonin that produce a relaxing effect on the body.

  1. Cold Milk at Night has Tryptophan

Tryptophan is the key substance to the production of serotonin that produces a relaxing and calming effect on the body. It is also related to how milk is useful for accelerating sleep. 

  1. Cold Milk at Night for Strong Teeth and Bones plus Muscular Growth

What better way of obtaining strong teeth plus bones and also muscular growth other than drinking milk, which is also its core health benefits of drinking milk everyday! Strong teeth and bones could be achieved with the help of benefits of calcium while muscular growth is possible due to proteins inside the milk.

Tips and Advices on Choosing the Healthiest Milk

As what is said on top, milk is available to suit our different needs and tastes. For example, allergic people are recommended to consume soy-based milk at least in order to prevent reaction.

But in general, these are the several aspects to consider or take into account before purchasing the healthiest kind of milk;

  • Fat – The maximum fat percentage for every serving should not exceed 1.5% of total fat.
  • Calcium – Milk with 500 mg of calcium per 250 ml of glass (approximately 2 mg per 1 ml) is enough for anyone who simply wants to fulfill their daily calcium needs. That applies for cow’s milk. For other types of milks with alternative sources, such as soy, make sure that it also has added calcium.
  • Protein – Milk is also a wonderful alternative source of protein, as such look also for the ones with enhanced protein content.
  • Allergy – Take a good note should one is allergic to one of milk’s ingredients. And then before purchasing, read the ingredient list and nutrition facts carefully to make sure that the ingredients do not interfere heavily with our allergic reactions.
  • Budget – If one is on a tight or limited budget, look for store brands that tend to be more economical in price or powdered milk.
  • Taste – Sure everyone has got their own preferences when it comes to milk tastes. For certain, lower-fat milk are much recommended over higher-fat ones.