10 Health Benefits of Drinking Amla Juice in Empty Stomach

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Amla, or so-called Indian gooseberry, is an ancient fruit that has been embedded in the history of Indian culture. In the ancient times, the fruit was used in making pickles, chutneys, jams and murabbas. It can be consumed raw or made into juice.

Amla is commonly prescribed as medicinal plant in Ayurveda practice, which is the oldest medical system known to the world. Nowadays, Amla is a popular best-selling botanical that is processed in healthcare, food and cosmetic industries. Here is the Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry

Biologically, Amla belongs to the Phyllanthaceae family. Its latin name is Phyllanthus emblica and is known as amlaki in Sanskrit. It is commonly harvested in the Indian subcontinent, in the autumn season. The juice extract has been believed to be called ‘juice of immortality’ due to the immense health properties it entails, which will be mentioned below. But before you go through them one by one, it is necessary to mention that it can be taken at any time of the day, however, it is advisable to be consumed in the morning while on empty stomach.

  1. Maintains normal blood sugar level

One of the healthy components of amla juice is chromium, which is believed to have therapeutic effect for people with diabetes. The process behind this is that chromium induces the production of insulin from a certain group of cells. This results in the reduction of blood sugar level. It also encourages the use of extra glucose in the body so that it is used up in the metabolic process for generating energy. You may find other herbal methods to lower blood glucose. Also read about Health Benefits of Baby’s Breath

  1. Lower blood pressure

There are many benefits of drinking amla juice in empty stomach. Chromium seems to also affect the cardiovascular system function, in a good way. It augments the effect of beta-blockers, which is a type of medication prescribed for people with cardiovascular problems, and suppresses the level of bad cholestrols (LDL) in our system.

  1. Relieves constipation and diarrhea

Amla juice is also believed to be potent in regulating bowel movements. It reduces discomfort in your stomach and helps coordinating your bowel movements. The abundant content of fiber in this fruit is the reason behind the gut-relieving process. Fiber helps the bulk of stool to move through the bowel tract and allows the regular movement to be maintained.

In addition, the rich fibers in amla juice also hardens loose stools and relieve symptoms of diarrhea. Moreover, amla juice triggers the secretion of gastric fluids, and in return, the course of food digestion is processed productively and the nutrients are absorbed in the intestines optimally. Also read about Ways How to Prevent Diarrhea

  1. Increase calcium absorption

Since we mentioned about the optimal absorption of nutrients as a beneficial effect of amla, it is worth mentioning that calcium is included as one of the nutrients. Calcium is a crucial structural component of bones, teeth and nails. Drinking amla makes sure that your intestines fully absorb the calcium content of the food that end up in your stomach. 

  1. Flush off the toxins

Another benefits of drinking amla juice in empty stomach is detoxifying your body system. It is majorly composed of water and therefore it is a natural diuretic, this implies that it stimulates the number of times and the volume of urination.

Frequent urination leads to elimination of unhealthy toxins in your body and even remove excess volume of water, salt, uric acid, and even stones. This effect is also healthy for your kidneys and urinary tracts, as it lowers the risk of urinary infections. Also read about Health Benefits of Pomegranate Peel

  1. A natural anti-bacterial

This traditional medicinal fruit has been regarded as a natural anti-bacterial. Amla juice raises the recruitment of white blood cells in the body, they are crucial cells that play a vital role in fighting foreign bodies and bad microorganisms, and act as the main body defense.

They also eliminate toxins throughout the body by spreading through the bloodstreams. Amla juice has also been proven to help reduce swelling and inflammatory processes due to infection in joints, thereby relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Also read about Health Benefits of Fingerroot

  1. Helps losing weight

Are you looking for an extra solution to kill those fats without aching your muscles? Drinking amla juice may be a good option. The primary mechanism on how amla juice can burn the fats is that it increases the rate of metabolism. As a result, the body will use up the stored fats and weight will be reduced without experiencing any side effects.

Amla juice heightens the levels of protein in the body and regulates the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Check out other tricks to losing weight. Also read: Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Weight Loss

Thus, that’s all the benefits of drinking amla juice in empty stomach.

Health Risk of Drinking Amla Juice in Empty Stomach

Amla is a valuable source of vitamin C and therefore, the fruit is naturally acidic. Since many sources mention that the maximum benefits of Amla can be retrieved by consuming it in empty stomach, it is probably best to be aware that this may trigger high acid level in your stomach. Some people have sensitive guts and in that case, it is not recommended.

It has been mentioned before that amla may be beneficial for people with diabetes. However, it is important to be aware that consumption of amla, as well as anti-diabetic drugs prescribed by your doctor, might affect the mechanism of drug. It may even cause dangerous side effect such as hypoglycemia, which is decreased blood sugar level. Experiencing hypoglycemia is a life-threatening condition. Therefore, if you are consuming anti-diabetic drugs, it is better to consult with the doctor before getting into the habit of drinking amla juice.

Another health risk that you might experience is an allergic reaction. This reaction is usually unpredictable and people usually do not have any option to obtain the whole list of substances that they are potentially allergic to, including amla juice. The symptoms that manifest from this reaction ranges from diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, redness and swelling around the mouth, and even difficulty in breathing. If anyone experiences these symptoms, it is a must to call for the nearest health facility.

Despite all the possible health risks, are you feeling curious towards the taste of this immortality juice? It is said that the taste is predominantly astringent and sour, but also with a hint of sweetness and pungence. Perhaps your adventurous side beats the fear of experiencing all the side effects you can get from amla juice. In that case, have a drink.