Finally Revealed! The Health Benefits of Drinking Early Morning Urine

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What do you feel when there is someone asking you to drink your early morning urine? The most common reaction is yuck but you must be surprised when those who have tried to drink their own urine will tell otherwise. Urine is just like another salty waters and the fact that there are more yuck and disgusting drink out there makes urine is not that bad. Moreover, there are a lot of health benefits of drinking early morning urine that have been claimed and may surprise you as well.

What Is Urine Therapy?

There is such thing like urine therapy which health benefits of urine therapy have been wildly claimed as effective. However, from all the types of urine therapy, the early morning urine is the best option to be drunk and the most favorite. This kind of believe could be traced back as early as ancient Greece, Egypt and even Rome, while the modern world doesn’t support this kind of therapy but still there are some people in some part of this world are still conducting urine therapy.

The list of health benefits of drinking early morning urine below are mostly claimed by those who have experienced the health benefits of human urine though further studies are strongly required to support the claim.

  1. May Enhance the Immunity

It is true that even scientific studies support the claim that urine, especially early morning urine contains antigen and antibodies that may beneficial to help enhancing the immunity system. It is believed that those who are drinking their own urine may bring back the antibodies and antigen carried out by urine which will act as natural immunity booster.

  1. May Treat Allergies

What do you know about allergies? It is a reaction when your immunity system responses to some foreign substances like pollen, dust or even food. Early morning urine is believed to contain antibody that could help treating the worst effect caused by the allergy reaction by preventing body from developing the allergen that will lead to allergy reaction.

  1. Promotes Healthy Heart

Theoretically, all things that are rich of minerals are good for heart, including urine. Furthermore, urine also contains specific compounds well known as urokinase. Urokinase is enzyme that could help preventing the accumulation of palette in the arteries to promote healthy heart.

  1. Prevents Viral Infection

Viral infection could be really fatal due to many factors. However, according to some studies urine therapy could help preventing viral infection because urine, especially the early morning urine contains antibody that could help suppressing the virus and bacteria that cause the infection.

  1. May Beneficial to Fight Cancer

According to some data around 1970 – 1980 there are specific cases and studies that support the claim that drinking early morning urine may beneficial to fight cancer or how to prevent cancer. Those studies stated that there are cancer patients that miraculously cured from cancer just by doing urine therapy. It is because urine contains uric acid which in fact has anti-cancer properties.

  1. Treats Acnes and Pimples

There are a lot of solutions to prevent acnes and pimples naturally and among the natural and traditional way is by using your own urine. You don’t need to drink the urine but you could just apply it to the affected areas. It is believed that urine also contains anti-bacterial agents that will help killing the bacteria that causes pimples and acnes.

  1. Prevents Hair Loss

One of the main factors of hair loss is when a person is suffering from certain mineral deficiencies. It is a common knowledge that urine is rich of minerals and rubbing urine to your hair may help preventing hair loss though of course you need to wash your hair thoroughly to remove the smell.

  1. May Contains Anti-Bacterial Agent

As mentioned in some previous points, urine is proven to carry some antigens and antibodies. Not only that, early morning urine also contain some anti-bacterial agents that could help boosting immunity system and fight viral infection.

  1. Rich of Minerals

It is a common knowledge that urine contains significant amount of minerals especially urea. You must have known that minerals are one of the essential substances in human body metabolism. The lack of minerals could lead to some deficiencies and health disorders. So, the shortcut to fulfill the mineral intake in daily basis is by drinking your own urine.

  1. Improves Blood Vessel Function

One of the factors that promote healthy heart is optimal function of blood vessel. When the blood vessel is working optimally without any disturbance will ease up the function of heart and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and symptoms of high blood pressure. Minerals are essential in managing the health of blood function and as mentioned in the previous point, urine is super rich of minerals.

Medical Suggestions and Safety

The next question that may crosses your mind whether drinking early morning urine is supported medically and scientifically or whether it is safe for your health? The fact is there are some factors and good reasons why you are not supposed to drink your own urine though at the same time it won’t kill you either.

  • There is a crazy theory that stated urine is sterile so it won’t cause any harmful effect to your body. Well, that theory is completely a myth. Logically, urine is produced in order to wash off the waste products from your body system, so it is not sterile at all instead urine contains harmful bacteria and other toxins that supposed to be washed off and not to be drunk back.
  • It is true that drinking urine is not going to cause you any fatal condition or kill you but it is not as safe as you think. You would never know what things contained in your urine, some of them are probably safe but most of them could be really harmful.
  • Urine is the source of bacteria, toxins and other harmful properties. Instead of health benefits, you will force your kidney to work a bit harder because it should work twice to eliminate the same bacteria and toxins.
  • Instead of health benefits, studies have stated that those who have consumed urine may be affected by certain conditions such as allergies, infections, kidney problems, rashes, heart problems and even cancer.
  • In some movie scenes, a desperate actor deserted in the empty island with no water at all. Well, even in that condition drinking your own urine is not recommended because urine only contains minerals and even your body needs water to process minerals.

If you are starting to consider of doing urine therapy, there is one thing you should remember that until today there is no scientific evidences or studies that support all of the health benefits of drinking early morning urine no matter how long the list that claimed urine to be effective therapy to treat several conditions.